5 Fun Themed Lesbian Engagement Party Ideas

Looking for the best lesbian engagement party ideas to share your big news with everyone you love?

We’ll help you plan the best bash of the year that everyone will be talking about.

Well, second best, since your wedding is definitely going to be the main event.

Read on for some ideas of throwing your own engagement party!

Looking for the best lesbian engagement party ideas to share your big news with everyone you love? Check out our tips + some fun theme ideas!

Lesbian Engagement Party Essentials

What the party is for?

Family, friends and co-workers will want to offer you their congratulations, right?

Well, what better way for them to do so than at your engagement party.

Your engagement party is also a great opportunity to introduce family, friend and co-workers that don’t know each other.

Who hosts the party

Traditionally, the brides’ families usually host the engagement party.

These days, however, more couples are choosing to host their own engagement party.

That’s not to say that either your parents or your partner’s parents won’t take charge of hosting duties, because they just may want to.

Where to have the party

Choosing the location of your engagement party really depends on what type of vibe you want to create.

For instance, if you want your engagement party to be an elegant affair, you might want to consider renting a private room at a country club, restaurant or winery.

However, if you are looking for something more low-key, consider having your engagement party in your home, in your backyard or at your favorite local bar.

Who to invite to the party

According to engagement party etiquette, only invite people to your engagement party that you plan on inviting to your wedding.

On the flip side, though, you don’t have to invite every wedding guest to your engagement party.

Instead, consider inviting those who will be part of your wedding party, along with immediate family members and closest friends.

How to invite guests to the party

In order to let people know about your engagement party, you’ll need to send out invitations.

You should send them out about 4-6 weeks prior to the party.

  • Greeting Card Universe has several Gay & Lesbian Engagement Party Invitations, as does Zazzle.
  • If you want unisex invitations, Minted has lots of Engagement Party Invitations that are completely customizable.

What to serve at the party

What you serve at your party will depend on where you are having it.

If you are having it at a country club, restaurant or winery, chances are they’ll have menus for you to choose from.

However, if you’re having it at home, cocktail parties are a popular idea.

Need some inspiration?

  • Brides.com features- Clinton Kelly’s Top Tips for Hosting a Chic Cocktail Engagement Party
  • Martha Stewart Weddings features- 10 Big-Batch Cocktail Recipes for Your Engagement Party.

Top 5 Themed Lesbian Engagement Party Ideas

Looking for the best lesbian engagement party ideas to share your big news with everyone you love? Check out our tips + some fun theme ideas!

You don’t need a theme to have a good time but they can definitely add a special touch to your party! Here are a few that I love.

1. Classy Pizza Party

Bear with me for a moment, I’m not suggesting that you throw your party at a pizzeria and serve greasy pies (unless you want to, of course!)

Instead, look for traveling upscale pizza makers in your area that bring the party right to you.

Trust me, it’ll be a huge hit! I was at a rehearsal dinner party where the caterer arrived with a brick oven right in his truck. The pizza was amazing!

2. Casino Night Party

If you’re looking for a party idea that will help you raise money for your wedding without actually asking for money, break out the dice and cards.

After all, the house almost always wins, and in this case, you’re the house!

A casino night party is a great fund-raiser and everyone always has a blast at them!

3. Around the World Party

map with camera and passport

Love traveling? Hoping to get some great engagement gifts that you can take on your honeymoon?

Throw an “around the world” party and get the word out that you’re hoping for some travel-related gifts.

During the event, give your guests a DIY passport and serve themed appetizers from a variety of countries. See who can fill up their passport the fastest!

4. Ice Cream Social

ice cream cone

Planning your engagement party during the summer? Throw an old-fashioned ice-cream social!

Who doesn’t love ice-cream on a hot summer day? You can set up a sundae bar with a myriad of toppings, a float station with different sodas, and more.

5. “Help! We Can’t Cook!” Party

cooking party food

This is a fun theme if both you and your future Mrs aren’t exactly Chopped champion material!

It’s kind of like a pot luck with a purpose.

Basically, on the invites you ask your guests to bring their favorite easy dish and a print-out of the recipe.

Then, get the word out that you’d love gifts that revolve around cooking (either directly if you’re comfortable asking, or by having a friend spread the word).

During the party, take time to sample all of the dishes. Afterward, collect all of the recipes into your very own starter cook book.

Like I said, you don’t have to have a theme to have a good time. You can just gather your friends and family for a night of celebration!

Still, these engagement party ideas do make for an extra special night!


What is normal for an engagement party?

An engagement party is usually a casual cocktail party that is held at the bride or groom’s house or at a restaurant. It is a way for family members and close friends of the couple to celebrate the upcoming union between them. 
Nowadays, however, couples tend to skip throwing an engagement dinner for an activity-based party. If you are deciding how to celebrate your engagement, you can choose one that best suits you as a couple.

Are engagement parties a big deal?

To some couples, yes. Especially if you are marrying into a traditional family, engagement parties are needed. But basically, it is just an excuse to celebrate the couple and welcome the other family.

Who is invited to an engagement party?

The people you invite to your engagement party should be the ones who you believe are the happiest to hear about your upcoming wedding. This includes your immediate families, closest friends, and the people you intend to be part of your entourage.

Do I bring a gift to an engagement party?

No, you are not required to bring a gift to an engagement party so you don’t need to stress over it.

Do friends pay for engagement party?

No, the friends of the couple are not obliged to pay for the engagement party. Traditionally, the engagement party is hosted and paid by the bride’s parents. But nowadays, this practice is no longer strictly being followed. There are many couples who plan, host, and pay for their own engagement party.

What are some of your favorite engagement party ideas? Share below!

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