Top 8 Most Romantic and Inspiring Lesbian Wedding Proposals

Every relationship is exclusive in its own story. It has seen highs and lows and may have been on the verge of collapse once or twice. So, a proposal is often a bittersweet event that reminds the couple of how far they have come. It should be considered, but you should create a unique proposal plan.

Many old couples wish to set up their proposal scenes again. They are sure they would do it better and create long-lasting memories for their partners. So, you want to avoid making the errors they have made.

Need some inspiration for lesbian wedding proposals so romantic, they’ll go down in the history books? We will help you get the proposal scene right the first time. The sweetest thing about a proposal idea is that you can embellish it to suit your preference.

You know your partner best, and with a nudge in the right direction, you can plan a great proposal. So, here are a few ideas to give you the idea nudge you need to get your partner screaming with joy.

Read on for a healthy dose of the adorable, a taste of the truly touching, and a great way to get those proposal ideas flowing.

Warning: this list comes with a high risk of teary eyes, a restored faith in love and humanity, and a chronic case of “awwwww!”

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Need some inspiration for a proposal so romantic, it’ll go down in the history books? Check out these 8 epic lesbian wedding proposals!

Most Romantic and Inspiring Lesbian Wedding Proposals

There are already societal norms and standards for proposal scenes. It is funny that while it should be a happy time for you two, people always tend to nitpick about what you did wrong. 

Fortunately, the only opinions that matter are yours and your partner’s. So, you can have fun picking the ideal proposal scene for you both.

The brilliant thing when it comes to planning a lesbian wedding proposal is the endless possibilities.

There aren’t any rules about who has to propose first, who gets an engagement ring, who goes down on one knee – the sky’s the limit for making your marriage proposal uniquely personal.

But we also know that endless possibilities can lead to crippling indecision: where do you even start?

Well look no further, because we’ve scoured the internet and put together our favorite most adorably romantic lesbian wedding proposals, guaranteed to leave you both inspired and a mushy mess.

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1. Romance that Rocks

Most proposals are a loud affair with friends and family surrounding the happy couple. Sometimes, the partners want to be alone as they quietly celebrate this milestone in their relationship. Whatever your preference, this proposal scene is perfect for you. 

Imagine the soft allure of a candlelit dinner. It is not only intimate but sets the mood for the proposal. This will surely bring beautiful tears to your partner’s eyes as she recalls the paths that have climaxed to this point. 

There are several ways to make a simple candlelit dinner unique and romantic. You can write an original song for her if you play the guitar or have an amazing voice. Even if you do not, it is often the thought that is romantic and not the act in itself.

Not only is this proposal just stunning to look at (did somebody say surprise candlelight?), but the band is seriously awesome.

We think pumping out an original song written especially for and about your girlfriend before bringing her up on stage and popping the question is a sure-fire hit.

Who says romance can’t rock?

2. A Total Fake-Out with a Happy Ending

Planning a proposal can be challenging when you are always with your partner. It involves several moments of sneaking around and almost getting caught. But, this is all worth the experience of joy and surprise when she sees everything you have set up. 

All girls are super excited to have their photos taken. She will be more interested in this photo shoot because it is the testimony of the several battles you have had to take to be together. 

Imagine her surprised face when she realizes she has dressed up for her proposal. It is both a beautiful and thoughtful proposal idea. You can always choose her favorite sites and set up romantic scenery. 

What’s more, you can have an actual photoshoot that captures all the moments of your proposal. This is every girl’s secret dream

Talk about careful planning!

We’re even just impressed with the detailed fake email saying they were doing a formal LGBT photo shoot to disguise the real surprise let alone the cozy tent with custom fire pit, the beautiful homemade video…

And the way they look at each other! Love definitely wins.

3. A Good Sport!

Connecting such a special moment to the sport you both play together, publicly surrounded by family, friends, and fans, in the gym where you shared your first kiss.

If your girl is into sports, you can create a sweet proposal from this. It is strange, and she will never expect you to pop the question as she plays her favorite sport.

We don’t know what we love more, the screams from everyone watching when they realize what’s happening, or the smiles Belinda and Molly can’t wipe from their faces.

4. A Total Love Actually Vibe

This one gives us all the Love Actually vibes – just throw in a flashmob band, a cheering crowd, and a love so genuine and romantic it’s being shouted from the bus-tops.

Plus seeing how supportive all the onlookers are and hearing their outpouring of congratulations melts even the coldest of hearts.

5. A Proposal Disguised as a Documentary

Another proposal that gets an A+++ for effort.

Amanda thought Paige was making a documentary about love in the LGBT community – and she was, Amanda just didn’t know it was about theirs!

Paige spent TWO YEARS putting everything in place, flying family and friends in from across the country, organizing for their favorite band to play.

A proposal of epic proportions.

6. Moments of Spontaneity

Sometimes the most romantic thing can be the most spontaneous.

Hannah Hart might be working with Ellen Degeneres on a show about thoroughly planning the perfect proposal, but what we loved most about her own proposal to girlfriend Ella were the moments of spontaneity.

When unexpected travel plan changes sent the couple to Hawaii, Hannah had the engagement ring express shipped to arrive just in time to propose.

She just knew it would be the perfect time and place. That’s what we call commitment!

7. A Romantic Double Proposal

This one we love for its twist on sweet simplicity!

It’s hard to beat going for classic romance and writing poetry for your future fiancée before proposing as the sun sets on a beautiful beach!

Unless of course it’s the slightly less classic but still utterly romantic double proposal as the sun sets on a beautiful beach!

8. A Magical Proposal

Knowing that your girlfriend desperately wants a surprise party and topping that by organizing a surprise vacation to Orlando (and yes, the to-be bride adores Harry Potter) is romantic on its own.

Topping THAT by planning a surprise proposal, complete with summoning her best friends and family to share the experience with the wave of a wand? Yeah, it doesn’t get more magical than that.

These might be our favorites captured on video, but the insane levels of romance that lesbian wedding proposals can reach continues to amaze and inspire us, not to mention leaving us an emotional puddle of feelings.

Is there a romantic lesbian wedding proposal you’ve been inspired by? Make sure to share below!

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