15 Of The Best Garth Brooks Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

Are you getting married and searching for a quintessential wedding song that covers your love story? Then your search is over. Amidst the sea of options, Garth Brooks wedding songs are a must-have in your wedding playlist.

While Garth Brooks is renowned as a creative and talented artist with a chart-topping catalog that transcends generations, he also has many songs that convey the essence of marital bliss.

Brooks is known for his powerful voice and ability to connect with his audience. Each Brooks song carries the exact sentiments you have been longing for, from tender ballads that set the mood for the first dance to toe-stepping tunes that ignites joy on the dance floor. 

So relax and stop scrolling as the search that once felt endless transforms into a harmonious discovery.

Best 15 Garth Brooks Wedding Songs 

Here, we present the best Garth Brooks wedding songs perfect for every moment of your wedding day, from you walking down the aisle and your first dance, among others.

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1. To Make You Feel My Love

Love Lyrics: “/I’d go hungry, I’d go black and blue/ I’d go crawling down the avenue/There ain’t nothin’ that I wouldn’t do/ To make you feel my love/”

This emotive ballad conveys a profound message of unwavering devotion and love. Its heartfelt lyrics express the willingness to stand by your loved one through all the uncertainties of life, making it the perfect piece for your first dance.

2. The Dance

Love Lyrics: “/Looking back on the memory of/ The dance we shared beneath the stars above/”

Brooks’s “The Dance” reflects on the bittersweet nature of love and life experience. Many newlyweds use this song for their first dance as it allows them to reflect on their love story as they begin a new chapter together.

3. Shameless

Love Lyrics: “/But I’ve never been in love like this/It’s out of my hands/I’m shameless/”

This song expresses the vulnerability of loving someone without shame or hesitation. It is the perfect song to play when the groom removes the garter from his bride’s leg while adding a fun and unforgettable atmosphere to that sweet moment.

4. She’s Every Woman

Love Lyrics: “/She’s making love on rainy nights/ She’s a stroll through Christmas lights/ And she’s everything I want to do again/”

The song’s romantic lyrics pay tribute to women’s numerous qualities, such as strength and beauty, amongst others. It is best suited to celebrate the bride as she enters the reception hall. It can also be played in the background as a special honor to the women in attendance.

5. Love Will Always Win

Love Lyrics: “/Right here where we stand/ And living only for this moment/ All we’ve ever wanted,/ Is right here in our hands/.”

“Love Will Always Win” will be a beautiful addition to your Garth Brooks wedding song collection. The song’s lyrics speak of love and resilience to overcome every challenge making it an excellent piece for vow exchange. It can also serve as a recessional song, reminding your guests of the power of love.

6. Mom

Love Lyrics: “/So hush now, baby, don’t you cry/ ‘Cause there’s someone down there waiting whose only goal in life/ Is making sure you’re always gonna be alright/ A loving angel, tender, tough and strong/ It’s almost time to go and meet your mom/.”

This touching song’s lyrics speak on the wisdom, love, support, and comfort every child finds in their mother, making it a perfect piece for a mother-son dance at the wedding.

7. If Tomorrow Never Comes

Love Lyrics: “/Is the love I gave her in the past/ Gonna be enough to last/ If tomorrow never comes/”

This heartfelt song expresses the need for parents to let their children know how much they love them, making it a fitting choice for a father-daughter dance.

8. Ain’t Going Down

Love Lyrics: “/Ain’t going down/ ‘Til the sun comes up/ Ain’t givin’ in/ ‘Til they get enough/”

This fast-paced dance song will surely get your party going in no time. Its energetic nature appeals to guests of all ages and can easily make your dance floor lively.

9. Stronger Than Me

Love Lyrics: “/She saves me/ And every now and then she just wants me to hold her/ Whoa, but that don’t mean she’s weak/ The way she’s unafraid to let her feelings show/ Just means she’s stronger than me/.

This song entails the gives and takes needed in marriage. It can also provide a unique backdrop for your vow exchange or first dance displaying the depth of your bond and the hardships you have overcome with your partner.

10. The River

Love Lyrics: “/Choose to chance the rapids/ And dare to dance that tide/, And I will sail my vessel/ ‘Til the river runs dry/.”

Brooks’s “The River” is a reflective song that expresses the ebb and flow of the journey of life and love. It displays how a couple’s love triumphs over the uncertainties of life. It is the perfect choice for a wedding send-off for the couple.

11. Wrapped Up in You

Love Lyrics: “/How do I love you, well let me see/ I love you like a lyric loves a melody/ Baby, completely wrapped up in you/.”

This romantic, upbeat song expresses the satisfaction of being deeply in love. It is a great choice for the first dance, cake cutting, and photo slideshow.  Also, its lovely rhythm can encourage guests to hit the dance floor.

12. Two of a Kind, Workin’ On a Full House

Love Lyrics: “/She’s my easy lovin’ woman,/ I’m her hard workin’ man, no doubt/ Yeah, we’re two of a kind/ Workin’ on a full house/.”

This playful and upbeat song celebrates the complementary relationship between the couples. It serves as a good recessional song, as it creates a lively atmosphere as you and your partner begin your love as a married couple.

13. Friends In Low Places

Love Lyrics: “/Hey, I didn’t mean to/ Cause a big scene/ Just give me an hour and then/ Well, I’ll be as high as that ivory tower/ That you’re livin’ in/.”

This song is not a traditional wedding song. However, it is popular among older guests and tends to get them to the dance floor with a smile on their faces. It is best suited for the end-of-the-wedding reception.

14. You Move Me

Love Lyrics: “/Now I’m burning with love/ And with hope and desire/ How you move me/.”

Brooks’s “You Move Me” will make a touching addition to your Garth Brooks wedding songs playlist. It conveys a message about the purest form and transformative power of love. You can use it for your first dance and as background music to set the mood for the occasion.

15. That Summer

Love Lyrics: “/And I have rarely held another/ When I haven’t seen her face/ And every time I pass a wheat field/ And watch it dancin’ with the wind/.”

If you want a song that centers on what it feels like to fall in love, then this song is what you need. This passionate and nostalgic song will help tell your love story to the guests at the wedding.

It makes a great song to play while entering the reception hall. Its evocative lyrics set the atmosphere for an emotional and memorable entrance. You can also be used for photo slideshows.

Final Thoughts

Regarding wedding celebrations, it is crystal clear that Garth Brooks’ wedding songs showcase the power of love and human emotion with each song’s lyrics and notes. 

From the beautiful promises of “Too Make You Feel My Love” to the beauty of falling in love that ” That Summer” speaks about, it covers that aura you desire to create on your big day.

So as you choose from the above-listed songs to curate your playlist, may your union be as timeless as these songs.


Now that you’ve gone through our curated list, here are the answers to some Garth Brooks wedding sing questions that might’ve come up.

Are Garth Brooks Songs Played at Weddings?

Yes, they are. Most newlyweds use Garth’s song for their special day because of its relatable theme of love and commitment.

What Are the Most Popular Garth Brooks Wedding Songs?

Some of Garth Brooks’ most popular Garth Brooks wedding songs comprise “The Dance,” “To Make You Feel My Love,” “Mom,” and ” Love Always Win,” amongst others.

How Can I Choose the Right Garth Brooks Song for My Wedding?

To choose the right song, you must consider if the lyrics, melody, and story behind the music convey the message or create the atmosphere you want for your wedding day.

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