6 Fun Wedding Dance Games to Get the Groove on

No one wants a bland and uneventful wedding reception. The dream is typically a bubbling party where both old and young guests are having a great time. What better way to realize that dream than to ensure everyone’s dancing at the reception?

Even the guests at the party always look forward to the bride’s father-daughter dance and the couple’s first dance. But it’s amusing that the dance floor is empty as soon as those activities are done, and these scenarios happen more often than you could imagine.

The reason is usually because most wedding guests are not bold enough to jump to the dance floor. Some guests may need a direct invitation. Others feel at ease when it’s a group dynamic; that’s where wedding dance games come into play.

A good wedding dance game can be the perfect way to get guests out of their seats and on the dance floor. It is also a great way to lighten the mood and give the party atmosphere a life of its own.

However, there are different kinds of dance games you can choose from. So in this article, you’ll learn about the top 6 types of wedding dance games you can add to your wedding reception activities and be a hit with your guests. Read on.

1. The Snowball Wedding Dance Game

The snowball dance game is the perfect way to kick off the dancing at the beginning of the reception. This game originated from the “snowball effect” – a scenario where one action causes consecutive, similar actions.

Here’s how it’s done. The newlyweds and the guests at the wedding party will go to the dance floor for a fun, fast-track dance routine. 

The DJ will play upbeat and famous music everyone at the reception knows. The first people to come to the dance floor will be about ten female guests present, including the bride. Then they’ll start dancing. 

After dancing for at least two minutes or more, the DJ will stop the music. Then each of the females on the dance floor will get into the crowd where other guests are seated and bring one male back to the dance floor.

The male guest brought in by the females will start dancing too, and after two minutes, they will also go into the crowd to bring a guest. However, they’ll be bringing in other female guests.

Then the dancing will begin for the same minutes, and the entire game process will repeat itself until every guest is on the dance floor.

2.The Flash Mob Wedding Dance Game 

For this wedding dance game, the best man or maid of honor will contact the guest through social media or emails before the wedding day and ask them to participate in the flash mob dance game. However, ensure the couple knows nothing about such a plan else it will ruin the surprise.

The best man or maid of honor can record themselves dancing a line dance with simple steps to a song the couple will love. However, to make the flash mob dance game more special, it would be great to pick a piece from a romantic or musical movie the couple adores. Then after recording, they will send the video to each guest so they can practice.

In addition, you can ask everyone to come with a small basket of rose petals. So when it’s time, the first set of people to dance will get up from their seats and throw rose petals in the air.

At that point, everyone involved in the flash mob will start dancing to the amazed couple, and before you know it, every guest will also begin dancing. This game brings a lovely surprise to the couple and a great group experience for the guests.

3. The Good Ol’ Chicken Wedding Dance Game 

Another wedding dance game would be the good ol’ chicken dance game.

The chicken dance is an original and excellent way to get your guests to the dance floor. Due to the popularity of the chicken dance, many people already know how to do it, making it the perfect icebreaker. 

So here is how to play it. First, before the guest arrives at the wedding reception venue, your maid of honor or best man will place a card with a number written on it on every chair.

Depending on the number of guests you expect, you can number the cards 1-5. After the guest arrives and it’s time to play the game, your host will ask the guest to check their seats for a number card, and then they will call out a number. 

For instance, the host will call out the number 5, and the guests will check the number cards. Then every guest with the number 5 will step onto the dance floor, the DJ will play the chicken song, and they will do the chicken dance.

Not only will this dance game get everyone dancing, laughing, and having a good time, but it will also get the guests to get to know each other.

4. The Treasure Hunt Wedding Dance Game

This dance game is unique. Not only will it get your guests dancing, but your guests will also get gifts after dancing.

So for this game, you’ll need several padlocks, keys, chains, and small treasure chests. The treasure chests serve as your wedding gifts to your guests. It will contain gift cards and cash gifts, amongst others.

However, you’ll wrap these treasure chests with chains and lock them with padlocks. Now you’ll put the keys to the locks inside a box at the entrance of the wedding reception venue. In doing so, every guest will dip their hands into the box and pick a key.

When it is time for the game to start, the host will call out guests from two tables each to come to the dance floor. Now the rule is for the guests to dance to a song (preferably the Game of Thrones theme song). Then once the music stops, they are to go to the treasure chest closest to them and open it. Whatever lies in it is theirs.

Giving your wedding gift together with the dance game will give your guests double bundles of joy. However, always remember that only presents of the chest’s size can fit into it.

5. The Cinderella Wedding Dance Game

Playing this wedding dance game is straightforward since everyone knows the Cinderella story.

For this dance game, every female guest present at the wedding reception is Cinderellas, while the male guests are the Prince Charmings.

Now to play the game, the ladies will remove their right shoes and keep them at the center of the dance floor. Then the guys go to the center of the dance floor and pick any shoe that interests them. After that, they search in the crowd for the lady who owns the shoe, take her to the dance floor, and dance together happily ever after. This game works better for single guests. 

6. Tango Balloon Wedding Dance Game 

The last wedding dance game on the list is the tango balloon dance game. You will need inflated heart balloons to play this game and ensure they are white and red. You’ll also need excellent tango music.

As the guest arrives, they will each be given red heart-inflated balloons. On the other hand, the white heart-inflated balloons will be for the newlyweds.

First, the newlyweds and their guests (in pairs) will go to the dance floor and put the balloon between their bodies; as the saying goes, “it takes two to tango.” Once the music starts, everyone will start dancing.

The game aims to ensure the balloons don’t get to the ground or burst. If such should happen, the dancing couple with the balloon on the floor is out of the game.

Then the game continues until there’s just one couple left on the dance floor, and they are declared the winners and receive the prizes the couple have for them.

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Here are some of the commonest questions about wedding dance games. 

What Is the Longest Marriage Dance Game?

This wedding dance game is where the host calls out married couples who are guests according to how long they have been married.
They’ll start from a year, two years, and so on. Any couple that has been married less time than that will have to sit down. The last married couple still dancing on the dance floor wins!

What Is the First Dance of a Couple?

The first dance between the bride and groom is a famous American and European wedding tradition during a wedding reception. Before the reception starts, the newlyweds will dance alone on the dance floor. Once they have been dancing for a while, all the guests will join them.

What Are the First Three Dances at a Wedding?

The first dance is that of the bride and groom. Then it is followed by the parents dancing with the couple; the mother with the groom and the father with the bride. After that, the groom will dance with the bride’s mother, and the bride will do the same with the groom’s father.

Summary on Wedding Dance Games

Dancing has always allowed one to express oneself. It also provides mental/physical revitalization, laughter, and fun. And that’s the same feeling adding a wedding dance game to your wedding reception activities will give to your guests.

Wedding dance games bring your guests, from the grannies to the toddlers, on their feet dancing at your wedding reception. Also, it creates lovely and happy memories for you and your guests that will continue to dance in your minds.

With that said, we have narrowed down the best of the wedding dance games listed above for you to choose from. Choose the dance game that suits you and have the best wedding party. Good luck.

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