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If you’re looking for some hilarious bridal shower games to keep your guests engaged, we’ve got you covered below! We included a mix of games to buy as well as those that use just what you have on hand. Most of these ideas also make amazing virtual bridal shower games, too!

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games That Will Have Your Guests ROFL

Apart from opening the gifts, drinking champagne, and trying the delicious cake, there are so much more things to do in a fun lesbian bridal shower. If you have games at your party, you and your guests will have an entertaining time together.

Sure, bridal shower games aren’t absolutely essential to a successful party but they definitely make the day more engaging for everyone! Don’t worry; you don’t have to go too crazy, just plan 2-3 quick games to fill in lags between .

Most of the ideas below use what you have on hand. However, if you’re short on supplies, we did share a few ideas that you can buy on Etsy.

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1. She said, she said

This engaging yet simple game will keep your guests amused and entertained during the party. All you need is a sheet of paper with a list of questions about the brides. For example, who initiated the first kiss or who is messier? You can make up your own, or use this one from Etsy.

Print up enough copies for each guests and hand them out during game time. Ask them to guess the right answers. After everyone finishes, gather all the cards and start counting. Whoever circles the correct answers the most wins.

This game is very fun to play whether you are a family member or a friend. Add a little competition and prepare a small gift for the winner. You can either buy the cards online or make them at home as a little DIY project.

Who Said It Brides Version Lesbian Wedding Shower | Etsy


-1 Board game designed on 8.5 x 11 inch (letter size) paper in PDF format. Ready for printing at home.

-2 Board games designed on 8.5 x 11 inch (letter size) paper in PDF format. Ready for printing at home.

2. Love songs: Who sang that?

Another great game for virtual parties too!  This the good-old Name That Tune but with a little twist.

The host of the event should create a playlist full of love songs and share a sheet of paper and pencil with each guest.

Then, play a little part of the song from the playlist so that the guests can guess who sings it and what the title of the song is.

After you play all the songs, reveal the answers and check who guessed the most correct answers.

If you need some inspiration for songs to include, check out the video below.

3. Favorite date activity

date night jar for bridal showers and weddings

This is another interesting activity that can entertain your guests and be very helpful after you get married. Again, all you need to have is some paper and pencils.

Ask your guests to write down date activities in case you run out of them. Each guest should write one idea and put it in the date jar.

When everyone is done, read them aloud and try to figure out who said what. Then, keep the jar as a little gift from the guests after the party and choose a date idea every time you need one.

The suggestions can be as random as having a “museum date” or “Netflix and chill”. Isn’t it a great idea?

You can also use this cute jar and the included slips of paper for an elegant touch.

Ginger Ray Gold Wishing Date Jar Guest Book Alternative Wedding Gift
  • Use this simply stunning date ideas jar as a wedding guest book alternative for guests to share fun date ideas
  • Each pack contains 1 date night jar 100 foiled cards and 1 instructions tent card.
  • Package Dimensions: 11.4 L x 19.1 H x 11.4 W (centimeters)
  • 4.33 x 7.09 x 0.39 inches

4. Wedding ring toss

Here’s when you will take your party outdoors! Basically, this is just the classic ring toss game, but with more sparkles and a wedding theme. First, use this video tutorial below to make your game before the party:

Then, when it’s time to play, separate your guests into teams and have glass bottles with metal rings prepared.

Each team will take a turn to toss the ring and try to land it on the bottle. The goal is to land as many rings on the bottle as possible.

Whichever team has the most rings on the bottles will win this fun game. You can keep track of each team’s scores on a scoreboard.

Isn’t it a great way to bring your guests closer and have an excellent time?

If you don’t want to DIY a ring toss game, you can always buy one on Amazon. They’re fairly affordable, and you’ll have it on hand for all of your parties. I like this one because it has the point values for each peg painted right on it.

PACEARTH Ring Toss Game Set, Indoor Outdoor Yard Games for Kids, Adults and Family - Easy to Assemble and Store - 20 Rings, 7 Pegs and Carry Bag Included, Fun Backyard Toys for Children Boys Girls
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  • 【10 Rope & 10 Plastic Rings】Compare to those that have only 8 rope & 8 plastic rings, our ring toss game premium set is equipped with 10 rope rings and 10 plastic rings (5 red & 5 blue of each), so players can be grouped into 2-4 people for a dual meet. Let the ring toss outdoor game hone in your shot, teach eye-hand motor skills to kids and help them master the art of the toss.
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5. Who am I?

