150+ Funny and Unique Shoe Game Wedding Questions for Your Reception

A wedding reception is meant for the newlyweds to have fun and enjoy time with friends and family. Besides the dancing, wedding games are another anticipated part of the celebration. 

The wedding shoe game has become a delightful addition to receptions worldwide, captivating guests and causing uncontrollable laughter.

This game is entertaining for wedding guests to get to know the newlyweds better; It’s a chance for family, friends, and even long-lost friends to gather ’round and revel in the pure joy of love and laughter.

Also, it is an excellent icebreaker for the formalities of wedding receptions. Imagine the shocking expressions on everyone’s face as they see the lovely, adorable bride’s shoe go up when the question, “Who is the messiest?” is asked. Or when both parties. It goes off from revealing quirky choices to hilarious, deep secrets that leave everyone giggling, cheering, and raising eyebrows at their newlyweds. 

This article is for you if you are thinking of a better way to spice your wedding reception aside from traditional boring wedding activities. Sit tight and witness comedic chaos unfold. Let the shoe game begin!

How Do You Play the Shoe Game Wedding Questions for Your Reception?

The whole purpose of the shoe game is to test how the newly wedded couples view themselves about one another by answering various questions. A few things need to be in place before the game starts. They include:

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The Host

Before your wedding, you must have appointed a host, also known as the master of ceremony, who will have a prepared list of questions to ask you and your partner. But if you didn’t, you can ask the maid of honor, best man, or any loved one to play the role of the host.

However, ensure that whoever you appoint is confident speaking in front of a crowd and ready to hold a microphone so everyone can hear them.

The Type of Questions

The type of questions the couple will provide answers for in shoe games always start with “Who?”. For example, who is the better kisser?”. 

Also, you can get your guests into the games by asking them to write the questions they’ll want the couples to answer and give to the host to read come game time. 

You can also get questions online and print them before the game starts. It is advisable to mix up the questions; have funny, romantic, and serious questions. Remember, whatever happens, the couples can’t see those questions before the wedding reception. As such, they won’t have the time to think or discuss the answers together. After all, the game aims to test their knowledge to see what they know about each other.

Finally, the host should start with simple questions and then gradually progress to other personal questions.

The Setup and Answering of Questions 

Shoe Game Wedding Questions

Once the host is ready and has the questions, ask a wedding party guest to place two chairs back to back in the middle of the dance floor. Then get the couples to sit down together, backing each other so they can’t see each other’s answers.

After that, they take off their shoes; the groom will have one of his and one of the bride’s shoes and vice versa.

These shoe reps both of them. Therefore, when asked a question, if the answer is the bride, the groom will put her shoe up, but if the answer is the groom, he will put his shoe up.

Most times, both of them may lift an identical shoe. Although they can’t see each other, they listen to the guests’ reactions. Once the guests react a certain way, the couples may try to take a peak.

Spice it Up

The shoe game can get spiced up by a pairing match of the maid of honor against the best man. It is believed that both of them should know the couple better than anyone at the reception, so it would be exciting to see their conflicting answers.

Most times, they can try to protect the image of their friends. Other times they may abandon them and disclose their friends’ oddities.

As funny as it is to watch the couples argue over their answers, it will be more humorous and enjoyable to see them bicker over their friends’ answers.

When Is the Right Time to Play the Shoe Game?

The wedding shoe game is one of the best icebreakers to add to wedding reception activities. 

On that note, the best time to play this game at your wedding is in the few minutes between after eating and before the couple’s first dance. That way, you can set up everything for the game on the dance floor and begin asking the wedding shoe game questions so the guests can watch and enjoy after their meal. Then after the game, the couple can have their dance, and everyone can join in. 

The Best Shoe Game Wedding Questions

Now that you know how to play the game better, it is time to learn the questions. The shoe game is all about knowing the right questions.

In addition, when choosing these questions, don’t forget that every couple is different, and their guests are also different. So, whether you’re looking for a list of questions or questions that fits your personality, below are a few samples. The questions are arranged to make choosing the one you need easier, going from relationships to questions about kids.

