What to Put in a Funny Marriage Survival Kit Gift Basket

Woman's hand with earplugs. Put earplugs in your funny marriage survival gift basket

A marriage survival kit is one of the cutest off-registry wedding presents or shower gifts for any soon-to-be bride or groom. What should you put in one, though? We’ve come up with a list that includes both practical and funny ideas! Let’s take a look, shall we?

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

Marriage Survival Kit Top Picks at a Glance

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What to Put in a Marriage Survival Kit Gift Basket

First things first- although we broke these down into “for her” and “for him,” all of the gifts below would work in either marriage survival kit.

For a gay or lesbian wedding, for example, you could give “hers and hers” or “his and his” gift baskets, choosing the items that best fit each partner’s personality.

Now, let’s start with the perfect funny marriage survival kit bridal shower gift for her!

Marriage Survival Kit for Her

The first thing you’ll need to put up the marriage survival gift for her is, of course, a super-cute box. This one from Etsy is my favorite and you get bonus points if she’s into vintage items!

Next up, you need to decide what to fill it with, so let’s take a look at the most common items you’ll find in a marriage survival kit.

1. Lip Balm

Actually, this is supposed to go in any kit, because we all need a lip balm from time to time. However, you can make it even more special with these Eos Natural Lip Balms. She’ll have 4 great flavors to choose from!

2. Ibuprofen

You can basically get this from any drugstore (and generic works just as well as name-brand), but it’s a must in a marriage survival kit. Hey, even the most wonderful spouse in all the land gives us a headache from time to time, right?

3. Candy

Your bride can’t go anywhere without candy, so make sure to throw some in for her! Either go for her favorites or choose this one filled with all of the greatest hits in the chocolate kingdom! 

4. Schick Intuition Razor

Having a razor on hand is crucial at times, and your bride definitely knows it. No, it’s not in case you get REALLY out of line, silly. Don’t be so morbid!

I’d say you add the Schick Intuition razor to the marriage survival kit, so she’s always covered.

5. Mints

This is just a little something to have on hand, and you have so many options to choose from. To keep the vintage vibe, you can choose these Altoids!

Trust me, her honey will be happy you thought to include these after she eats her favorite garlicky dish on date night!

6. Wine

Or better put “emergency wine.” A bottle of wine is always welcome in the marriage survival kit. Just make sure to choose something your bride loves!

If she doesn’t drink, you can include another relaxing beverage. Perhaps a package of chamomile tea? That always does the trick for me!

Marriage Survival Kit for Him

Now that we’ve settled the bride’s newlywed survival kit, let’s see what we can do for the gentlemen. For starters, check out this steampunk case from Etsy.

marriage survival kit for him from Etsy

It’s absolutely incredible. Now, let’s take a look at what you can fill it with!

1. Ear Plugs

Jokingly or not, every groom needs a pair of reliable earplugs. Maybe his honey snores? Perhaps he just wants to tune out the whole world and hear himself think? Whatever the reason, these make a hilarious addition to a marriage survival kit for grooms!

2. Coupons

Normally, this is a gift that’s supposed to be approved by the partner. However, a set of coupons can really come in handy when he’d rather stay up and finish a Far Cry game instead of taking the trash out.

3. Candles

Whoever came up with the weird idea that men don’t like candles was out of their mind. Guys love a good soak in a tub by candlelight, too! Check out this candle set that any groom would love! Maybe he can use it to drop a hint to his honey that they need a romantic night together.

4. Googly Eyes

This one is mostly just for fun, but the groom will definitely make his partner laugh when he discovers that googly eyes can be put on anything! It just might spark a lifelong game between them to see who can find them first each day.

It’s amazing, really, how something so small can create the perfect way to really bond as a couple. Even more amazing to know that it all starts with you and your marriage survival kit basket!

5. Chocolate

Hey, grooms need chocolate too! So make sure to throw some candy in your DIY marriage survival kit for him! I really love these vintage-style bars by Seattle Chocolate.

Final Words

What else? Well, you can throw in some more practical items, too! Perhaps matches to go with the candles? Round everything out with a gift card. Maybe one to their favorite restaurant, or perhaps to a good local winery!

Just have fun with it. Think about what would make them laugh. After all, that’s the whole point of a funny gift like this.

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Have you decided how your marriage survival kit will look like yet? Share below!

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