8 Easy & Fun Virtual Bridal Shower Games for a Truly Memorable Party

Have you been searching for fun virtual bridal shower games to play with no effort? Here are 8 ideas you'll love.

Looking for some easy yet fun virtual bridal shower games that will ensure your guests never forget your party? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ll take a look at 8 games that anyone can play from the comfort (and safety) of their own living rooms! Keep reading to check them out! 

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8 Easy & Fun Virtual Bridal Shower Games for a Truly Epic Party

The pandemic has changed many things. For one thing. we can no longer hold social gatherings freely like we used to. But what do we do about the social meetings that are so special to us? We find new ways of having them.

For instance, instead of missing a bridal shower, you can do a virtual one, and although it may not be the party you envisioned when you were first planning your wedding, it can still be a blast. 

But what do you do at a virtual bridal shower? I was honestly as blank as you are until I attended a few of my friends’ online parties. I had a lot of fun catching up with friends and gushing over the bride-to-be. However, I must admit the games were my favorite part. I’ve prepared a list of my favorite virtual bridal shower games to play to help you out. Let’s dive in.

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1. A Virtual Fashion Show

Our love of dressing up is something we never outgrow! Sadly, thanks to current events, our “fancy” clothes consist of yoga pants and sweatshirts instead of gowns and suits. A virtual fashion show is the perfect opportunity to change that! 

Have different categories and have a virtual runway. To spice things up, rate each other and have a small gift for the winner. Some of the fun categories include:

  • A girls’ night out
  • Summer wear
  • Winter wear
  • Date night wear
  • Formal wear

Prefer funny virtual bridal shower games? Instead of sticking to traditional runway categories, challenge each other to make the perfect outfit out of towels and sheets instead! 

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2. Share the Funniest Photos You Have of Each Other

If you’ve been friends with the attendees for a long time, you’ve probably shared many moments. And you obviously have some hilarious photos of happy moments together! Go through your galleries and share these photos with each other!

The one who shares the funniest photo of one of you is crowned the winner. Along with giving everyone a great laugh, you’ll also relive happy memories together as you share the stories behind each photo. 

woman making funny face

3. Virtual Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt

This is probably one of my favorite virtual bridal shower games to play because I always emerge as the winner. A scavenger hunt is a good way to brighten the mood of a virtual party. You can do it after playing a few trivia games to liven up by doing something that involves movement.

Have someone else who isn’t attending the party prepare a few items that everyone is likely to have in their homes. 

This may include:

  • A black pen
  • A diary from past years
  • An old photo
  • A ratty old sweatshirt that’s seen better days
  • Empty toilet paper rolls

Anything goes, but try to mix in some super easy items along with some that are harder to find. You can then have the person send you one item at a time to look for in a WhatsApp group or any platform. Any person who returns to the screen first with the item is named the winner.

4. Where in the World is She?

If your friend loved to travel before the world went into lockdown mode, she probably has a TON of photos of her in different spots throughout the world. 

Remember that old game, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? Well, think of this as a modern version! Dig out those digital travel photos ahead of the party and crop out most of the background. Leave just the bride and a few her surroundings. Just enough so that someone could feasibly guess, but not so obvious that one look will give them the answer.  

For example, in the photo below, crop out most of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. First player to guess where she is wins! The person with the most correct guesses is the ultimate victor. 

Woman next to leaning tower of Pisa- virtual bridal shower games

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5. Recreate Her Wedding Dress

This is one of the most challenging games in the virtual bridal shower games’ playlist. Or at least it was for us because one of our brides has a unique taste when it comes to fashion. 

The idea is to recreate the bride’s dress (or suit) design before seeing it. Anything goes here, no one needs special artistic talents. Guests can draw it, paint it, or even recreate it out of bedsheets! See who gets it right or is at least close. It’s a good opportunity for the bride to reveal her dress at the end of the game. 

6. Who Knows the Bride Best?

After years of friendship, you’d think you know everyone about a person. But it may surprise you to discover how many things you still don’t know about their lives. You can have the bride’s sibling prepare the questions and have the bride answer the questions in advance. You can then see who gets the answers right the fastest.

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7. Two Truths and a Lie

This is one of the best virtual bridal shower trivia games, and it’s also among the simplest. It’s fun, and it gives you a chance to know each other more. 

The game involves telling two truths and one lie about yourself and letting others decide which one is a lie. No supplies are necessary! It’s a classic for a reason, it never gets old. 

8. Name that Show

This is another example of a virtual bridal shower ice breaker. It involves guessing the show everyone is binge-watching on Netflix. The kicker? You have to guess based on super vague hints about the show.

So, say, I’m binging on Friends. My hint could be “I’m watching the one where they drink coffee.” “The One Where” is actually the hint, since every episode title starts with a variation of that. It’s a fun way to know new shows and discuss what you thought about characters on a show you’ve all watched.

I had a good time in one of my friends’ virtual bridal showers arguing about the best couple on Gossip Girl. Everyone thought Chuck and Blair were toxic, but I am their die-hard fun.

Have you been searching for fun virtual bridal shower games to play with no effort? Here are 8 ideas you'll love.

You don’t have to miss your bridal shower because of the pandemic or distance between you and your friends. A virtual bridal shower can be fun too. I hope you got an idea of games to play to make it exciting.

What are your favorite virtual bridal shower games? Share below!

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