20 Fun and Interactive Wedding Plans Games to Spice Up Your Big Day

Undoubtedly, weddings are all about laid down cultural rituals and customs. But that is only some of what you want to do on a day you have friends and family gathered in one place.

The wedding planning process is stressful, and the wedding day is even twice that. So having fun and interactive wedding games to spice up your big day will be good.

Besides, wedding ceremonies involve the coming together of two families with different beliefs and values. So, what better way can you break the ice and get everyone to interact and have the fun of their lives? Of course, through some creative and interactive games.

So, are you looking for ways to entertain your guests and have them smiling throughout your wedding and need help knowing where to start? Look no further; here are the top twenty fun and interactive wedding plans games to spice up your big day.

This list uncovers at least one game that will leave your guests counting your wedding as the best. So read on if you want that “best wedding ever” from your guest.

20 Best  Wedding Plans Games

Check out these other wedding games for the ultimate fun on your special day:

1. Bride and Groom Trivia Games

You should test with fun trivia questions if your guests know you and your spouse well. You will find shocking responses to what your guests think of you. 

But how do you go about this to get everyone’s response? You can leave a sheet containing the questions on each guest’s seat. The questions should be personalized about the bride and group, primarily things you’ll want to get the guests’ opinions on.

But it should be humorous in order not to cause any awkward atmosphere. 

You can also ask the question in various forms. For example, it can be multiple choice questions, true or false, or sentence completion. Once that’s done, get the MC or whoever is moderating the event to read the answers.

There should be little prizes for the winner to make it more exciting. It can be a badge to decorate the winner as “one who knows the couple best!”

2. Wedding Mad Libs Game

Sprinkle some laughter and fun into your wedding reception with mad libs. This game adds some hilarity and takes family, friends, and relatives down memory lane. 

You will know the wedding version well if you have played the regular Mad Libs. There’s little difference between the two. The wedding version only comes with a wedding theme.

For example, it can be wedding vows printed with missing words; you can leave out all the adjectives and nouns. 

The fun of the game is the comical effect that follows the words being replaced when the bride or whoever is designated reads the filled mad lib cards.

One good thing about this mad lib game is that you can keep them, and they become a source of tearful laughter years later. You can keep them in a scrapbook or with some keepsakes from the big day.

It will evoke some feel-good hormones in your body when you look at them in the future.

3. Hula Hoop Relay Game

If you are trying to come up with a fun, exciting activity for your wedding with your friends and family, hula hoop relay is a simple game that can achieve just that. The hula hoop game has so many variations and modes of play. 

There is a hula hoop flip ball, giant ring toss, rock, paper, scissors. However, the hula hoop relay is the favorite of many. This is because it is competitive, encourages teamwork, and requires energy!  

The game begins by having the wedding guests divided into two groups, which can be a team of bride and groom.

Then, everyone should jointly choose a group to start, but when everybody decides to start, the MC, DJ, or whoever is moderating the game can choose a code to create, and that decision is final. 

Once an agreement has been reached on who to start, the first player on that team to hula-hoop starts the game. They can then tag the second member of their team, who picks up where they left off when the hoop comes off.

This continues to the other team until the final individual and the group that lasts the longest wins.

4. Spinning the Wheel

This is another exciting game if you plan to play some fun games at your wedding. Make a life-size wheel with various fun activities inscribed on it, such as “kiss your partner,” “show off your dance moves,” or “give a speech.”

Invite guests to spin the wheel and then let the wheel choose an activity they must carry out. You can make your “wheel of fun” or buy an already-made wheel from any fun shop.

5. Wedding Piñata

A wedding piñata seems like a no-brainer, whether or not you want to use Mexican culture as inspiration for your espousal or want to incorporate a fun game during your reception party. 

The piñata is meant to include wedding favors, cheering the new couple with joy, love, and fortune in an attractive packaging. To make it more interesting, you can blindfold the bride and groom so it will be difficult for them to burst the piñata. 

6. Photo Scavenger Hunt

This game is perfect because there is little planning for this particular game. After all, you will be busy with other wedding plans.

The scavenger hunt is an excellent method to capture special moments for the bride and groom. It serves as a perfect icebreaker for guests seated together who may have yet to interact.

All you have to do is make sure a copy of the list and a pen are on each table at the wedding reception. Even though it’s not required because individuals can use their cameras, you may give disposable cameras for each table.

A copy of your photo scavenger hunt should be available for each guest to take. Also, encourage them to post their images on social media.

