Details of Blake Lively’s Engagement Ring

After quietly dating, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds surprised fans in 2012 when they married in a secret ceremony. Since the two never officially announced their relationship, this did not surprise many. It also isn’t surprising that Lively never posted a social media photo of her engagement ring. 

But Lively’s engagement ring is gorgeous and deserves attention. The stunning details of Blake Lively’s engagement ring have captivated many. Known for her impeccable style, the actress’s ring features a large, oval-cut diamond set in a delicate rose gold band adorned with intricate pavé diamonds. The timeless elegance of the ring perfectly reflects the couple’s love and commitment, making it a true showstopper. While Lively may have kept her engagement ring out of the public eye, its beauty is undeniable and continues to inspire awe and admiration.

Who is Blake Lively?

Blake Lively was born on August 25th, 1987. Blake Lively is a famous American actress with an impressive career that has received worldwide recognition. She started acting as a teenager in 1998 for the film “Sandman.” Blake Lively appeared in the “Gossip Girls” television series from 2007 to 2012. In 2014, Blake Lively starred in “The Age of Adaline,” which earned $65.7m worldwide and became a cult Hollywood film that year. She was also the director of one music video. Blake Lively met Reynolds in 2010 on “Green Lantern.”

A beautiful blonde actress who always makes a splash on screen, Blake Lively is a true California girl. Best known for her bubbly personality, free-spirited sense of style and incredible fashion, the Hollywood starlet has a life many girls dream of. 

Ryan Reynolds worked with Lively’s friend and favorite jeweler, Lorraine Schwartz. She helped Ryan design the piece — and he didn’t ask his wife for help picking it out. 

Lively believes one of the reasons the engagement ring is her favorite thing she owns is the way Ryan designed it. She is on record saying, “My most treasured possession is my engagement ring by my dear friend Lorraine Schwartz because of the love and meaning it symbolizes. No, I didn’t have any hand in its design — I married a gentleman.” 

Lively is not the only one who loves her ring. Many ring designers suggest Lively’s ring is the most requested celebrity copycat ring. Many intricate details make the ring quite desirable for newlyweds. 

Price of Blake Lively’s Engagement Ring

According to experts, it’s estimated Lively’s ring cost around $2 million. It is because the diamond is rare, particularly because of its 12 carat weight. Blake Lively’s engagement ring features flawless clarity and a pink hue that makes this ring so popular.  

How Many Carats is Blake’s Engagement Ring?

Lively has a beautiful 12-carat pink oval-shaped diamond set in rose gold. The rose gold band features pavé diamonds that give the dazzling sparkle. 

Create Your Own Blake Lively-Inspired Engagement Ring 

Various labs make colored diamonds available, including pink. There’s a chance to customize a Blake Lively-esque engagement ring yourself. Select the color of the stone. Choose the set and the metallic band. After the calls are made, you can choose the wedding bands to match. Let us look at some beautiful lab-sized pink diamonds and rings. 

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1. Get the Pink Diamonds Look

How can we buy rings that look like Blake Lively’s ring? Lucky for you, jewelry designers worldwide have gorgeous oval cuts to fit your fiancé’s budget too! Natural diamonds are a great choice. It would also help if you went for a blush-colored diamond inspired by the former Gossip Girl star’s engagement ring. 

We have chosen fifteen rings to help you achieve the style of Blake Lively for a fraction of the cost. Now you can pretend you are Ryan Reynolds designing the perfect engagement ring. Here are some elegant options for less than $2 million!

2. Chelsea La Vie en Rose Solitaire Engagement Ring

For a twist on Lively’s style, Jean Dousset made a piece featuring an emerald cut center stone. There are three rows of brilliant-cut pink pavé diamonds on the band, bridge and gallery. The band is rose gold, like Lively’s. 

3. Fancy Pink Oval Diamond Ring by J FINE

Lively’s ring features an oval pink diamond in the center and so does this one. It has a halo of smaller pavé pink diamonds and another halo of white diamonds. The band sparkles with diamonds as well. 

4. Kwiat Cushion-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A cushion cut pink diamond in rose gold is the leading lady in this engagement ring. A sparkling diamond halo envelops the main stone. On each side is a baguette diamond and smaller diamonds along the band.

5. Bloomingdale’s Morganite Oval and Diamond Statement Ring

This ring looks remarkably similar for those who are open to a stone that is not a diamond. The oval pink morganite stone is like Lively’s, with a light rose gold band covered in pavé diamonds. 

6. L. Priori Selena Ring

The flowery shape of this ring provides it with a more feminine vibe. It has an oval pink sapphire center stone with a flower halo of white diamonds. Placed on a yellow-gold band, it has a lovely mix of metals.

7. Natalie Marie Jewellery Precious Oval Morganite Solitaire

This uncomplicated ring is supplementary to the special thanks of a large oval pink morganite solitaire stone. It sits on an unadorned rose gold band and is flawlessly understated. 

8. Astteria Fancy Light Pink Diamond Ring

This stunning emerald cut pink diamond models in a diamond halo for added sparkle. A solid white gold band ensures all the focus is on the diamond. 

9. Cushion Cut Pink Diamond Halo Ring by J Fine

An orangey-pink diamond is the cushion cut center stone. The centerpiece is in a rose gold setting, with a double halo of pink and white diamonds. The sparkling pavé diamond band brings attention to the bride’s finger. 

10. Kwiat Pink Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The radiant cut pink diamond on this ring will attract a lot of attention. In a delicate diamond halo, it looks even more glittery. The asymmetrical band is similar to how Lively’s ring looks with her wedding band. 

11. Aprés Jewelry “The Blake” Ring

Dubbed “The Blake,” this ring resembles Ryan Reynolds’s vision. It is oval with a white diamond solitaire. The delicate yellow band covered in smaller diamonds is elegant. 

12. L. Priori Brooke Ring

An oval pink sapphire stone is set on a gold halo. Two smaller pear diamonds flank it and feature rose gold. It’s a slightly more elaborate version of Lively’s piece, just in pink sapphire.

13. Jean Dousset Cat Solitaire Engagement Ring

Jean Dousset’s ring was inspired by Blake’s ring and has made a beautiful choice with the Cat Solitaire. The ring is an oval white diamond solitaire on a rose gold band. It is covered in pavé diamonds with a center diamond on the bridge.

14. Bario Neal Kalmia Rose Cut Morganite Ring

The oval light pink morganite ring will turn heads. It is a great way to get the look of Lively’s ring for much less money. You can see it on a slim gold band that is both simple and gorgeous.

15. Vrai The Signature Ring

A solitaire oval white diamond is an excellent choice for your engagement ring. The diamonds sit beautifully on a rose gold band encrusted with pavé diamonds. The look of this ring will be timeless and never go out of style.

16. Capucinne Peach Sapphire Ring

An oval peach-colored pink sapphire stone is the highlight of this ring. Three small diamonds sit on each side of the gold prongs on the band. The style is simple and elegant but will look perfect on your bride’s hand. 

We hope Blake Lively’s engagement ring has inspired you as much as it has inspired us! Whatever you choose, your ring will look stunning.

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