Another hilarious game for a bridal shower is the game “Who am I?” You will need name tags with a famous couple’s name on them. Alternatively, you can grab this game on Amazon and either use it as is or just use the ideas from it to make your own tags.

Put the name tags on each guest’s back as they arrive. It is important not to tell whose name is on their back.

Their task is to ask the rest of the guests yes or no questions and guess which name is written on the name tag. Here are a few question ideas that can be helpful: “Am I a famous person?”, “Am I from a movie?”, “Am I a real person?”

Write couple names that the guests will most likely know. It can be either fictional characters like Jake and Rose from Titanic, or famous celebrities like Ellen and Portia.

The game will end when everyone finds their couples. You can even have a present for the first “couple” that was found.

6. Childhood photo challenge

Your friends will love this game, featuring the childhood photos of the couple. Not only is it fun, but they will also see the pictures of the couple when they were kids.

The game rules are simple. The host prepares a board with the pictures of the couple and adds numbers to them.

Share the guessing card and a pencil with the guests and ask them to guess the ages of the brides in the photos. Which guest gets the most accurate answers wins.

7. Bridal bingo

This is a rather popular and classic game, and everyone knows the rules to it. It is always an exciting activity at bridal showers.

The host should prepare bingo cards (or buy one from Etsy) with the things that the brides will receive as a gift.  A little note that the cards should be different from each other.

The next step is to have each item on a piece of paper separately. After folding the papers, mixing them up, and putting them in a bowl, the host should take one piece of paper at a time and read it out loud.

If someone has a matching item, they mark it off on the card. The winner will be someone who will mark off the items five in a row and shout Bingo!

Bridal Shower Bingo . Virtual Printable Shower Gifts Game . | Etsy

You will receive 1 game, the game that is in the DESCRIPTION and is shown in the FIRST photo of this listing.

8. A poem for the brides

Another funny little game that the guests can play when the brides open their wedding presents. It keeps the guests entertained, and everyone will have fun in the end.

One of the guests should start by writing a poetic sentence about the brides. Then she should pass the paper to the next guest to write the next line of the poem.

Each guest should only see the previous line of the poem to write a corresponding sentence. As soon as the poem is ready and all the gifts have opened, the party host should read it out loud.

It is so interesting to find out what the final poem will look like. Will it be a romantic one or a funny one?

9. Memories with the brides

Pearhead Gratitude Jar, Ceramic Blessings Keepsake Jar with Cork Topper & Memories To Cherish Notecards; Personalized Gift Idea for Families, Couples, Unique Thoughtful Gift, Ceramic Home Decor,

Before you start the gift opening part of the bridal party, ask your guests to write down the best memory they have with the brides. Each guest should read that memory while the brides open their gifts.

You can also play this game at small group parties while keeping the social distancing.

It is interesting to see what the best memories of the guests with the brides are. They can be sentimental, funny, or touching.

To add a little extra spice, you can ask the brides to tell if those memories were the best for them. After the party, store all of the memories in a beautiful jar so you can read them when you need a little pick-me-up.

10. Bridal scavenger hunt

The scavenger hunt is a perfect idea for a bridal shower game. No matter the ages of the guests, it is always fun to play!

The host should prepare a list of items that most likely can be found in a ladies’ bag. After handing in the cards to the guests, the game will start.

Start to call out the item, and which guest will find that item in her purse, should show it to the group. After everyone sees it, she can check it off of her list.

The winner will be the one who will have the most items crossed out after all the item names are out. The item names can be lipstick, eyeglasses, smartphone, etc.

The video below also has some great inspiration for this game!

These are some of the most engrossing and fun activities to have at bridal showers.

They will engage and entertain your guests, and at the end of the day, you will have a lot of fun.

Not only will everyone have a great time together, but they also will get to know each other better.

All these hilarious bridal shower games will bring laughter to your party, and you will have great memories from that day.

These hilarious bridal shower games will have your guests cracking up and ROFL! Most of them use items you have on hand, too! Check them out!

What are some of your favorite hilarious bridal shower games to play? Share below!

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