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Looking for the best wedding gift baskets for bridal showers that can be shipped both domestically AND internationally?

Sometimes it can be hard to decide what to buy for a bridal shower gift and that’s when gift baskets come into play.

When you’re living in a different country as the bride, it can be hard to find good gift baskets that you can send without paying half your monthly salary on shipping!


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Looking for the best wedding gift baskets for bridal showers that can be shipped both domestically AND internationally? Check out these 12 we love.

I have rounded up some of the best gift baskets that you can ship to pretty much anywhere for a reasonable fee.

No matter what your budget is, your sure to find the perfect wedding gift basket for a bridal shower!

Wedding Gift Baskets for Bridal Showers

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Just a few quick notes about these wedding gift baskets that ship internationally:

  • These gift baskets below are from GiftBasketsOverseas. We chose them because they deliver to so many countries quickly and for a reasonable price.
  • Prices listed are current at the time we wrote this, and they are for delivery to the US from the US. Fees may vary depending on where you’re shipping to and from.
  • When it comes to shipping food and alcohol, every country has a different policy. Even within the states, some states have different laws than others. You’ll know before you check out if there’s a problem, though.

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1. Decadent Delights

Decadent Delights Gift Basket | Champagne Gift to USA

Champagne along with sweet and savory treats is what this gift basket is all about. It comes with your choice of either Dom Perignon or Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne. Also included are chocolate truffles, sea salt roasted almonds, Camembert cheese and more.

2. A Night of Champagne

A Night Of Champagne | Gourmet Gift Baskets to the USA

What’s better than champagne, chocolate and cookies? Well, not a whole lot! The Night of Champagne gift basket comes with Dom Perignon Champagne . Also included are Lindt truffles, Gouda cheese spread, dark chocolate almond toffee and other tasty snacks.


3. Love in the Dark

Love in the Dark Gourmet Gift Basket | Wine Gift Baskets to the USA

Dark chocolate lovers, rejoice! This tasty basket comes with  Dark Chocolate by Ghirardelli, Caramel Grahams, Vanilla Wafer Rolls, and so much more. Oh, and since you can’t have chocolate without wine, choose your favorite bottle from their drop-down menu.

4. Spoiled by Chocolate

Spoiled By Chocolate | Sweet Gourmet Gift to USA

I don’t know about you, but I certainly love being spoiled by chocolate. This gift basket is a chocolate lovers dream, featuring dark chocolate caramel bar, milk chocolate covered cherries, milk chocolate sea salt caramels and more. Includes greeting card


5. Coffee Time

Coffee Time Gift Basket | Corporate Gift to USA
There is really nothing that perks you up in the morning like a good cup of coffee. This gift basket comes complete with assorted gourmet coffees. Also includes tasty coffee snacks, like cookies and brittle


6. Still Time for Tea

Still Time for Tea | Tea Coffee Gift to USA
This here is the ultimate gift basket for all the tea lovers out there! Still Time for Tea comes complete with assorted tea bags, biscuits, and other tasty treats. It even comes with a cute tea pot and spoon rest!



7. Fruit Profusion Gift Basket

Fruit Profusion Gift Basket | Fruit Baskets to the USA

Here’s one that’s overflowing with delicious and ripe fruits! From apples to pears to delightful oranges, your recipient only gets fruit that’s in season (so selection varies). Plus, it includes complementing gourmet goodies, like crackers and Caramel sauce.

8. Fruit and Fun

Fruit And Fun to USA
Fruit and fun go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly! This gift basket comes with oranges, pears, mozzarella cheese crisps and more. Great budget-friendly gift basket idea!



9. Mountain of Favorites

Mountain Of Favorites Gift Basket | Gourmet Gift Basket to USA
Mountain of Favorites has to be one of the coolest names for a gift basket, don’t you think? This gift basket features sea salt and olive oil crackers, smoked salmon, whole olives and more. Comes with just about anything a couple would need for a romantic picnic!


10. Rustic Gourmet

Looking for the best wedding gift baskets for bridal showers that can be shipped both domestically AND internationally? Check out these 12 we love.
I just love all things rustic, as I’m sure lots of people do as well! This gift basket features chocolates with mint filling, cocoa and coconut macaroons, vanilla truffles and more. The rustic basket itself is perfect for the couple to reuse as a catchall in their new home together.



11. For the Soul

For The Soul | Stay Home Gift Baskets to the USA
If you need an affordable gift basket to send overseas, I suggest this one

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Related: Marriage Survival Kit. It’s under $100 and fairly simple, but it’s perfect for a relaxing night in together. They’ll get an Innocent Bystander Central Otago Pinot Noir, and a delightful Rewined Signature Wine Bottled Candle

12. Christmas Celebration Wine Basket

Christmas Celebration Wine Basket | Wine Gift Baskets to the USA

Don’t let the name scare you away, there’s really no reason why you can’t send this any time of the year! It’s practically bursting with amazing goodies, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay from Houdini Napa Valley, plus yummy treats like Milk Chocolate Truffles, Mixed Olives, Crackers with Rosemary, Cheese Wedges with Garlic & Herb, and more.

GiftBasketsOverseas has a TON of different baskets that would make perfect bridal shower gifts. These happen to be our favorites!

What are your favorite wedding gift baskets for bridal showers? Share below!

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