6 Fun Virtual Bridal Shower Games for a Party No One Will Ever Forget

Many couples are deciding against a traditional bridal shower and having one online. The right virtual bridal shower games can really take your online party to whole new levels of If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, we’ve got you covered!

A virtual bridal shower won’t allow you to play some of the traditional bridal shower games like the toilet paper dress but there are many really good options.

Below, we’ll take a look at some fantastic bridal shower games that anyone can play, no matter where they are.

In fact, you can even keep them handy to play when in-person parties are safe again. These games also work great for a virtual bachelorette party too.

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So let the virtual fun begin and get ready to make some wonderful memories together!

Virtual Bridal Shower Games Top Picks at a Glance

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6 Best Virtual Bridal Shower Games (Review)

Given the current situation and the fact that no end is yet in sight, many couples are going the “virtual” route for everything from engagement parties right up to livestreamed weddings.

Even though it’s not what they would expect, there are ways to make it memorable.

With virtual weddings becoming the normal during this pandemic, couples are figuring out must-dos for virtual bridal showers.

From virtual engagement parties to virtual bridal showers, there can still be a good time with some creative virtual bridal shower ideas that make it memorable no matter the format— virtual or not!

Games make any event more fun and come in handy at virtual bridal showers too.

Whether it’s virtual bingo with wedding themed boxes; ‘How Well Do You Know The Bride?’ questions; building the bride’s dream honeymoon package with online stores; or a throwback quiz about old photographs of the couple, games are bound to make virtual bridal showers livelier and infinitely more enjoyable for everyone present!

One sure way to know everyone is having a lot of fun is to prepare some virtual bridal shower games, and you’re set for a very successful event. Read on for some of our favorite ideas!

1. Find the Guest Bingo

This type of Bingo is one of the most special. Super simple, yet oh-so-fun! When a player finds someone who matches the description in the box, they’ll write in the name of that person. Players can’t use the same guest as an answer more than once. The first to fill five blocks in a row wins!

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2. Emoji Pictionary Bridal Shower Edition

bridal emoji pictionary

With this virtual bridal shower game, you and your friends will have a very fun time, even though you’re not together. All you need to do is send them the printables and get the game started.

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3. Would She Rather

White wood surface natural texture background

Are you curious about how many things your friends know about you? Then you can prepare a game of ‘Would She Rather” and maybe offer a prize for the one who knows you best.

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4. Bachelorette Friendly Feud

Bachelorette Friendly Feud

With a game of Bachelorette Friendly Feud, you and your friends will have a lot of time discovering everything there is to know about each other! You will receive the slideshow, along with the host sheet, and you will be able to change and edit everything the way you want to.

You can find this game on Etsy, and by using your imagination, you can create a very unique virtual game for your bridal shower.

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5. Who Knows The Couple Best?

who knows the couple best printable

With a game of ‘Who Knows The Couple Best’ you can have a blast on your virtual bridal shower. Simply email the printable to your friends and prepare an awesome gift for the winner. Customize it so you can add a twist to the game, and make it in your favorite colors!

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6. What’s In Your Purse

what's in your purse printable

With this game, the winner will be the one who has everything she needs on hand. Be it a cellphone, keys, and even a speeding ticket, you will definitely have a blast, especially if you also ask for proof. You can personalize the game and add some of your personal preferences to the game!

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Our Final Recommendation

So you just need one really great game? Go with: Find the Guest Bingo!

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It doesn’t take much to have an incredible day, and all these virtual bridal shower games will assure you one of the best days of your life! Most- if not all- can be completely customized, making them LGBTQ-friendly as well.

What are some of your favorite virtual bridal shower games? Share below!

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