Planning, Timeline, and Themes for a Virtual Engagement Party (Ultimate Guide)

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If you are wondering how to plan a virtual engagement party, then you’re in the right place. In this article, you will find all the information you need regarding the planning, timeline, and theme to make your Zoom party so much easier! Let’s dive right in!

How to Plan a Virtual Engagement Party

First things first, you need to start planning, so let’s see how to make that task easier. By the way, you can use this guide for everything from gay or lesbian virtual engagement party to those for opposite-sex couples. In other words, they’re gender-neutral ideas.

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Get a Planner

As always I recommend getting a planner from the start, as it will help you get all your ideas somewhere, and make sure you check all the requirements. 

Some awesome planners are available on Etsy (we love the digital option pictured above), and you can either print them or use them directly on a tablet.

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Choose a Time and Day

At conventional engagement parties, people usually send out the invitations a couple of months in advance. However, in the current situation, most people are going to be at home, so you can safely send them one month before. 

You need to choose the best time and day to suit every one of your guests, so either organize it in the evening or on weekend. You can always give them a call and see if they can make it before sending out the official invitations.

Choose a Great Virtual Engagement Party Theme

Choosing a theme is not mandatory, but it would certainly make the whole celebration a lot more fun! Plus, it makes the rest of your planning easier overall. To help you a little, we prepared a few virtual engagement party themes for you to choose from.

1. Back to the 20s

This is a super awesome theme, and everyone would have to dress as people did back in 1920. It’s going to be super classy, and there are a lot of accessories you can find for such celebrations. Here’s a wonderful suggestion for the bride (or brides) from Etsy!

[lasso ref=”tidd-239″ id=”14469″ link_id=”72409″]

2. Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese is considered to be one of the fanciest themes possible, and you can easily pull it off. Just make sure you send out some pre-party packages for all your guests, so you all get to celebrate in the same way.

3. Glitter and Gold

Do you dream of having everything golden and covered in glitter? Well, you can choose it as your engagement party theme, and make sure your guests do too! You can even choose a glittery Zoom background – like the one below-for it, and you’re set!

Just click the pic above to go to the full-size version to use as your Zoom background.

4. Pretend You’re Travelling

Even though you’re stuck inside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun. For this theme, everyone needs to choose a personalized Zoom background from a different location in the world. It can be a virtual engagement party you won’t forget! Here’s a beach-themed background to get you started:

Pare down your guest list

Since it’s a Zoom engagement party, you won’t be able to keep to the conversation from sounding cluttered if you invite 40 people. The good part is that you will have enough opportunities to celebrate, so everyone can participate either in the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and the actual online wedding!

Choose and Send the Invitations

The invitations need to somehow match the theme, so try to choose something to really tell your guests that it’s happening, and they should be prepared!

The best thing you can do is send out virtual engagement party invitations. You can get a template from Etsy, and then send emails with them. This way you protect the environment, and also stay safe!

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Think About the Food

You will also need to figure the food out for everyone. We’ll go over this in more detail later this week, too. The main choices are either providing them with a recipe and spending some time together to make it, or finding a catering service that will deliver the food to everyone at the same time. 

On the same note, think about creating a signature cocktail for your party, and maybe keep it for each of the parties that will come. 

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Make a Timeline for During Your Virtual Engagement Party

It doesn’t have to be super extensive, but just in big lines, what and when is going to happen. You can take the first few minutes to greet everyone and thank them for coming, take an hour or two to play some games, serve the cake, and then just stay and enjoy their company. If you all have space, you can also synchronize some music and dance together!

Example timeline for a Zoom engagement party that starts at 7PM

  • 11AM – send out reminder texts/emails and ask if anyone is having trouble setting up Zoom
  • 6PM– Do a final check to make sure everyone has what they need to get in, the couple is ready, etc.
  • 630 PM- Load your Zoom room and make sure everything is working as expected.
  • 7PM– “Meet and greet” time while everyone gets settled
  • 720: Cocktail hour, ask friends to share memories about the couple.
  • 8PM: Party games
  • 9PM: Wind down time, let guests chat amongst themselves, start thanking everyone individually for coming
  • 9:30: End the party, thank everyone again.
Wondering how to host a virtual engagement party? We’ve covered everything from your planning timeline to the best themes! Check it out!
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When you organize your virtual engagement party, you need to think about how you want it to be. You should do whatever makes the guests of honor happiest! After all, this night is all about them!

Have you ever attended or hosted a virtual engagement party? Share your tips below!

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