7. The Memory Game

Do you want to discover which of the two has the better memory? The guests will enjoy this brilliant game and find out if the bride or the groom is wiser.

After placing them on the table, ask the two to sift through some of their possessions. Then, take the objects away and instruct them to describe their possessions in detail.

8. The Ring Finding Game

In this game, the ring is tossed away behind the couple, and they must search for it. Whoever finds it first becomes the winner. You can decide to go multiple rounds.

9. The Shoe Game

It is a simple game where the bride and groom remove their shoes. They are then asked questions like who is a better kisser, and they have to respond by raising the person’s shoe. It is fun to see when the answers contradict.

10. First, Empty the Plate

This is a simple game for attendees who love to eat. It centers on being able to finish a particular amount of food in a specified time. The game can carry as many people as possible, but only the first person to finish the food wins.

11. Mr and Mrs

You’ve probably seen the viral films where partners are tested on their knowledge of one another by being asked ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ questions, generally with humorous results. It is your wedding day, and you may like to go viral, so enjoy being the center of attraction.

12. The Bingo Game

Nobody wants a boring party; the same applies to wedding parties. So keep your guests busy and have them sitting at the edge of their seats with a bingo game. Put a bingo card with regular wedding speech catchphrases on each dinner dish.

So they have to figure it out. The first person to finish their card exclaims, “Bingo!” 

13. Dance Games

Weddings are all about singing and dancing, but dancing for too long may become dull. Why not make the day fun and exciting with some dance competition? It can be from the table to start the contest.

14. Wish for the Couple

Consider using a unique type of paper to collect congratulations from your loved ones for your marriage. Choose a board for your wedding or another artistic surface that will work for your wedding’s décor.

15. Speech Bingo

Kill every form of boredom with this entertaining wedding plans game that will engulf them the entire time! This game begins by providing copies of wedding speech bingo to your attendees.

You may make a DIY version or ask your wedding stationery vendor to make adorable bingo cards that correspond with your wedding invites and theme.

Write terms and phrases that could appear in speeches on the page, and whoever fills out their card first screams BINGO.

16. He Said/She Said

He Said, She Said is a different game that will help keep the energy alive and check how much the wedding guests know the bride and groom.

Before the wedding celebrations, someone will sit down with the bride and groom separately to record their responses to a series of assertions with which they either agree or disagree.

Create an answer key once you have collected all of their responses. The answer key will indicate if the bride and groom entirely agreed or disagreed with each other’s responses, which you should mark as both.

17. Never Have I Ever

Wedding Games With Kissing

Never Have I Ever put the couple in the hot seats when delving into past actions and events to answer the questions. The couple is arranged into two seats in the middle of the room, similar to the Wedding Shoe Game.

Each individual is given a paddle to answer the questions, and they will answer the question by flashing the paddle.

18. Name that Family Member

Do you think you know your spouse’s family members? This game plan is about to test how much your spouse has.

The couple may be blindfolded while some family members make some sounds, and the bride and groom are meant to say which of the siblings makes that sound.

19. The Paper Dance Wedding Game

This is quite a hilarious game. In this game, the couples get to dance on paper without stepping out. After one successful round, the paper is halved, and the team is still meant to dance on it without stepping.

20. Artistic Display

This game sounds simple, but it’s loaded with laughter. Here, the bride and groom are presented with the canvas and are meant to draw each other while the guests supervise and declare the winner.

Bottom Line

The wedding planning process can be such a hassle. That’s why you need to include a bit of fun to make for some great wedding memories. 

This list of wedding plan games is perfect for that. From a fun paper dance to a photo scavenger hunt or a touching bride and groom trivia game, these games will make your big day the talk of the town and a lasting memory. 

So why choose a typical wedding when you can plan some fun and excitement for it? Jump on any of the roller coasters of wedding day fun and excitement and enjoy an unforgettable wedding day.


Here are some often-asked questions that tend to pop up about wedding plan games.

How Can I Make My Wedding Plan Fun?

Wedding planning can be fun when you turn every process into a not-so-serious competition. Mix that in with some humor, and you have yourself leaving with memories that will last a lifetime.

How Can I Surprise My Wedding Guests?

You can surprise your guests by your grand entrance, the type of food offered, or simply by getting creative with your guest book menu.

Do You Need Games at a Wedding?

Of course, if you don’t want a boring wedding, you must incorporate different fun gaming experiences into your wedding plan.

What Do Guests Want at a Wedding?

Most guests want to see the bride and group happy and smiling and congratulate them. But they also want to have fun at the wedding party or reception.

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