10 Virtual Wedding Games to Spice Up Your Online Reception

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Looking for some fun virtual wedding games to play to spice things up during your online reception? We’ve got you covered! Below are ten fabulous ideas, including some that require absolutely no purchase to play!

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Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

Virtual Wedding Games Top Picks at a Glance

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10 Virtual Wedding Games to Spice Up Your Online Reception

Do you need virtual wedding party games to have a successful Zoom party

No, of course not! However, they definitely help keep everyone engaged and entertained. So, definitely consider incorporating at least one of the ideas below into your event.

As mentioned above, we’ve included both games to play without any supplies (or with supplies your guests already have on hand) as well as some games to buy. We also chose gender-neutral games that everyone, including same-sex couples, can enjoy. Let’s take a look!

1. Virtual “Wheel of Fortune” Customizable Game

Virtual "Wheel of Fortune" Customizable Game

Everyone loves Wheel of Fortune, right? I mean, the show has been on forever (and Vanna still looks amazing, what is her secret???)! Well, this fun PowerPoint game is inspired by the classic TV game show. It’s completely customizable, so you can make up phrases related to weddings, the couple, and more.

Wheel of Fortune Game: 6th Edition – Spin The Wheel, Solve A Puzzle, And Win by Pressman
  • Now you can be a contestant on the game show ranked as #2 on TV Guide’s list of the greatest game shows of all-time
  • All puzzles written by the Wheel of Fortune staff
  • Includes 100 new puzzles to solve!

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2. Scattergories

Scattergories was always one of my favorite board games, but you don’t actually need to buy anything to make it work! If your guests have pen and paper, you have everything you need. Before the game, you can make up lists of categories to use during the event. You can also download a Windows version, like the one in the video below.

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3. Wedding Story Charades

Charades is a classic for a reason- it’s easy, free to play, and nearly everyone knows the rules. Turn it into a fun virtual wedding game by sticking to clues inspired by wedding-centric movies, books, songs, and even real-life nuptials. The video below gives you some pointers on how to play it on Zoom.

4. Never Have I Ever

Another fun classic that requires absolutely zero supplies, Never Have I Ever is always a blast. All you need is a list of funny or embarrassing situations and a few good drinks (you can send out party packs ahead of time with cocktail mixers if you want). This game can get a little crazy, so it’s best to play once the kids are all tucked in.

5. JackBox Games

jackbox games

JackBox is a really nifty collection of screen sharing party games. It was created by the makers of that awesome old game, “You Don’t Know Jack.” They have at least 7 different variety “packs” that work on pretty much every platform imaginable. Buy the pack once and you’ll have plenty of things to play at every single Zoom party from now until the end of time!

The Jackbox Party Pack 3
  • For 1-8 players, plus a participating Audience of up to 10,000!
  • Your phones or tablets are your controllers!
  • 5 fun party games included:

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6. Trivia Night

Trivia Night

Give all of your guests a chance to show off their mad “random knowledge” skills with this epic virtual trivia game. The digital pack comes with three games you can play with the whole party. You just need to share your screen. It’s available on Amazon!

Ultimate Pub Trivia Team Trivia Game, Over 1000 Questions for Weekly Party Game Nights and Live Stream Quiz Events, Perfect for Ages 12 and Up and 4 or More Players from University Games , Red
  • PUB QUIZ AT HOME: bring the weekly pub trivia night home to play in teams or host your own live-streamed trivia night using questions from the game!
  • TEST YOUR WITS: play with original trivia questions covering 5 different categories
  • 5 DIFFERENT CATEGORIES: play in teams and answer questions that cover 5 different pop culture categories like sports, past present and future, pop culture, anything goes, and literature

7. Good Conversation Questions & Topics

No products found.

Why not help your guests break the ice and get to know each other better by incorporating this thoughtful game? It comes with 130 cards with different questions on them. You only need one set (and a designated person to read the questions). Go around the Zoom meeting and give everyone a chance to answer them!

No products found.

8. Wedding Jep-arty

virtual wedding games jeopardy

Our next suggestion is traditional Jeopardy with a wedding twist!. Most of your guests will be of age and have probably heard of this game. The same rules apply and you can add your own twists to the game. You can dictate a worthy price to up the stakes and get everyone’s adrenaline going.

9. Wedding Breakfast Quiz

virtual wedding games

COVID can put a dent on your previous wedding plans, so we’re pretty sure dancing is out. Luckily, these game cards will provide some mental stimulation virtually to make up for the lack of a dance floor. We know nothing can substitute those first couple and father and daughter or mother and son dances, but at least this game will be a start.

Date Night Cookbook and Activities for Couples: Recipes and Games for a Romantic Night In
  • Schwanke, Crystal (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 172 Pages – 03/15/2022 (Publication Date) – Rockridge Press (Publisher)

10. Virtual Screen-Share Games Bundle

Virtual Screen-Share Games Bundle

This one has almost every game you can imagine. It’s available on Etsy, and you can play everything from trivia to “mumbo jumbo” to virtual “escape the room” style games. You get 19 different screen sharing games in all, and you can use the pack over and over at all of your Zoom parties.

All of these games bring us right back to our wedding day! In times where safety and social distancing guidelines vary in different countries, we aimed to provide you with a healthy and easy outlet for all your wedding fun!

Our Recommendation

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Looking for some fun virtual wedding games to play during your Zoom reception? Check out these 10 fun ideas (including some that require no purchase)!

Which ones did you like the most? Remember, you can go for as many of these games as you would like to liven up the festivities. Let us know which ones were a hit in the comments below!

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