20 Must-Try Wedding Lawn Games for Your Big Day

Weddings are all about celebrations. It goes beyond drinking cocktails and dancing to romantic music. A wedding reception should be entertaining; there’s no better way to achieve that than by incorporating fun games. 

Outdoor weddings are lavish since they combine exciting wedding entertainment ideas that can be worked into almost any event stage.

Wedding lawn games merged with photo booths or other activities encouraging guest participation are a great way to maintain a constant high energy at your wedding party. 

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So these wedding lawn games are not only a perfect icebreaker for your friends and relatives who may be meeting for the very first time but also an excellent way to get them bonding. It also allows cute and memorable picture moments.

Are you ready to add a sprinkle of outdoor laughter and interaction to your wedding day? This post opens to you a world of wedding entertainment beyond the ordinary. 

Let’s dive in and explore how these must-try wedding lawn games and how they can make your special day memorable!

20 Best Wedding Lawn Games

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1. Cornholes

Cornhole is that timeless bean bag toss game and remains one of the most popular wedding lawn games. 

You only need two backboards and a few bean bags; your Cornhole setup becomes easy. Another beautiful thing about the cornhole wedding lawn game is its affordability and ease of replacement.

The cornhole wedding lawn game involves players trying to throw a beanbag into a small hole on a sloped board. Guests who love to compete will have a great time going head-to-head with each other to see if they can make the shot.

Also, the backboards can easily be customized to fit your wedding theme. You can order personalized backboards showcasing your wedding date, location, or hashtag. 

Cornhole is a guest friendly favorite for outdoor wedding lawn games. To spice things up, you can use LED cornhole boards, especially if planning a nighttime outdoor reception.

2. Jumbo Size Jenga

Jenga is already a fun game, but have you ever imagined a super sized Jenga? A jumbo-sized Jenga game is an incredible icebreaker at any outdoor wedding. It is easy for everyone to play and even easier to set up. 

All you have to do is choose a suitable location at the wedding venue for easy access. Ensure it’s not blocking anything or on a busy path.

Another beautiful thing to note concerning this super sized Jenga is that you can also personalize the tower. 

You can include some “did you know” questions about the newlyweds in the pieces to make the game even more fun and get the rest of the friends and well-wishers engaged! 

You can also inscribe your name or the wedding hashtag on each block.

3. Ring Toss

This simple party game involves people attempting to toss a ring, generally made of wood, onto a single or group of pegs. It is a fun game with no age restriction; all ages can play. 

Divide your visitors into teams using various colored rings, and the team with the most rings on the pegs wins! 

You can also make the day extra special by getting a customized ring that can carry your wedding hashtag and date. 

On the other hand, you can go for a DIY ring toss set with painted soda bottles in your wedding colors. You can decorate it with faux jewels to make the tossers remember your wedding rings.

4. Ladder Golf game

The ladder golf game is a fantastic throw game enjoyable for players of all skill levels and another excellent wedding lawn game to create fun and keep the energy high at your wedding. 

The game is easy to play, which makes it ideal to enjoy with friends and family. It is not much of a hassle to set up. Teams throw the golf balls (bolas attached at either end of a black nylon rope) at the ladder.

2-4 people can participate in the ladder golf game to throw the balls onto the wooden bars from a distance to score points, and the first team to reach 21 points wins. However, each bar has a point value ranging from one to three.

5. Lawn Croquet

Lawn or garden croquet is a fun game played in many forms. But it is often played casually worldwide and is a great way to generate fun on your big day. 

All you need to enjoy the lawn croquet game is a wooden mallet each player will use to hit wooden or plastic balls through a series of pegs pinned sequentially into the ground. The game is more suitable for setting up on the grass. Your friends and relatives will love getting drowned in the fun of lawn croquet games at your wedding.

6. Giant Connect Four Wedding Lawn Game

This is another beautiful way to engage your wedding guests in fun and memorable activities. The good news is that the game is suitable for all ages. 

This exciting and fun wedding lawn game comes with the exact feeling it gave you as a child. The only difference now is that it is bigger; the conventional game resized to a mega proportion. It is affordable and remains a fun spectator sport.

You can have two players, bride and groom, or two teams to play the game. So, each player team drops coins from the top of the board, taking turns to get four in a row. 

The team’s first player to join four of your coin colors in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally becomes the winner. You can paint the coin with two wedding colors to spice it up. 

7. Bocce Ball Lawn Game

This outdoor wedding lawn game suits different pitch types: grass, sand, and asphalt. 

Like the other games, this Italian game of boules can be played by two, three, or four players or teams, making it perfect for group play.

Bocce ball is one of the most popular wedding reception games in recent years. This game requires players or teams to throw the bocce ball across grass, sand, asphalt, or any other flat area. The game needs a few materials but requires a bit of space. 

