How To Keep A Conversation Going At A Wedding

There’s nothing worse than bored guests at your reception. Check out these tips on how to keep a conversation going at a wedding!

Knowing how to keep a conversation going at a wedding can mean the difference between having the time of your life or finding excuses to bail out early. We’ve all been there: sitting at a table at a wedding, with a group of people you don’t know:  you have absolutely no idea what to say to each other! Talk about awkward, right? No matter how carefully your hosts plan their seating charts, you still end up with that one person at the table that no one really knows. Break through the silence with these great tips to keep the conversation going no matter who you’re sitting with or talking to at a wedding!

How to Keep a Conversation Going at a Wedding

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Find common ground

A sure-fire way to get the conversation started at a wedding is to ask others how they know the bride or groom.  Maybe they know the groom from college; maybe the bride babysat their kids because they were neighbors; maybe they worked together; etc.  A guaranteed silence filler if ever there was one at a wedding.

Ask people about themselves

A topic most people love talking about is themselves – it sounds terrible, but it’s so true!  Once another wedding guest starts talking about themselves, you can keep the conversation going by asking them even more questions about themselves

English Conversation About A wedding
English Conversation About A wedding

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Related: Virtual Wedding Guest Books.  Being a good listener is part of being a good conversationalist, even if you’re not doing most of the talking!  Also, remembering to ask open-ended questions, rather than those that can simply be answered with a “yes” or a “no” can keep the conversation going as well.

Talk weddings

Whether it be an anecdote from your own wedding, or a funny memory of a family member’s, talking about weddings is a great conversation starter.  You can talk about the most exotic place you’ve been to for a wedding; the best (and worst!) food you’ve eaten as a wedding guest; etc.

Read Up

I don’t know if it’s because I very rarely watch the news, but there are times at social gatherings when the conversation turns to current events that I have literally nothing to add.  So I’ve started checking out the news online for a day or two before an event, so I feel better about my readiness to have a conversation.  It sounds silly, but it really works!

Have A Sense Of Humor

Let’s be honest, sometimes wedding conversations can be awkward for the simple fact that some of the people you end up talking to or sitting with may be complete strangers.  I f you can still have fun regardless of that fact and laugh about it, chances are that people will want to be around you.  People who smile and laugh without being fake are people that I find myself drawn to in social situations.

Key Questions

If all else fails, you can always rely on some good key questions that are hopefully able to keep a conversation rolling: “What do you think about…?”; “Did you always know you wanted to be a…?”; etc.  Again, getting people to open up about themselves and especially their accomplishments are great ways to get the conversational juices flowing.

Remember, when it comes to ways to keep a conversation going at a wedding, you don’t necessarily need to be the most interesting person sitting at your table… but if you’re the most interested in what others have to say, there is really no reason for the conversation to stop!

What are some ways that you keep a conversation going at a wedding?   

9 thoughts on “How To Keep A Conversation Going At A Wedding”

  1. I agree that if you can’t find common ground then simply asking them about themselves does work. Like you said we all love to talk about ourselves x

  2. I feel like I could use these tips for real life as well lol. I’m a terrible conversation starter. I do have a wedding to go to next year, so I’ll definitely be back for your tips.

  3. I don`t like weddings in general, so I think that I need some tips when it comes to conversation or anything in particular.

  4. Love these tips! Hopefully I’ll be able to put them into practice at the next wedding I get invited to! x

  5. Great tips! I always try to have a few good questions in mind before going to things like this. “What’s the thing in your life that you’re most excited about right now?” is my favorite at the moment

  6. I’ve never really been good at carrying on conversations full stop, let alone just at weddings- will certainly work through these tips and hopefully improve!

  7. Great tips. It’s awful when you are at a wedding and don’t know anyone on your table as it can be hard to make conversation. These tips sure would help.

  8. This is great for me, as Ive a few weddings coming up and it can be hard to find soething to talk about, but with this little pointers I’m sure I’ll do fine.

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