40 of The Best Tyler Childers Wedding Songs for Your Big Day 

The right song may help set the mood and produce special moments at a wedding reception. you’re in for a treat if you enjoy Tyler Childers’ intriguing storytelling and soul-stirring tunes.

His songs have an emotional and real quality that might improve your wedding soundtrack brilliantly. This article explores 40 of the greatest Tyler Childers wedding songs, all of which will unquestionably give your special day a touch of romance, profundity, and sentiment.

Top 40 Tyler Childers Wedding Songs

Don’t miss out on these other popular wedding songs for the ultimate play list on your special day:

Here are the top 40 Tyler Childers wedding songs that would add a special touch to your wedding celebration. 

1. Feathered Indians”

Memorable Lyrics: “If I’d grown up where the mountains are high”

This heartfelt ballad speaks of heritage and love, making it an ideal choice for a moment of reflection or your first dance.

2. Lady May

Memorable Lyrics: “Oh, Lady May, I wish I was stayin’ / But I’m bound for movin’ on / I’ll never be your Rosie”

A tender and timeless song that captures the essence of love and devotion.

3. All Your’n

Memorable Lyrics: “All your’n, I’m all your’n / Even when I’m not around”

With its lyrics of unwavering commitment, this song is a fitting addition to your wedding playlist.

4. Whitehouse Road

Memorable Lyrics: “Said, you’re all I ever wanted / All I ever wanted was a reason to be a good man”

The spirited tempo and compelling lyrics make this track perfect for upbeat moments and dancing.

5. Follow You to Virgie

Memorable Lyrics: “Follow you to Virgie, follow you to Utah”

A lighthearted and affectionate song that adds a touch of whimsy to your celebration.

6. Nose on the Grindstone

Memorable Lyrics: “And if I can’t be my own man / I won’t have nothin’ at all”

An introspective tune that speaks to the importance of staying true to oneself.

7. House Fire

Memorable Lyrics: “If I don’t go to heaven, I hope you go to hell / See you walkin’ through the fire”

A metaphorical song that symbolizes facing challenges together and emerging stronger.

8. Born Again

Memorable Lyrics: “And honey, that’s where you come in”

Celebrating the transformative power of love and the sense of purpose it brings.

9. Country Squire

Memorable Lyrics: “But if the fireflies are dancin’ on the quiet side of town”

A song that encapsulates the magic of small-town romance and nostalgia.

10. Creeker

Memorable Lyrics: “But I know just how it feels to be lonesome in a world so full of people”

This song touches on vulnerability and finding solace in the presence of a loved one.

11. Highway 40 Blues

Memorable Lyrics: “I’m goin’ back to Colorado / Where I started from”

A song that captures the sentiment of returning to where it all began, reflecting on the journey to love.

12. Way of The Triune God

Memorable Lyrics: “Gimme that old time screamin’ and a-shoutin’ (go up) / Go up, tell it on the mountain”

A high-energy track that encourages faith, dancing, and celebration.

13. Matthew

Memorable Lyrics: “You know just how to hold me close / When I’m feeling cold”

This gentle and intimate song is perfect for slow dances and tender moments.

14. Long Violent History

Memorable Lyrics: “Black lives matter to the whole damn nation”

A song that addresses important social issues and encourages meaningful discussions.

15. Bus Route

Memorable Lyrics: “But the days of the ramblin’ around are gone”

Reflecting on transitions and the embrace of a settled and loving partnership.

16. Honky Tonk Flame

Memorable Lyrics: “You’re the whiskey burnin’ in my throat / The honky tonk flame that keeps me broke”

An ode to the passionate and wild aspects of love, perfect for a lively celebration.

17. Tulsa Turnaround

Memorable Lyrics: “Girl, you put the sing in single / Baby, I could use a little help”

A playful and charming song that brings smiles to faces.

18. Peace of Mind

Memorable Lyrics: “Oh, I wish that I was sober, and I wish that I was home”

Expressing the desire for companionship and the comfort of a loved one’s presence.

19. Banded Clovis

Memorable Lyrics: “I ain’t no feather-weight, ain’t no golden glove / But I’m better than a tough man in the mud”

A song about facing challenges and thriving together as a strong partnership.

20. In Your Love

Memorable Lyrics: “I will wait for you/’Til the sun turns into ashes/And bows down to the moon”

A straightforward declaration of love and appreciation.

