What If My Engagement Ring Is Too Big (How To Fix)

Congratulations! You got engaged, your partner liked what they had, and they decided that they want to spend the rest of their life with you, and you with them. 

We couldn’t be happier for you, but… Oh? What’s that? Your engagement ring is too big? OH, NO!

Sadly, it is a common problem, the engagement ring or wedding band being a tad oversized. But, what can you do? How do you fix this painstaking problem? Can it be fixed or do you need to get a whole new ring altogether?

Luckily, if your engagement ring is too big, it is possible to have it resized, although this does depend on the type of ring. However, you could have jewelry applied to a sizing assistant, such as a spring insert, sizing bed, or sizing bar. 

If you do not want to do this and the ring is not ‘too big’, and is just a little on the loose side, you could try using some DIY options, you could use nail polish, rubber bands, or even dental floss to help resize it. 

So, today we are going to talk you through what to do if your ring is too big, give you some advice from real couples who faced this problem and then give some tips on how to fix this problem, how to fix it at home, and how to notice it is an issue.

It’s important to note that resizing a ring can sometimes affect the integrity of the ring, especially if the resizing is significant. So it’s best to go to a professional jeweler who can advise you on the best course of action. Additionally, if the ring was custom made, it may be more difficult to resize and require more specialized attention.

What Can You Do If Your Engagement Ring Is Too Big? 

The first thing we decided to do when we came across how common this problem was, is discuss just what you should do with some real engaged and married couples when they come across this problem. 

It was also an idea for us to ask them just how much it cost them to get their ring resized, so you can decide if you want to pay to get it resized, or if you want to try a DIY solution. 

Tips From Real Couples

  • “My ring was a bit loose, so I decided to put a metal sizer on mine, it was a freebie from Zales. Now it fits perfectly, and you cannot even tell that the sizer is there!”
  • “The sizers do work well, but you should always ensure that you give it regular cleans. I decided to use a size adjuster on my engagement ring as I always forget to clean my jewelry. Sadly the ring tarnished where the sizer is, but you can get them online on Amazon for less than ten bucks!” 
  • “I went to get my ring resized, from 6 to 5 ½. It was really loose for 8 months, and in that time I wore an adjuster, just until after the wedding, so I could see how it felt with the wedding band. It ended up only taking a couple of days and cost only $30.” 
  • “As long as your ring does not slide past your knuckle on the coldest days then you should be ok. Hands can swell up for countless reasons and sizing it smaller can end up being an issue. It should only be resized if it slides past the knuckle and off the finger.”
  • “I put a ring guard on my wedding ring, it is great, it fits nicely in the back of the ring, allowing the ring to slip over the knuckle, but it fits on the finger, and does not slip. It only cost $40 at my local jewelry store.”
  • “I decided to buy snuggies for my ring. You can get packs of these from Walmart’s jewelry department for only $5, and you can get them in multiple sizes to fit any finger.”
  • My engagement ring is around half to a full size too big. I went to see a jeweler, and they told me to hold off until I chose the wedding band/ eternity band, as rings tend to get tighter when you stack. So, I am wearing a size adjuster until then.”

As we can see here, there are many options to choose from, and if it is your engagement ring that is too small, sometimes it can be better to hold off on the ring resizing and wait until you chose your wedding band. 

We had no idea that stacking can change sizes. It is also wise to consider the fit in the mornings, as our fingers are always bigger in the mornings! 

Is It Possible To Make An Engagement Ring Smaller?

It is totally possible to make your ring fit better by getting it resized professionally by a jeweler. However, rings need to be made from a specific material such as gold, silver, or platinum for this to be viable. 

However, if you cannot get a ring professionally resized then you can always make use of jeweler sizing assistants such as the ones mentioned in the section above. 

So, let us go into more detail about how you can make a big ring fit better. 

Have The Ring Resized By A Jeweler

The simplest way for you to fix a ring which is too loose is to simply take it back to the jewelry that made the ring. They can then easily resize it, as long as it is made of the correct materials, such as the ones we listed above. 

If you have a ring which is made from platinum, gold, or silver then getting it resized should not be a problem at all, as Jewelers can easily increase or decrease rings of these sizes by one or two sizes at least. 

That being said, if your ring is stainless steel, titanium, or tungsten, then these are materials which are much harder to be worked with and cannot be resized. 

Rose gold is another material which is difficult to work with, however, if you ask around enough, a jeweler may be able to help you.

The reason that these rings are so difficult to work with in resizing us is that they will need to have the exact matching color to be soldered back together. 

This makes them rather unappealing to a majority of jewelers. The best thing to do is to return to the shop or store where the ring was originally purchased, as this will give you the best results. 

Also, if you wanted to increase the size of a rose gold ring then there is every chance that the ring will actually crack as rose gold is actually more brittle. 

Food For Thought

If you have large knuckles, using a ring sizing assistant or a ring sizer adjuster is actually a better idea, as if you have a large knuckle, resizing your ring to where it would usually sit on your finger could actually result in some trouble getting the ring over your knuckle.

The best thing to do is to simply talk to a professional jeweler before you resize your ring. Never just take what a salesperson has said as solid advice. A professional can give you better advice. 

Use A Sizing Assistant

What are ring sizing assistants? Well, they are tiny bits of metal which a jeweler is able to solder onto the inside side of your ring so it fits better. 

Out of these there are 3 most common types. 