8. Tic-tac-toe

Tic tac toe is an easy and enjoyable game that your family and relatives will find fun doing! Providing your guests with a personalized tic tac toe game in a pouch will not only keep them busy, but it will also provide them with a sweet keepsake from your wedding. 

A quick option to achieve this is to decorate a small hardwood or cloth board with a photo of you and your spouse or use colored markers to match your wedding’s theme.

You could leave your guests with a few sheets of scrap stationery and leave them to create their tic-tac-toe games. But there will be little fun in doing so themselves. So, a supersized wedding lawn tic-tac-toe game makes it more exciting. You can also do it by crafting the letters from wood or something related.

9. Supersized Chess

Get your guest into some brainstorming mood with a giant chess board at the reception. Divide the crowd into two teams, or let each group choose a representative while others contribute ideas. It’s going to be a super fun addition to your big day. 

They even make it more fun; the groom and bride can serve as the king and queen, respectively. After all, the board is big enough to accommodate them. 

You can hire these supersized Chess boards or buy from marketplaces like Etsy for other future purposes. 

10. Badminton

If your reception venue is spacious, you should try this game at your wedding. It is an excellent game with a lower injury risk in case people want to get involved in some athletic activities. 

Badminton racket sets are affordable and easy to find; however, the net may be more of a hassle. But that should not stop your fun. To add aesthetics, you can get a makeshift net by suspending a large curtain or related material from a rod. 

11. Tug of War

Here is another exciting way to have fun at your wedding. Test the strength of each team via tug of war. You can divide it into team bride versus team groom and battle it to see who will go over the line. The Tug of War game has proven to be so much fun for every wedding lawn game. But don’t follow the rules of the game at weddings, the bride’s team must always win! 

One of the most popular lawn activities is a tug of war during weddings; the beautiful photo moments and laughs will be endless with this energetic lawn wedding game.

12. Volleyball

Volleyball is another great way to stir up the interactive and fun atmosphere at your wedding, especially if you know your guests are sports lovers. So if the space will let you, why restrict yourself from having the fun of your life on your big day? 

However, remember that it is not an Olympic event; the rules should be mild and fun to accommodate everyone. Also, ensure to mix up the teams with each side of the families (bride and groom). 

13. Supersized Checkers

Think about a giant checkerboard that can double as a picnic blanket. You can also DIY using spray paint on grass and add aesthetics by Incorporating your wedding colors.

14. Lawn Twister

This is an easy lawn wedding game to pull off and get everyone doing something or laughing hard. Grab a Twister mat, kick off your shoes, and get playing, one foot or hand per circle only! 

The person who arrived first gets to occupy the circle, and if you can’t agree on who came first, the referee makes the call, and that’s the final. It is fun to see players get twisted. But try to keep your cool when your father or mother is playing.

15. Sack Race

This game is affordable and exciting. Get your shoes off, get into the sack up to your waist, and try to see how much distance you can cover before the next person. You can decide to play it as a team or individually.

Whichever way you choose to go about it, it promises so much fun and excitement.

16. Lawn Bowling

Lawn bowling rules are similar to regular bowling, where you must fight for points by trying to clear all bowls. The only difference is that, as the name implies, it is played on grass. It is a fun and exciting game to spice up your big day.

It is also easy to learn and play on the spot, so anyone new to the game can still participate in the fun.

17. Beer Pong

Beer pong can be fun. Imagine your wedding guests divided into two teams, each trying to toss the ping pong ball into a beer cup. Each miss will generate laughter, while each win will generate happy screams.

18. Limbo Set

This budget-friendly fun game and music add a lively twist to your wedding. Let the guests line up, bending low with laughter, creating a memorable festive atmosphere. It’s a fantastic addition to keep the celebration fun and interactive.

19. Giant Dice and Dominoes 

Giant dice and dominoes add some more colors to your wedding reception. The rules remain what it’s always been. The only difference is the size of the dice or domino.

20. Crossword Puzzle

A good crossword puzzle (wedding-themed) is an underrated addition to your wedding experience. 

You can get a giant puzzle to keep everyone busy. This is a fun way to test the knowledge of the newlyweds’ guests about the couple. 

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Final Words

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you want to spice it up with some exciting games to create lasting memories and bond everyone via laughter and interaction. The games listed above are some of the best ways to do it. 


Here are some of the questions other people ask concerning wedding lawn games. 

How Can I Make My Wedding More Fun?

Weddings can be fun when you incorporate exciting games to light up the mood. 

What Activities Are Done At a Wedding?

Wedding activities vary depending on the couple involved. But for the most part, you expect a grand entrance, cutting of the cake, wedding dances, trivia, and other fun games. 

What Games to Play At Weddings?

The choice of game for your outdoor wedding depends on several factors. It ranges from available space to the couple’s choice and the wedding theme.

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