21. Her and the Banks

Memorable Lyrics: “The river roars like a young man’s snore”

This song captures the imagery of a roaring river and the dreams that it evokes.

22. Junction City Queen

Memorable Lyrics: “She’s a Junction City queen / But that hillbilly town just ain’t big enough for her dreams”

A tale of a small-town girl with big dreams, seeking to break free from her limitations.

23. Universal Sound

Memorable Lyrics: “I’ll tell you what I know / A soul, a soul’s supposed to be”

This introspective song reflects on the nature of the soul and individuality.

24. Harlan Road

Memorable Lyrics: “I heard of a place / Where the flowers grow free on the Harlan Road”

A wistful exploration of a place where beauty and freedom reign along Harlan Road.

25. Purgatory

Memorable Lyrics: “I don’t need no judge to tell me what I’m guilty of”

A song of self-awareness, addressing one’s faults and taking responsibility.

26. Bottles and Bibles

Memorable Lyrics: “But them bottles and bibles don’t mix like they used to”

An exploration of the clash between vices and virtues, particularly the struggle between indulgence and faith.

27. Shake the Frost

Memorable Lyrics: “Sometimes the songs that we sing are just songs of our own”

This song reflects on the complexity of songwriting and the personal emotions that they convey.

28. Trudy

Memorable Lyrics: “Trudy, oh Trudy / Tell me what am I to do?”

A heartfelt plea to Trudy, perhaps a lover or a confidante, seeking guidance.

29. I Swear (To God)

Memorable Lyrics: “I swear to God I’m gonna change”

A promise to transform and overcome personal struggles, particularly related to alcohol.

30. Charleston Girl

Memorable Lyrics: “Well, Charleston girl, can’t ya see?”

Expressing unrequited love for a Charleston girl who doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings.

31. Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven?

Memorable Lyrics: “Can I take my hounds to Heaven? Can I hunt on God’s ground?”

Childers’ mesmerizing vocals are on display in this song about growing up in an old country church. 

32. William Hill

Memorable Lyrics: “William Hill, your mind is like a diamond”

A tribute to someone with a rich inner world and a lifetime of untold stories.

33. Time

Memorable Lyrics: “Time, oh time, ain’t nothing fair”

A contemplation of the impartial and unyielding nature of time.

34. Messed Up Kid

Memorable Lyrics: “Lord, I was a messed up kid / Had a heart nobody could touch”

Reflecting on a troubled past and the challenges of youth.

35. Hard Times

Memorable Lyrics: “Oh, the hard times ain’t easy, just so you know”

A reminder that difficult times are a part of life’s cycle, emphasizing resilience.

36. Angel Band 

Memorable Lyrics: “Hallelujah, jubilee I can hear the angel band” 

Childers sings about seeking solace and clarity in faith in this country-gospel track.

37. Coal

Memorable Lyrics: “God made coal for the men who sold their lives to West Van Lear”

In this track, Childers expresses mixed feelings about men who work where life is harsh and live off hope. 

38. Coming Down

Memorable Lyrics: “But I swear I thought I’d made it through, the day without”

Confronting the realization of self-deception and struggling to face personal truths.

39. Jane

Memorable Lyrics: “Well she don’t like it when I ain’t sober” 

An appreciation for the resilience and strength of a woman who has endured challenges.

40. Heart You’ve Been Tendin

Memorable Lyrics: “All that you’ll take is the heart you’ve been tendin”

Childers’ signature mix of country and gospel is seen in this song. 


Making a playlist of Tyler Childers’ songs for your wedding is a great way to bring his moving lyrics and alluring melodies into your big day.

The excitement of a new relationship, the solace of companionship, and the resiliency required to face difficulties are all captured in these 40 songs. These songs will make your wedding celebration genuinely special, whether you’re dancing, laughing, or sharing personal moments.


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Now that you’ve gone through this music list, here are some questions that might’ve come up. 

What Is The Best Tyler Childers Song For a First Dance? 

All Your’n”, “Her And The Banks” and “Junction City Queen” are all great Tyler Childers selections for your first dance. 

What Is The Best Tyler Childers Song For Receptions? 

For your reception, “Purgatory“, “House Fire“, or “Country Squire” would be the best choice to start your playlist for a good time. If these aren’t some of your favorites from Tyler Childers, there’s a lot to choose from on our list above! 

What Genre Is Tyler Childers Songs?

Tyler Childers’ music is a mixture of folk, gospel, bluegrass, and traditional country elements. 

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