Best Non-Beach Honeymoon Destinations in the USA for Same-Sex Couples

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If you’re looking for some of the best non-beach honeymoon destinations in the USA for same-sex couples, I’ve got you covered! America has some gorgeous seaside destinations and all, but there’s a whole world of possibilities between the two coasts.

So, let’s head inland a bit and find you the perfect spot that doesn’t involve getting sand in unpleasant places, shall we?

The Best Non-Beach Honeymoon Destinations in the USA

Walking down the beautiful beach holding hands with your partner, and discussing the future with the cold sea breeze hitting you is definitely romantic, but it’s not really for everyone.

If you don’t really enjoy the “sun & sand” lifestyle, there are plenty of other options. In fact, you probably have more non-beach honeymoon destination choices than beachy ones

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Listed below are the best honeymoon destinations in the USA that don’t have beaches. You can do other outdoor activities in these locales and enjoy your time with your partner without worrying about cleaning sand out of your belongings up until your 10th wedding anniversary!

1. Asheville, North Carolina

If you and your partner are mountain lovers, then Asheville in North Carolina is the best honeymoon destination for you. It is at its best during the fall season because the mountains are covered with a white sheet that offers you picturesque views.

This romantic destination has several historic landmarks where you can pay a visit. The most famous of all the landmarks is the Biltmore Estate, which you should not miss.

Another significant advantage of opting for Asheville as your honeymoon spot is that you can go for outdoor adventures. The honeymoon packages include glamping, rock climbing, and hiking, which make your honeymoon more enjoyable and memorable.

If you’d like to take in some local nightlife while you’re there, Explore Ashville recommends O.Henry’s, one of the oldest gay bars in the city.

2. Carefree, Arizona

Carefree is ranked as one of the top LGBTQ-friendly cities in Arizona, with same-sex couples making up just over 7% of the population.

It’s the perfect honeymoon spot you should plan for if you want to honeymoon in a nomadic way. With desert all around and luxurious accommodations, you can have the best time with your partner.

While there, indulge in activities like horseback riding, mountain biking, and a lot more. You can also go for a relaxing couple massage and spend some quality time with your honey at the end of the day.

Besides the cacti, red rocks, and historical art galleries, you can also visit the nearby botanical garden known as the Desert Garden.

3. Whitegate Inn and Cottage

While this destination is technically part of the first one (Ashville), it deserves its own spot on the list.

 If you want to spend your honeymoon vacation at a place surrounded by nature’s beauty, Whitegate Inn and Cottage is the ideal spot. This place provides lovers recently tied to an everlasting relationship with a romantic retreat.

It is one of the best honeymoon spots in the USA, with jaw-dropping views and romance in the air. If you want to get pampered and loved, plan your honeymoon at Whitegate.

Here, you get a charming bed in a palatial suite where you can soak in the heated pools or jacuzzi present in the suites with your partner. Hold a glass of champagne and decorate the bath with rose petals and enjoy the evening together in the warm bath.

Whitegate leaves no stones unturned to make your romantic honeymoon worth remembering and cherishing till the end of time. You can literally spend your entire vacation there without ever stepping foot off the property.

4. Park City, Utah

Want to have a fantastic honeymoon with your man in the lap of the alpines? Park City is the perfect romantic getaway for married couples planning their honeymoon. The natural beauty of this place makes it one of the iconic spots for newlywed couples.

The warmth and nostalgia of this place make it the perfect spot to spend your time with the man you always wanted to be with. At this place, you get delicious cuisine accompanied with a relaxing spa treatment.

The adorable bed adds more honeymoon vibes to the ambiance and makes your honeymoon a special one.

5. Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska

Another romantic getaway for the couple who loves being surrounded by wilderness in the Arctic national park situated in Alaska. This place is a far more exciting honeymoon location than the places with sandy beaches.

This national park is the USA’s hidden gem, which has no roads, campsites, or any definite trail. So, to come here, you have only two options: either fly by plane to this location or take up hiking.

The best spot for honeymooners, this national park full of wilderness will let you spend the best moments of your life without any interruptions.

You get a chance to have a relaxing honeymoon vacation with your beloved and glance at the beauty of the northern lights accompanied by the wildlife.

6. Napa Valley, California

When we are talking about the best honeymoon location for the newlyweds, how can we not talk about California’s pride, Napa Valley? If you have some exciting honeymoon idea and plans, then you should check out this place.

With a beautiful vineyard and a suitable climate, the time at Napa valley moves at a slower pace. The fascinating thing about this place is the gourmet meals that you get to eat. Worldwide cuisines are served here that you can relish.

Moreover, in this wine region, you get a chance for the wine tasting, which makes your honeymoon much more memorable. The fun is elevated even more with their hot air balloon rides and relaxing spa treatments that most couples look forward to.

The suites in their romantic resort give you luxury accommodation with exclusive spa services. This valley is the perfect escape for couples who want to spend their honeymoon at a secluded place with no one’s presence.

You get different accommodation options at this place in their five-star resorts. If you plan in the frosty season, you also get a wood-burning fireplace in your suite to keep you warm and cozy.

We hope that you checked out these American honeymoon locations where you can go to. All these places are budget-friendly and give you the best moments of your life.

Looking for the best non-beach honeymoon destinations in the US for same-sex couples? We've narrowed down the list for you! Take a peek!

From the historic city, vineyards to the blue ridge mountains, you can go to any place where your heart wants you to go. So, waste no time and plan your honeymoon at these places to enjoy yourself with your spouse to the fullest.

What are some of your favorite non-beach honeymoon destinations in the US? Share below!

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