Relationship Questions

These are questions about when the couples started their relationship and when they were still dating. They include;

  • Who walked up to the other person first?
  • Who asked the other person out on a date first?
  • Who picks the venue for dates?
  • Who had the giant crush on the other one?
  • Who always comforts the other one?
  • Who is more daring?
  • Who is the boss in the relationship?
  • Who is the more romantic person?
  • Who is more outgoing?
  • Who made the move for the first kiss?
  • Who started the first fight?
  • Who talks more?
  • Who wants more kids?

Daily Life Questions

The questions tell you about their daily life, their relationship with each other, and their family and friends. They include;

  • Who is the one always getting lost and needing directions?
  • Who is the animal lover?
  • Who prepares breakfast or coffee?
  • Who turns off the lights at night?
  • Who does most of the cooking?
  • Who is more addicted to their mobile phone?
  • Who is the early bird?
  • Who eats more junk food?
  • Who makes the bed?
  • Who is always deciding which movies to see?
  • Who is more interested in sports?
  • Who is more organized?
  • Who is the messy one?
  • Who is ready first or always waiting for the other person?
  • Who exercises more?
  • Who has the best taste in music?

Funny Questions

These questions are the icebreakers of the wedding shoe game. They are a fun way to start and end the party. So if you need some fun shoe game questions, check below.

  • Who believes in aliens?
  • Who burps more?
  • Who can’t stop texting their friends?
  • Who farts more?
  • Who gets drunk quicker?
  • Who goes longer without washing their clothes?
  • Who has smellier armpits?
  • Who spends the most time admiring themselves in the mirror?
  • Who is always looking for their keys?
  • Who is crazier?
  • Who snores the loudest?
  • Who occupies more space on the bed at night?
  • Who’s afraid of monsters?
  • Whose farts are louder?
  • Who cries more during movies?
  • Whose farts are smellier?
  • Who sings the loudest in the shower?

The Dirty Questions

The dirty questions are one of the most fun and revealing ways to play with your partner. However, ensure to avoid personal questions that would make your guest uncomfortable. These are some of the dirty questions you can ask.

  • Who is a better kisser?
  • Who flirts more?
  • Which one is kinkier?
  • Which one is shy about what they love to do in bed?
  • Who is a better lover?
  • Who is more seductive?
  • Who is more likely to request a game of Truth or Dare?

Personality Questions 

These questions focus more on how well the couple knows each other’s personality.

  • Who is the more dramatic?
  • Who’s a night owl?
  • Who’s more of a dog person?
  • Who has more fashion sense?
  • Who is always moody?
  • Who eats the slowest?
  • Who has the more prominent sweet tooth?
  • Who is more forgetful?
  • Who gives the best presents?
  • Who’s “the responsible one”?

Questions About Kids

Here are a few examples.

  • Who will be the stricter parent?
  • Who is most likely to want kids first?
  • Who will be the more responsible parent?
  • Who is good at dealing with kids?
  • Who will wake up at night to attend to a crying child?
  • Who wants more kids?


The wedding shoe game is very personal. As such, it is best if someone who knows the couple is in charge of asking and deciding the questions for the game. By doing so, it will be easier to skip questions that may change the aura of the occasion.  

Also, to heat things, the guests can recommend questions. They can write these questions on paper and take them to the host.

Finally, whatever happens, remember the only reason for playing the shoe game was to have fun and a good laugh. Also, know that there are no winners or losers in this game.

Therefore, pick what you need to make your special day memorable from the above-listed shoe game wedding questions and enjoy yourself while at it.


This section consists of some questions people tend to ask.

How Many Questions Does the Host Ask During the Wedding Shoe Game?

At most, the host asks 20-30 shoe game questions. As a result, the game lasts 3-5 minutes.

Is it Compulsory to Use Shoes to Play the Game?

No, it is not compulsory to use shoes to play this game. If you are uncomfortable taking off your shoes in front of a crowd, you can use another option. 

How Do You End the Wedding Shoe Game? 

You can end the shoe game with a cute question that will simultaneously force the couple to raise their shoes. You can ask questions like;
Who do you love most in the world?
Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?

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