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7 Awesome Drive-By Engagement Party Games to Keep the Fun Flowing

7 Awesome Drive-By Engagement Party Games to Keep the Fun Flowing

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Table all set up with a Love sign for drive-by engagement party games

Finding clever drive-by engagement party games is definitely harder than coming up with, say, in-person games for your reception. Don’t worry, though, we’ve come up with ideas that will keep the fun flowing as your guests parade by! Read on to find out what they are!

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

Drive-By Engagement Party Games Top Picks at a Glance

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6 Awesome Drive-By Engagement Party Games to Keep the Fun Flowing

Drive-by parties are becoming the “new normal,” as they’re one of the safest ways to celebrate everything from an engagement to a bridal shower. While they definitely have their advantages (less mess for hosts, no worries about cousins who don’t get along, etc), they also have their drawbacks, especially in the party games area.

First, you need to find games and activities that people can do either from the comfort of their own car or sprawled out very far apart in your yard. Then, you need to find, you need to make sure that the people who couldn’t make it also celebrate with you somehow (such as through a Zoom call).

With that in mind, we came up with games that your guests can play without ever actually interacting with each other physically (and sometimes, even socially) but that are still fun! Take a look!

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1. She Said, She Said

She Said, She Said printable

She said, she said is a classic engagement game, and you wouldn’t want to leave it out of your wedding. You can get the printables here, and then print them out and have something amazing for your guests to play.

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2. Set Up A Photobooth

photobooth props

This can be a wonderful idea that can turn up into something amazing. You can hire a photographer to come up, take everyone’s pictures, and in the end, offer them all the pictures, whether as fridge magnets or simple pictures. Bring some cool props (these are perfect, as you can save some of them for your wedding), and it will keep your guests busy for quite some time.

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This is the type of activity you need to prepare in advance, and make sure the photographer and his team are going to be available for your dates! Of course, you don’t need a pro photographer to pull it off. Maybe one of your friends is great with a camera? That’s fine, too!

The video below is for Mother’s Day drive-by party, but it will still give you some ideas.

3. Create A Celebratory Filter

This is a great thing you can do for your guests, especially when not all of them will be able to attend. You can have an Instagram filter created for your engagement party, and everyone would be able to use it from the comfort and safety of their cars and houses.

Check out the video below to learn how to make your own celebratory Instagram filter in just minutes.

4. Wedding Vows Game

Wedding Vow Mad Libs

For this game, you can download the templates from Etsy and then print them out. Your guests can help you write your vows, and have a pleasant activity to do while attending a drive-by engagement party.

This will give you a few ideas you can use when writing your vows, and the guests who attend will really feel like they did something beautiful to help you into this.

Of course, you could also just get some hilarious results that will give everyone a good laugh!

Wedding Vow Mad Libs

Because this product is digital, there is no mailing or shipping cost involved! Just download and print as many copies as you'd like!

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5. Engagement Word Search

Wedding Word Search drive-by engagement party games

This is a beautiful game, especially if your guests enjoy word games. The templates are available on Etsy, and you can definitely create a wonderful moment, and maybe even give the winner a small present!

Wedding Word Search

Instant download, so you can print as many as you like. Answer key included.

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6. Who Does It Better?

Engagement Party Trivia

This is the kind of game you may want to play with your best friends, and see who knows the couple better. The templates are available on Etsy, and you only need to print them and provide everyone with pens in order to circle the answers.

Engagement Party Trivia- Who Does It Better

Fun game to play at an engagement party! Just put in order notes the name of the couple and they will customize and send you a copy of the game for you to download.

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7. Never Have I Ever (with a twist)

Never Have I Ever Bingo

Never Have I Ever is a classic drinking game, so obviously you can’t really play it the “traditional” way from your car. You can, however, put a safe twist on it! First, grab these bingo sheets from Etsy (or make up your own). Then, make sure every guest has one.

Now, you can either play it the traditional bingo way or have a little more fun with it! Have your guests circle the ones they’ve done. Just make sure they don’t put their names on their sheet. When they’re done, collect all of the responses. Then, read them aloud and everyone can try to guess which responses go with which guest! Trust me, it’s a hilarious game even with the booze!

Never Have I Ever Party Game

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Our Final Recommendation

She Said, She Said printable
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Finding clever drive-by engagement party games is definitely a challenge! Don't worry, we've got you covered! Check out 7 that we love!

With all the easy yet fun drive by games on this list, your party will be a success. I tried to give you a good mix of funny and classy, so you can choose whatever works best for the tone of your party. Plus, with most of them, if you want, you can send some of the copies to the people who couldn’t make it. This way you can involve everyone!

What are some of your favorite drive-by engagement party games? Share below!

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