  1. Sizing beads: With this there are 2 beads attached at the bottom side of the inner ring, holding it in place. 
  2. Sizing bars: These are small bars that are fitted across the bottom side of the inner ring, decreasing space. 
  3. Spring inserts: This is a strip of metal which is inserted into the ring. The design is done so that it can spring back to the inner ring, allowing it to ease over the knuckle. 

Although they do some in a series of different shapes, they do all serve the same purpose, so the main thing to consider when looking at these will be your own comfort.

How To Tell If Your Engagement Ring Is Too Big Or Too Loose?

Having a ring that is too big for your finger is one sure fire way to end up losing it, and when it is something as important as your engagement ring or wedding band, it is the absolute last thing you want to lose. 

When you are trying to consider if your ring is the right size or if it is too big, there are a few signs that you should be looking out for. 

Falling Off

One of the most obvious giveaways that your engagement ring or wedding band is too big is if you shake your hand, and it is wiggling away for freedom. A ring that falls off is a ring that is incorrectly sized. 

So, if you often find yourself picking it up off of the ground, or digging around in your bag to find it after you have searched for your phone and now lost your ring in there, you probably need to think about downsizing your ring too! 

You can actually test whether your ring is too big by using a few simple steps! 

First, hold your hand outstretched and downwards towards the floor. 

Then point your fingertips straight out towards the ground and wiggle them. 

If the rings slide off when you do this, you need to take a trip to see your jeweler.


Another sign that your ring is too big is if it spins. Rings which are only slightly too big might spin to the left or to the right on your finger, but they will not rotate a complete 360 degrees. 

That being said, if your ring is spinning all the way around your finger, especially if it is digging into the palm of your hand then you will need to take your ring to a jewelry sharpish, so they can resize it as this is problematic.

A Lack Of Tension

When you slide your engagement ring onto your ringer, there should be at least a little resistance, but, with some gentle, but firm enough pressure it should slide perfectly onto your finger, over the knuckle and down to the base of your finger. 

However, a sure sign that the ring is too big is if you can easily slide the ring on or off of your finger with little to no tension, pressure, or effort at all. If this is the case, you should be looking to put down the ring’s size a good one to two sizes.

How Do Jewelers Resize Engagement Rings Or Wedding Bands That Are Too Big?

In order to resize engagement rings which are too big or too loose, jewelers will usually sever the shank, and then remove a small bit of metal, then re-secure the ends and solder it back together. 

Once the jeweler has finished resizing the ring, it will be cleaned up, and polished to hide any imperfections that can be associated with the process of resizing the ring. It is done by experts who can ensure they only remove what is necessary for the ring to fit.

If a jeweler does a top-notch job then the ring will be a snug fit on your finger, and will show no signs of being resized.

Rings that are only a tiny bit too big can benefit more from using ring assistants. A jeweler can easily apply some small metal beads to the inner shank for you which can allow for a much better firm fit on the ring. 

When you are waiting for an appointment with a jeweler to fix up your ring size, you can find temporary ring re-sizers for rings that are a bit too big. 

You can find these as PVC, they are soft, and flexible and better allow you to reduce the ring circumstance around ½ a size to a full size.

They make for a great temporary solution to a resizing and make the fit more comfortable for you for a while. But, they are not a permanent fix! 

Can You Shrink A Ring That Is Too Big Yourself?

Okay, but what if you do not want to go to the jewelers, can you fix this at home? Well, there are some home remedies you can use if you are only looking for a temporary fix for a wedding ring or engagement ring that is too big. 

If you want to shrink a ring that is a tad too big at home, you can use a few creative tricks to make the ring have a more snug fit. 

You could use fishing line, dental floss, or even nail polish to make it fit better. These are all generally common household items that make for simple ways you can get your ring to fit that bit more snug. 

Remember, you are not actually affecting the size of the ring, but they do reduce the circumference of the inside of the ring, so it sits on your finger in a way which is more comfortable. 

So, let’s take a look at these DIY tricks to make your ring fit you so much better. 

The Fishing Line Hack 

You can simply fill in the extra space left between the inside of your finger, and your ring, fishing line works simply and well for this hack!

It is a super neat trick, and since fishing line is available in so many sizes, it works all the better! 

Dental Floss Ring Resizing Hack

Although dental floss is not exactly as inconspicuous as a clear rubber band is, you are more likely to find this easier in your home than you would rubber bands or fishing line. 

Dental floss works in the same way using a rubber band would. It also has a bit of a one-up factor on fishing line, when it comes to customizing the sizing at least. 

All you actually need to do is just take a bit of dental floss, and wrap it around your finger correctly, or as loosely as you need it to be so that the ring is comfortable, and blood circulation is not hindered. 

You can wind it around your finger as many times as you want to for it to optimally fill the space in between your finger and the inner part of your ring, just make sure that it is comfortable for you.

The Nail Polish Hack

This is our personal favorite, because it is actually extremely clever! You see, nail polish will solidify when it dries, so if you were to paint a fairly decent amount of nail polish on the inside layer of the ring, it gives it an added layer that makes the inner circumference of the ring smaller.

Of course, you do not really want to be using a colored nail polish for this, so it is best that you use a clear nail polish. 

You should also keep in mind that your body produces natural oils, and you sweat naturally, which will eventually make this layer of nail polish to eventually wear out. So be aware. 

However, this is not too much of an issue, as you can always paint a new layer on when it starts feeling a little loose again


If your wedding band or engagement ring feels a little loose, consider the material it is made of first, then remember that you can either take it to a jeweler or try to deal with it DIY. 

Whatever you do, a loose ring is no biggie, and is easily fixable if you only know how!

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