23 Best Coed Games for A Fun Couples’ Wedding Shower

Otherwise known as Jack-and-Jill parties, Co-ed bridal showers are a unique spin on the traditionally gendered idea. Instead of a party exclusively for the Bride and friends, both sides of the wedding party can participate, adding more variety and flavor.

Now, among a co-ed shower’s many advantages is how much more fun and instructive it can be; and where fun is concerned, what better way to ratchet that up than with some awesome co-ed wedding shower games?

From timelessly stylish classics to creative new spins on old games, there is an unlimited number of options for a truly memorable Jack-and-Jill party.

So, if you are planning one of those, this article has some of the most enjoyable options for you. Let’s get to exploring the best coed games.

Co-Ed Wedding Shower Games (Guide)

Unlike solo games, co-ed ones offer a great way to get to know more about someone. Some of the games we will list here involve everyone, and some involve just the couple. 

But all of them allow you to have fun while also bonding with your bride-to-be. However, things can get out of hand if not managed well. Here are some tips to keep things unproblematic.

  • You shouldn’t necessarily invite everyone—having just your closest and most trusted friends will allow your co-ed shower to be more relaxed.
  • You may want to set a few house rules to make sure everyone behaves appropriately.
  • An all-couples bridal shower might be a great idea if your friends are married.

That said, let us now explore some fun co-ed game options.

Check out these other fun & amazing game ideas:

1. Bride and Groom Trivia

How much do you know about your better half? Find out by playing a trivia game that helps you test your familiarity with your spouse-to-be and learn even more about them.

One party can ask the questions while the other answers or both can take turns being the questioner, and correct answers can be rewarded, while incorrect ones have a penalty.

2. Finding the Guest

There is enough fun to go around in an interactive game like Find the Guest. The play is pretty simple: you make cards with some information, such as residency, state of origin, favorite activities, etc., and you hand them to the guest.

They must now go around and interact with other guests to fill out these cards. 

3. What’s On Your Phone?

Relax. Though the name sounds that way, this is absolutely not a snooping game. It’s a fun little game where each guest who has a phone (don’t hide it, you) is given a card that contains a list of items.

If any one of those items is on your phone, you tick it, and you get rewarded according to how many items you have at the game’s end. See? It’s totally safe.

4. The Prep Game

Who is quicker at getting all set for an outing—the bride or the groom? That’s an age-old question you can find the answer to in this fun game.

Mock prepping is the idea, as you and your other half see who outdoes the other in quick preparation, whether halfway or from scratch. You can bet one of you will have their tops worn inside out in their haste.

5. Kiss and Tell

This is another great game for gauging how well a couple knows each other, though both have to be comfortable with it.

The idea is to have either you or your spouse blindfolded and given a kiss on the cheek by others, including the other spouse. Can you tell apart your better half’s kiss from others? 

6. The Cake Game

On your wedding day, there will be time to munch cake from your better half’s hands. Is there a right or wrong way for the couple to cake-feed?

Probably not. But you can hone the romanticness of it in this fun and hilarious game of feeding your spouse-to-be. You take turns feeding each other cake and let the guests play the romance jury. 

7. Karaoke Battle

Who sings the best off-key and off-tune melodies? Your co-ed wedding shower is a great time to find out by having some fun karaoke competitions.

Of course, you can always expand it to include any guests who want a go at the mic, but it may be more fun to have the couple duke it out for a bit and have the guests act as jury.

8. Wedding Treasure Hunt

You can never go wrong with a treasure-hunting game for your co-ed wedding shower. The idea is to have a hidden item somewhere in the house, with clues scattered around.

The couple or everyone in attendance scours the space, and the person who finds the treasure gets a cool reward. 

9. Couple’s Duet

In the spirit of making love and not war, you can also substitute a karaoke competition for a romantic duet by the couple. The spirit of the party will be better complimented by timeless romantic classics, especially from the 80s.

Quite tastefully, you can have the karaoke competition and do the duet at its close.

10. Vow Mad Libs

This is a very fun game that picks the brains of the guests to make a great set of vows for the couple. At the start, you write or print some normal wedding vows but with blank spaces for your guests to fill with their own words and phrases.

Once done, you and your spouse read the vows to each other.  

11. Anagrams

This is one of the most fun co-ed wedding shower games, and it’s great for breaking the ice. The idea is to make anagrams for the couple’s names in addition to creating wedding-related words to describe the personality of the couple.

At the end of the game, the best wordsmith wins and takes home the prize.

12. The Newlywed Game

This is an interesting game in which one partner answers a given question (“Who said I Love You first?” “Who paid for the first date?” That sort of thing) on a pre-recorded video.

The other partner then gets to answer the same question, and someone confirms from the clip if the answers are the same. Of course, one partner should be prevented from seeing the other’s answer beforehand.

