36 Of The Best Miley Cyrus Wedding Songs For Your Special Day

If there’s any perfect moment to tell the romantic story between you and your partner with music, then it’s your wedding day. And if you are a fan of Miley Cyrus, then that makes your wedding even unique! 

With the varying discography of Miley, you will experience the perfect wedding with the best songs for every moment. Regardless of the picture you have in mind for your wedding, rest assured that Miley Cyrus wedding songs can turn your day into one of the best and unforgettable weddings you’ll ever attend.   

And now, we curated a list of some of the best of Miley Cyrus’ songs you can use for your wedding. Read on and learn more. 

Top 36 Miley Cyrus Wedding Songs

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Here are some of the best of Miley’s songs to use for your wedding.

1. When I Look at You

Memorable Lyrics: When the waves/ Are flooding the shore and I can’t/ Find my way home anymore/ That’s when I, / I look at you 

Miley Cyrus sang this song first for her best friend’s wedding. The song is perfect for first dance or bridal procession. 

2. Malibu

Memorable Lyrics: But here I am/ Next to you/ The sky’s more blue/ In Malibu/ Next to you/ In Malibu

This song is to set the mood of the wedding, so it’s perfect for the wedding’s cocktail or as a background song for guests arriving at the wedding venue. 

3. Adore You 

Memorable Lyrics: When you say you love me/ Know I love you more/ And when you say you need me/ Know I need you more

Perfect for background playing as guests arrive before the wedding ceremony begins, or for the couple’s first dance. 

4. The Climb

Memorable Lyrics: There’s always gonna be another mountain/ I’m always gonna wanna make it move/ Always gonna be an uphill battle

Miley sang this song first for the Hannah Montana movie. The cool tempo and lyrics make this song a good fit for setting the mood before the party begins, or as a song for bridal procession and couple’s first dance.

5. Angels Like You

Memorable Lyrics: The more that you give the less that I/ Need everyone says I look happy/ When it feels right

This song is perfect for the couple’s first dance, or at any point during the wedding ceremony. 

6. The Time of Our Lives

Memorable Lyrics: Let’s have the time of our lives!/ Like there’s no one else around/ Just throw your hands up high

Because it’s energetic and fun-filled, you can use this song to make your party livelier. 

7. Butterfly Fly Away

Memorable Lyrics: Don’t/ Be afraid to fly/ Come spread your wings and just fly with me and you’ll see why/ It’s alright to

The slow rhythm of this song makes it a great option for a couple’s entrance, recession, or for the father-daughter dance during the wedding. 

8. She’s Not Him

Memorable Lyrics: And why, why can’t I love you, baby?/ Like I wanna love you, baby/ I’m sorry

This song is the most suitable for reflecting, and as part of the wedding playlist.

9. I Miss You

Memorable Lyrics: I loved the way you felt so strong/ I never wanted you to leave/ I wanted you to stay here holding me

The song’s tempo and lyrics makes it a great choice for a couple’s dance. You can also use it as a reflective song to remember your loved ones who are absent. 

10. Stay

Memorable Lyrics: And I love you more than I did before/ And if today I don’t see your face/ Nothing’s changed, no one can take your place…

A calm and emotional song for couple dances or cocktail hour. 

11. Wrecking Ball

Memorable Lyrics: Don’t you ever say I just walked away/ I will always want you/ I can’t live a lie, running for my life/ I will always want you

The instrumental of this Miley’s hit song will work for a unique and emotional first dance, or couple’s procession.

12. Obsessed

Memorable Lyrics: Am I obsessed with you?/ I do my best not to want you./ But I do all the time./ I do all the time.

A great choice for couple entrance or the couple’s dance. 

13. Party in the USA

Memorable Lyrics: So I put my hands up/ They’re playing my song/ The butterflies fly away/ I’m noddin’ my head like yeah

This song is energetic, so it’s perfect to get your guests dancing.

14. Without You

Memorable Lyrics: Can’t make a wife out of a ho, oh (No)/ I’ll never find the words to say, I’m sorry/ But I’m scared to be alone

Possesses a rhythm that’s perfect for a couple’s dance or procession. 

15. We Can’t Stop

Memorable Lyrics: It’s our party we can say what we want/ It’s our party we can love who we wan

This song has an energetic tune for a lively reception atmosphere.

16. Hands of Love

Memorable Lyrics: In the hands of love, we carry on/ Stronger than we started/ Be ashamed of the trail behind us

This Miley’s song is great for a couple’s procession, recession and first dance. 

17. On My Own

Memorable Lyrics: I’ll find a way, yeah/ And I’ll do it on my own/ Hey!/ I can do anything, yeah/ And I’ll do it on my own

An energetic and catchy song which would sit pretty well in your reception’s playlist.

