The Complete Guide To Average Ring Size By Height And Weight (Female And Male)

Are you looking for an engagement ring but aren’t sure what size you need? Are you stuck thinking of a way to secretly find out their ring size? Or are you curious about ring sizes and want to know more? No matter the reason that brought you here, we have the answer for you! 

Knowing what size ring to buy your partner can be tricky, especially if you have never done it before. You might try and sneak one of their rings to measure, or you head online for some guidance.

And here you are met with a wealth of confusing and conflicting information that leaves you frustrated and overwhelmed. You wonder if you will ever know what size ring to buy your partner. 

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers that you need. Keep reading for our complete guide to average ring size based on height and weight.

We will walk you through an average ring size for men and women so that you can make an informed decision when selecting the size of your partner’s engagement ring. 

Finding the right ring size is crucial for ensuring the perfect fit and comfort, as well as avoiding the disappointment of a ring that is too loose or too tight.

Ring Sizes – What You Need To Know 

Let’s dive straight into it! A good way to work out the ring size your partner will need is to consider their height and weight. It isn’t as accurate as measuring their ring finger or taking a ring they wear to match up the size, but it’s a solid indicator all the same. 

Typically, we see the following ring sizes for men and women depending on their physique.

  • Size 11 to 15 rings – for men who are heavily built and tall 
  • Size 10 to 11 rings – for men who are slim build and average height 
  • Size 7 to 10 rings – for men with a small body frame and below-average height 
  • Size 7 to 9 rings – for women who are heavily built and tall 
  • Size 6 to 7 rings – for women who are slim built and average height 
  • Size 4 to 6 rings – for women with a small body frame and below-average height 

When purchasing your engagement ring for your partner, there are a few things you need to consider. 

You want the ring to fit comfortably, fitting snugly at the base of the finger. This ensures that the ring doesn’t fall off their finger.

Although you want the ring to fit snugly on their finger, you don’t want it to be so tight that it can’t slide past their knuckle. After all, there will be times when they will want to remove the ring!

Ring sizes in Canada and the US use a scale of numbers. The scale runs from size 3 to 25 for adults, with half and quarter sizes also being available. These sizes relate to the diameter and circumference of the rung’s inner band

Average Ring Sizes For Women And Men 

On average, women’s ring fingers usually fall between size 4 and size 9. Size 6 is considered the average ring size for women, with a diameter of 16.4 millimeters. 

Men’s ring sizes are usually larger than women’s. Men’s rings also tend to have wider bands, so the higher sizes tend to have a more comfortable fit. Men’s rings range from size 7 to 15, with the average ring size being size 10.

The average ring size for men has a diameter of 19.8 millimeters, making them a few millimeters larger than the average women’s ring size. 

Working Out Ring Sizes For Height And Weight 

The Complete Guide To Average Ring Size By Height And Weight (Female And Male)

Working out the right size engagement ring for your partner can be incredibly tricky, especially when you are planning a surprise proposal and don’t want to give it away by asking them for their ring size! 

The easiest way is to get hold of a ring your partner usually wears. You can measure the inner diameter of the ring to figure out what size the engagement ring needs to be.

You can also take the ring to a jeweler, who can size the rings for you and provide you with assistance matching it up to other rings in the store. 

If your partner does not have a ring they wear on their ring finger, then it’s worth looking at your partner’s general physique to get the average ring size.

As we saw earlier, the average ring size differs for men and women, so our guidance is split into men and women to help you find the perfect ring for your partner! 

Guide For Female Ring Size 

The average height and weight for women over the age of 20 in the US is 5 feet 4 inches, with a weight of 170.8 lbs. These average statistics can be used to make an educated guess on your partner’s ring size. 

If your partner is shorter than the average height, weighs 130 pounds or less, and has slender fingers, you will want to get her a ring sized 4 to 6. 

For women that are of average height and slim build, weighing around 140 to 150 lbs, then a size six or seven ring is a good size to purchase. 

For tall women with large frames weighing over 170 lbs, opt for a ring size between 7 and 9. You might want to go closer to 9 if she has thicker fingers. 

When selecting the right ring size, pay attention to your partner’s fingers, hands, and knuckles. If her fingers are slender, but she has large knuckles you might want to go a quarter or half a size up. This will ensure that the ring fits her finger and can still move over the knuckle. 

Guide For Male Ring Size 

The average height and weight for men over the age of 20 in the US is 5 feet 9 inches, with a weight of 199.8 pounds. Just like we did with these statistics for women, they can be used as a guide to purchasing a ring for your partner. 

Men with smaller body frames that are below average height with slim hands should wear a ring between a size 7 and 10. 

Men with a medium build, average height, and weight should wear rings between 10 and 11.

If your partner is taller than average, heavily built, or has bigger hands, you will want a ring between 11 and 15. 

Again, it’s worth considering the size of your partner’s knuckles and fingers. You can scale up a quarter or half size here for the ring to slide past his knuckle if needed. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, how you can purchase a ring for your partner without knowing their ring size! Although our weight can fluctuate throughout our lives, using a rough estimate of your partner’s weight and height can help you purchase an engagement ring without them knowing! 

If you can use a ring they already wear, that will save you the trouble, but with our guide today it doesn’t matter if you can’t work out their size!

Don’t forget to speak to the jeweler about their resizing policies before making your purchase. That way, no matter what happens, your partner can have the perfect fitting engagement ring! 

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