13. Scavenger Hunt

While technically a treasure hunt, a scavenger hunt is more interactive, and the game has more scope. You can raise the fun of the party by introducing a general hunt for multiple items on printed lists.

You can also define the rules so that each item found carries more or fewer points than another, and the winner is the person whose successfully located items add up to the most points. 

14. Over or Under

This game is an absolute must-have for your co-ed wedding shower. Every guest participates, and the rules are pretty easy to grasp and follow. Each guest receives a card containing a list of statements about the wedding, usually involving numbers of stuff.

They must then guess whether the numbers in each statement are over or under the correct number for the relevant thing. At the end of the game, the player with the most correct answers wins. 

15. Bridal Shower Bingo 

This is one very fun co-ed bridal shower game to play, and it involves guessing gifts. The rules are pretty simple: before the bride starts opening gifts, each guest gets one or more cards to list what gifts they think the bride will find. 

When the opening of gifts begins, the guests tick off any gifts that they get right and are awarded points for correctness. The winner then gets a special treat to be determined by the bride.  

16. The Wedding Shoe Game

This is a timeless co-ed bridal show game that will surely be a boost to the spirit of the party. To play this game, you have to clear an area in the middle of the room and place chairs for a couple. 

Now, sit and face each other, then swap one of your shoes. One of the guests plays the moderator and asks some questions or makes some statements to each partner. You raise your shoe or your partner’s to signify who the statement or answer to a question best describes.

17. Word Scramble

The wedding word scramble game is best suited for the couple, although other guests can also participate.

The rules of the game are as straightforward as it gets: someone lists off a series of scrambled words related to the wedding or the couple, and everyone gets to unscramble. At the game’s end, the guest who successfully unscrambles the most words wins.

18. Wedding Bartending Game

You can also call it the cocktail game, as it involves whipping up cocktails. It’s a game for the happy couple, although if you have the resources, you can also expand it to include individual guests or teams. 

To play the game, you set up a full bar where everything is appropriately labeled. Then, the bride and groom compete to see who makes the best cocktail.

Alternatively, teams of guests can compete, and the couple decides which one made the best cocktail. The winner gets bragging rights and any reward that spices up the game.

19. Put a Ring on It

As far as games you can play all-party long, this is one of the best options out there. The premise of the game is to win by quite literally becoming the Lord (or Lady) of the rings by the end of the party.

To play the game, each guest gets a plastic or paper ring to wear at the start. Then, a set of relevant taboo words will be decided upon, such as ‘wedding,’ ‘bride,’ or ‘groom.’ Guests accumulate more rings by stealing those of other guests who use the taboo words.

20. Charades (Wedding Movies Version)

This is one fun spin on the popular game of charades that you can enjoy on your bridal shower.

To play this version, you write down wedding movie titles on cards and divide the guests into two teams (or more if you want to make things a bit more complex). Players then act out titles for their team members to guess within a time limit. 

21. Date-Night Cardstorming

The whole idea of this game is to generate the most fun and romantic date night ideas for the happy couple, and the rules are accordingly simple. All you need is many blank, decorated cards and some glitter pens. 

You pass out the cards to the guests, and they write down their best ideas for a date night. At the end, the guests read their ideas out loud, then put them in a decorated box the couple can visit for date night ideas in the future.

22. Why Do We Do That?

Have you ever observed some popular wedding traditions and wondered how and why in the world  anyone came up with them? Educational co-ed bridal shower games like this are your chance to find out the answers in a fun environment. 

To play, everyone contributes to a list of interesting wedding traditions, and one guest sources the answers, which are then compiled into a list of their own.

Guests take turns picking corresponding answers to selected questions, and the person with the most correct answers at the end is the winner. 

23. Whose Memory?

In a room full of dear friends, some of them even couples, there are certainly brainloads of treasured memories to bask in. This fun game is a great way to indulge in those memories.

The way of the game is pretty simple: guests write down the fondest memories they have with either or both halves of the bride on pieces of paper to be put into a basket and shaken together. The bride then takes and reads out each memory, and the guests can guess whose it is.

Closing Thoughts on Coed Games

As far as co-ed bridal shower games go, there is an unlimited number of them to choose from. In fact, almost any popular group game you know can be adapted for a bridal shower, usually with just a change of game theme or premise.

So, aside from these options, there is no end to what you can try out. But in all, the objective remains the same: to make your co-ed bridal shower a fun and memorable one.


Here are some questions you just might need the answers to.

What Do You Do at a Co-ed Shower?

A co-ed bridal shower involves all the traditional aspects of the event, including git giving and mealtime, and it’s more like a friendly dinner party with fun and games. 

How Many Games Can You Play at a Wedding Shower?

The number of games you can play depends on how long each game takes and how long the event has for games. For instance, you may only be able to play up to three or four games at a 3-hour wedding shower.

What Are the Best Games for a Bridal Shower?

Scavenger hunts, trivia, and singing games are the best bridal shower games.

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