18. Inspired 

Memorable Lyrics: We are meant for more/ You’re the handle on the door/ That opens up to change…

19. Miss You So Much

Memorable Lyrics: They say love can drive ya crazy, my dear/ I wanna trap you in a locket, or in my pocket/ So I can keep you near

20. Every Rose has its Thorn

Memorable Lyrics: Every rose has its thorn/ Just like every night has its dawn/ Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song/ Every rose has its thorn

21. Two More Lonely People

Memorable Lyrics: I need to feel your heartbeat/ When you say you love me/ I don’t want to hear it/ If it’s something that you don’t mean

If you want an additional playlist song for the cocktail hour of your wedding, it would he’ll if you check out this song. 

22. You 

Memorable Lyrics: You know I’m savage, but you’re looking past it/ I want that late-night sweet magic, that forever-lasting…

A good song choice for couple dance, procession or the cocktail hour. 

23. My Darlin feat. Future 

Memorable Lyrics: They say that love can hit you so fast/ Plenty odds are running out of time

A great choice for any of the couple’s dance and procession.

24. Wonder Woman

Memorable Lyrics: She’s a million moments/ Lived a thousand lives

This song is not fast-paced, so it’s great for a couple’s dance, or the groom’s dance with his mum.

25. Get It Right

Memorable Lyrics: This is the first time I get to see/ Things I’ve never seen in my life Yeah…/ You make flowers grow under my bed

This energetic song will get your guests moving from their seats. This makes it a perfect fit in your reception playlist. 

26. Never Be Me

Memorable Lyrics: Dry your tears, now don’t you cry/ I’m by your side at least for a while

The song is unique. Its unique properties make the song an excellent choice for most parts of the wedding ceremony.

27. Before the Storm (Duet with Jonas Brothers)

Memorable Lyrics: Standing out in the rain/ Knowing that it’s really over/ Please don’t leave me alone

28. I Would Die For You

Memorable Lyrics: You are everything to me/ And I, I would die for you

This song is perfect for the couple dance, or as a background song before the wedding ceremony begins to relax the guests. 

29. Goodbye

Memorable Lyrics: I can honestly say/ You’ve been on my mind/ Since I woke up today/ I look at your photograph all the time

The emotional lyrics make it a good choice for dancing with parents or the bridal entrance.

30. Mother’s Daughter 

Memorable Lyrics: Must be something in the water/ Or that I’m my mother’s daughter

A great song choice for dancing with your parents.

31. Can’t Be Tamed

Memorable Lyrics: If there is a question about my intentions, / I’ll tell ya/ I’m not here to sell ya

The energy of this song makes it a great choice to make the dance floor fun. 

32. D.R.E.A.M feat. Ghostface Killah 

Memorable Lyrics: Whoa, you got my head in the clouds/ Whoa, you got me thinking out loud/ The more you dream about me the more that I believe/ That nothing’s ever out of reach

33. Island

Memorable Lyrics: I hear your voice like a song on the radio/ All day long ’cause, boy, I be missing you/ Or have I landed in paradise?

In case you plan to spice up the wedding with some cool dance moves and you are yet to find an energetic song to do this, this song is yours to explore. 

34. Midnight Sky

Memorable Lyrics: The midnight sky’s, the road I’m taking/ Head high up in the clouds

35. Flowers

Memorable Lyrics: I can buy myself flowers/ Write my name in the sand/ Talk to myself for hours, yeah

There is a rumor that this song might be against her ex-husband, yet, this rumor only makes the story behind this masterpiece more mysterious. The song, however, is great to play in the background during the cocktail party. 

36. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart Mark Ronson feat. Miley Cyrus

Memorable Lyrics: Well, there’s broken silence/ By thunder crashing in the dark (crash in the dark)/ And this broken record/ Spin endless circles in the bar…

The acoustics or instrumental version of this song is magical, making it a great choice for bridal procession or couple recession. 

Final Thoughts 

Remember, your wedding is a celebration of your love, friendship, partnership and family, so make it as special as you pictured your wedding to be. If Miley rocks the boat for you, then ride on and enjoy your day with the best of Miley Cyrus’ songs for weddings.


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Here are some common questions you need answer to.

What Kind of Miley’s Songs Can I Use for My Reception?

When choosing Miley’s songs for your reception, ensure the songs you choose are energetic. The goal is to get your guests up on their feet dancing, and dancing they should! 

Is It Okay to Use Miley Cyrus Songs for Weddings?

Yes, as Miley Cyrus’ discography features different songs that can go well with different moments in any wedding.

Is There a Miley Cyrus Song for Dancing With Parents?

Sure, there are many songs by Miley you can use for this purpose. “Wonder Woman”, “I Learned From You“, “Mother’s Daughter” and “Goodbye” are good choices to explore.

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