15 Of The Best Luke Combs Wedding Songs For a Magical Celebration

You must have heard about how famous Luke Combs is and felt it was because of his chart-topping hits and sold-out arena. He is famous because his lyrics cut deep into people’s souls, conveying a message of love and devotion, and what better setting to utilize this power than the most special day of your life; your wedding day.

Luke Combs wedding songs collection offers a treasure trove of melodies that will make every moment of your wedding day beautiful. Without further ado, let’s dive into the top 15 Luke Combs wedding songs.

Top Luke Combs Wedding Songs

Here are the top Luke Combs wedding songs to play from the wedding ceremony to the reception dance floor, making your big day the talk of the town.

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1. Beautiful Crazy

Love Lyrics: “/Beautiful, crazy/ She can’t help but amaze me/ The way that she dances/.”

The song’s heartfelt lyrics showcase how love is not always perfect, yet imperfection makes it beautiful, making it a great piece to use while walking down the aisle and during the first dance.

2. Even Though I’m Leaving

Love Lyrics: “/Just ’cause I’m leavin’/ It don’t mean that I won’t be right by your side/ When you need me/.”

Combs’ “Even Though I’m Leaving” speaks of a father’s promise to his child during moments of uncertainty and fear, making it a perfect song for a father-daughter dance during the reception.

3. Beer Never Broke My Heart

Love Lyrics: “/Longneck, ice cold beer never broke my heart/ Like diamond rings and football teams/ Have torn this boy apart/.”

This song’s energetic tune will make the atmosphere fun and lively. It is best suited for the groom and groomsmen’s entrance or for guests to dance during the wedding reception.

4. Lovin’ On You

Love Lyrics: “/But I’m in love and lovin’ on you/ I feel that rush as soon as you walk in a room/ I can’t get enough of you, honey/.”

Though not a conventional wedding song, its vibrant tune and joyful lyrics makes it perfect for the bridal party as they enter the reception venue.

5. Forever After All

Love Lyrics: “/’Cause the new wears off, and they get to getting old/ Yeah, sooner or later, time’s gonna take its toll/ They say nothing lasts forever/ But they ain’t seen us together/.”

This romantic song conveys a message of unwavering love and devotion, which aligns with the essence of vow exchange at weddings. It is an excellent song for the newlyweds ‘ first dance.

6. Let The Moonshine

Love Lyrics: “/Let that moonshine, all night, take your breath away/ Like an old sweet song that daddy used to play/ And it takes me back to a simpler place and time/.”

This carefree spirit song is what you need if you desire your reception to be fun and lively, as it will make your guests let loose and enjoy the party.

7. Better Together

Love Lyrics: “/It’s a match made up in heaven, like good ol’ boys and beer/ And me, as long as you’re right here/.”

The song’s title speaks for itself as it explains the concept of unity. Its heartfelt lyrics talk about how beautiful it is to spend every moment of your life with a loved one, which is the exact sentiment of marriage, making it a great first dance song for newlyweds.

8. 1, 2 Many

Love Lyrics: “/She said, “Hey cowboy, could you buy us a drink?”/ Well, hey, baby doll, I will if you want/ But I can’t turn it off once I turn it on/.”

This song is perfect for playing at your wedding, especially when your guests are younger generations who appreciate modern country music, as it is sure to get them on the dance floor in no time.

9. Nothing Like You

Love Lyrics: “/I’ve spent every mile missing you, baby/ It’s enough to drive me crazy/ “I love you”‘s from hotel rooms/ They sure do make it tough/ But they always bring me back to you/.”

The gentle melody of Combs’ “Nothing Like You” creates an intimate ambiance, making it a fitting choice for you and your partner’s first dance as you start a new life together.

10. Dear Today 

Love Lyrics: “/So maybe you should call our mama/ Have a drink with our old man/ Quit wastin’ our sweet time/ And put that diamond on her hand/.”

A wedding signifies transition, and “Dear Today” serves as a reminder of the changes and the start of a new chapter which is what marriage is all about.

11. The Kind of Love We Make

Love Lyrics: “/Keep doin’ what you’re doin’/ To me all night long/ Writin’ our love song/ Girl, I want it, gotta have it/ Let the passion take us to a higher place/ Makin’ the kind of love we make/.”

This soulful song with a sensual melody can create a romantic and intimate ambiance during a critical moment like the first and last dance of you and your partner.

12. She Got The Best of Me

Love Lyrics: “/She follows me around/ So you get what’s left of me/ Yeah you get what’s left of me/ ‘Cause she got the best of me/.”

The song’s lyrics reflect a personal journey of learning, growth, and finding the right partner, making it the perfect piece to use for your slideshow.

13. Hurricane

Love Lyrics: “/Stars quit shining/ Rain was dropping/ Thunder ‘n lightning/ You wrecked my whole world when you came/ And hit me like a hurricane/.”

Consider playing the energetic song as a late-night dance song for your guests so they can hit the dance floor.

14. Does to Me 

Love Lyrics: “/Thanks to an ex-boyfriend who broke her heart that week/ No, I didn’t get luck/ But I still felt like a king/, And that might not mean much to you/ But it does to me/.”

This song conveys a message from the groom’s perspective as it helps express his feelings to his bride.

15. This One’s For You

Love Lyrics: “/Yeah, I told you all I’d write you a song/ Pour my heart in a melody/ To keep you singing along/.”

Combs’ “This One’s For You” is a celebratory song. Consider playing this song during a toast to your guests, recognizing their role in your life and thanking them for honoring your invitation to come and celebrate with you on your wedding day.

Final Giveaway

Love is the most profound melody line that harmonizes life’s symphony orchestra and Luke Combs’s wedding songs, plus his passionate voice has the power to enhance its beauty on your big day. 

Combs’ wedding songs add a romantic aura, stir up the right emotions, and say everything that words might fail you to say. With Comb’s wedding songs on your special day, it is bound to move from just a day to a memory that will linger throughout the marriage.


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Here are some questions people often ask.

Can Luke Combs Songs Be Used for a Country-Themed Wedding?

Yes. Combs’ songs have a profound country vibe making them suitable for a country-themed wedding.

Which Luke Combs Wedding Song Is Perfect for First Dance?

Many Combs songs are perfect for the first dance. But to mention a few, “Forever After All ” is great due to its message of endless love, and it’s also Luke Combs’s wedding song. Another song will be “Beautiful Crazy” due to its sweet lyrics.

What Are the Popular Luke Combs Songs Can Be Used for Any Wedding?

Some of the popular Luke Combs songs that you can use for any wedding are ” This One’s For You,” “Better Together,” “Lovin’ On You,” and “Forever After All.

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