7 Amazing Virtual Engagement Party Invitations (& What to Put on Them!)

Looking for some cute virtual engagement party invitations? Wondering what to even put on them? Check out our guide & recommendations!

Need some tips and ideas for your virtual engagement party invitations? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ll go over the basics of sending invites for an online party. Then, we’ll check out some really cute recommendations, so you can definitely choose something to match your personal style and theme.

What Should the Virtual Engagement Party Invitations Contain?

Let’s go ahead and discuss what you should write in the invitations. Then, we’ll look at some incredible templates you can use!

This is a tricky question. In general, you’d have everything about where it’s happening, the time and date, as well as your names and theme if it’s the case. 

The invitations for a virtual engagement party are not a lot different. Instead of writing down a location, inform your guests which platform you are going to use, along with any codes they’ll need to get in. You should create that code before the event, so there are no surprises.

Let me make it easier for you, here’s a handy bullet-point list of everything to include!

  • Names of the couple
  • Date and time of your virtual party
  • Platform and room code (put this where you’d typically put the location).
  • RSVP details- your phone number or email address, etc.
  • Notes at the bottom, such as a theme or gift info (if the couple is requesting “no gifts,” for example).

When do you send them out?

If you’re sending out physical invitations, you may want to send them about two months before the actual event, so everyone will have the time to respond.

In the case of virtual invitations, you have a little more leeway timewise, since you can ask guests to just reply to the message, so you know exactly who’s coming. That said, you still want to give everyone as much advance notice as possible so they can keep their schedule clear.

Virtual Engagement Party Invitations

Almost all of the invitations we chose are actually digital templates, so you can send them in an email. This way you make things easier for you, and you also protect the environment. Of course, if you prefer, you can also print them out and mail them. All of them are totally customizable.

FYI, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. 

1. Rose Gold Invitation

Rose Gold Invitation

Since rose gold is one of the fanciest themes, these invitations from Etsy may just make the cut. These make beautiful lesbian virtual engagement party invitations, since you can (obviously) change the names to two brides.

They fill in the information for you, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out any fancy software.

[lasso ref=”tidd-240″ id=”14512″ link_id=”72609″]

2. Rustic Invitations

 Rustic Invitations

I personally love rustic themes, and this invitation is the cutest thing, especially if you’re planning a fall engagement party. You’ll fill in all of the info using a free online program called Templett.

[lasso ref=”tidd-241″ id=”14516″ link_id=”72610″]

3. Bubbles and Brews Invitation

 Bubbles and Brews Invitation

This one if perfect for a cocktail hour virtual party, especially if you’re planning to send along a bottle of champagne to all of the guests.

[lasso ref=”tidd-242″ id=”14518″ link_id=”72611″]

4. Greenery Gold Invitation

Greenery Gold Invitation

Talking about impressive geometric and flower combinations, this invitation can be perfect for the couple who likes it all green!

[lasso ref=”tidd-243″ id=”14520″ link_id=”72445″]

5. Friends Invitation

Friends Invitation

If you prefer to skip the printing and just have someone else do all of the heavy lifting entirely, this one is a physical invitation.

There’s not one person I know that doesn’t love Friends, and if you and your partner have a love like Monica’s and Chandler’s, or even Ross’ and Rachel’s, then this is for you!

[lasso ref=”tidd-244″ id=”14522″ link_id=”72446″]

6. Rose Glitter Invitation Virtual Engagement Party Invitation

Rose Glitter Invitation Virtual Engagement Party Invitation

If the theme “Glitter and Gold” from the virtual engagement party planning article inspired you, then you may be interested in this invitation. It definitely has a very “Roaring 20s” feel to it!

[lasso ref=”tidd-245″ id=”14524″ link_id=”72447″]

7. Surprise Party Invitation

Surprise Party Invitation

This invitation is perfect if you plan on having your virtual engagement party invitation in the evening.

[lasso ref=”tidd-246″ id=”14526″ link_id=”72448″]
Looking for some cute virtual engagement party invitations? Wondering what to even put on them? Check out our guide & recommendations!

Out of these 7 virtual engagement party invitations, there has to be something that will really make your day special! After all, it’s your special day, and you need to love every single part of it!

Do you have any other favorite virtual engagement party invitations? Share below!

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