How Do You Throw A Virtual Engagement Party? (Complete Guide from Start to Finish)

How Do You Throw A Virtual Engagement Party?

If you’re looking to throw a killer virtual engagement party, then you may want to take a look at this. Hosting an online party is not just about inviting everyone and making sure you have the cutest dress, but about planning, timeline, décor, invitations, games, and pretty much everything you’d do at a normal party.

Happily, we took the time and figured out an awesome formula for you to throw a virtual engagement party that everyone will remember!

How To Throw A Virtual Engagement Party?

Just in case it’s not obvious, these ideas are equally amazing for a gay or lesbian virtual engagement party, or one for an opposite-sex couple. They’re all totally flexible and gender-neutral, in other words.

1. You need a plan!

Any successful party starts with a plan, and you’ll need to think about the day and hour your party will be in, get a planner so you don’t forget any details, and of course, make a small guest list. 

It’s best if you don’t invite everyone to this party, as more than 10 people talking at the same time can be hard to manage. We covered everything you need to know about planning and timeline for a Zoom engagement party, so all there’s left for you to do is have a wonderful time!

As for timing, the sooner the better. While you have a little more leeway when it comes to planning a Zoom party, your guests still need plenty of time to prepare.

Also, if you have a lot of guests with kids, consider choosing a time after the little ones are in bed. That way, everyone can be free to just have a great time without worrying about their toddlers all night.

2. Send out the invitations!

The second step is to send out your virtual engagement party invitations! In that article, I told you all you need to know about what to write in the invitations, and also some ideas and suggestions to create the best combo. I personally love the Greenery invitations, and I’m sure you’ll find it quite beautiful too!

Again, send them out sooner rather than later. If it’s a super informal engagement party- just a short “congratulations, now let’s drink!” event, then you don’t have to go crazy with early invites. However, if you’re hosting a party for your newly engaged friends and are hoping everyone will chip in with gifts, give guests a good 2 weeks notice…preferably even longer.

3. Figure out the decor!

When it comes to decorations for a virtual engagement party is not just about the Zoom background (we have a lot of those too!), but also about the small things that make everything great.

Amsterdam virtual engagement party zoom background

You also need some interesting food and cake ideas for two, as well as drinks, so I made sure to include those too, so you can throw an amazing online engagement party. As a little tip, think about creating a personalized cocktail for all your virtual parties, and stick to it!

virtual engagement party food cupcakes

Whether you’re looking for something to send out as favors, backdrops, or a killer Zoom background, you can find pretty much everything in here: Amazing Virtual Bridal Shower Party Food And Decorations (+ Free Zoom Backgrounds)

Also, if you’re looking for more backgrounds, you can also check out this piece, and get some for free!

4. Start the games!

Games aren’t absolutely essential, but they can definitely keep the fun rolling once the initial “congrats” are done. From the classics such as charades to Cards Against Humanity and JackBox, the best games are right here, waiting for you to find them. Don’t worry, I included both free and paid games! Check out all the best virtual engagement party games!

From virtual engagement party games that require no supplies to cool games to buy, these 10 ideas will keep the fun rolling all night long!

The last thing? Well, you need to have a lot of fun at your virtual engagement party, and celebrate the moment with your friends.

My most important recommendation is to limit the guest number to 10 and invite the rest to the following parties.

If you’re looking to throw a killer virtual engagement party, then you may want to take a look at this complete guide!

You’ll definitely have a bachelorette party, bridal shower, and of course, the wedding. So, as I’ve said before, make sure you pace yourself! Think of it as a whole, and you’ll manage everything with ease!

Do you have any amazing virtual engagement party tips? Share below!

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