Complete Guide to Virtual Wedding Invitations (with 5 Gorgeous Recommendations)

Complete Guide to Virtual Wedding Invitations (with 5 Gorgeous Recommendations)

Looking for some amazing virtual wedding invitations to let all of your closest friends and family know about your upcoming Zoom nuptials? Not even sure how to go about choosing invites for a party that people will attend remotely? We’ve covered both in our guide below. Take a look!

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Complete Guide to Virtual Wedding Invitations (with 5 Gorgeous Recommendations)

We came across a question on Reddit that inspired to dig deeper into the “hows” and “whys” of virtual wedding invitations. Lookatlou2 wrote:

My question is regarding save the dates and invites for the virtual guests. Do we simply send them a save the date now directing them to our website for more info? Should we send out a formal invite to the virtual viewing as we get closer? Should we do both??

Whether you are eloping and streaming the wedding, having a micro wedding with virtual guests, or if you are going fully virtual, you need a way to let everyone know when and where to log in! That’s where we come in with our guide to invites and virtual wedding announcements

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Your virtual wedding announcement starts with the perfect invitation, so let’s talk about how to find and choose one, first.

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How to Choose Invitations for a Virtual Wedding

Most sources and websites allow some form of customization for the invites with different fonts, decorations, pictures, and colors to choose from. Look into what is customizable and what speaks to your audience about what the day will be like and what represents you and your other half.

For example, if your Hawaii wedding was put on the back burner thanks to the pandemic, you can address that with leis, hula skirts and coconuts. We would choose an elaborate font intertwined with pina coladas. Maybe even add some funny elements such as a photoshopped picture of you and your other half on the beach but with a caption that reads “if only…”.

Now that you have some idea of what your virtual wedding invitation could look like, we’re going to provide you with a quick and easy list of places that offer virtual wedding invitations free of charge for customizations.

Etsy is always a great place to go for customized options for anything you need! Just be careful, you may be overwhelmed with the options you’re met with from a simple “virtual wedding invitation” search.

PaperSource is another great source that offers an abundant amount of options that are thoughtfully organized into categories to help you with your search.

Amazon is also a great source for all of your wedding invite needs, including “fill in the blank” cards as well as customizable invites that you fill out during the ordering process.

You can also make virtual wedding invitations for free using photo editing programs like Canva, Picmonkey, or Photoshop. Most programs offer different templates to help you out, or you can enlist the help of a designer friend!

Do you send physical invitations via mail or email them or virtual invitations?

It’s up to you! The invitations do not affect the festivities on the big day. Sending them via mail would give the guests a physical keepsake, but sending them through traditional mail brings the risk of losing the invites and more physical contact.

If you choose to email them or send the virtual invitations through a service, it will be easy, straightforward, quick and reduces the risks of lost or damaged mail. Plus, why not be more cautious and keep everyone safer with contactless delivery?

5 Beautiful Virtual Wedding Invitations

We chose our top five favorite virtual wedding invitations to help inspire you. They’re all gender-neutral (no Mr. or Mrs. on them, in other words), so you can use them for a gay or lesbian virtual wedding.

1. Minimalist Wedding Template

Here we have a very affordable option that is simple and to the point. Sometimes simple is far more elegant than an elaborate design.

The customizable feature is the picture on the cover of the virtual wedding invitation, and of course the finer details like the names, date and venue. It’s easy to style and put your own spin on it and the template is printable or you can choose to send it via email.

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2. Embossed Meadow Wedding Invitation

Continuing on the elegant invitation streak, we have the embossed meadow wedding invitation. Since social distancing in an open space is one of the safest ways to conduct an in-person wedding, we figured the embossed decals are very fitting for an outdoor wedding.

However, these are physical invitations, which would require them to be sent out via snail mail. The price varies depending on how many you buy.

3. Virtual Wedding Evite

For those who are going fully virtual, this virtual wedding evite template has a customizable round photo space, a personalized text message and different themes to choose from.

We like the blush pink floral invite because nothing says weddings like flowers and lace. Once the file is complete, it will be sent to your email for a mass sendoff. It’s simple, safe and no physical contact required.

4. Just Married Virtual Wedding Announcement

We Are Married Announcement,'Just Married!', After Wedding Announcement Flat Cards, Marriage Announcement, Custom, Cloudy Design Sold in Set of 20

If you’ve already tied the knot and want to let your friends & family know where they can watch (or rewatch) the virtual ceremony, these announcements are perfect. You can customize every part of the text, so go ahead and drop a link to your video!

Sure, you could also just email everyone the link, but I think it would be nice to send a physical announcement, too.

[amazon box=”B07M9XSHC8″

5. Virtual Wedding Invite Template

This is another virtual wedding invitation that can be downloaded for a physical invite or you can just send out the digital copy to all the potential guests. We like the freedom of choice it gives you and everything on it is customizable!

It doesn’t matter what you are planning for your wedding, a virtual invitation is the first step in cementing the guests’ impression of your big day. Start it off on the right foot with beautifully customized invites!

What do you think of our favorite virtual wedding invitations? Let us know in the comments below!

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