What is Black Onyx and its Amazing Properties?

Engagement rings and wedding bands embody long-lasting relationships and commitment, ideals the Onyx ring stands for. Black Onyx jewelry isn’t only long-lasting, but it’s also highly durable. Rings made out of this gemstone offer an efficient alternative for the best women’s silicone wedding band. Below, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Black Onyx meaning, where to shop for the gemstone, and more.

What is Black Onyx?

black onyx stone on a marble table (black onyx meaning and properties)

Onyx is a semiprecious, striped type of agate. Black onyx is, as the name implies, onyx that is solid black in color.

Naturally, it’s is pretty hard to come by, as onyx typically occurs in alternating bands of black and white.

The word “onyx” comes from the Greek word meaning “claw” or “nail.” The mineral originates from waters that are rich in silica. At low temperatures, when the deposition of silica occurs, it gives rise to Onyx.

South American and Indian continents produce Onyx naturally. Since Onyx showcases color contrast quite efficiently, it’s famed for intaglios and carved cameos.

But you didn’t come here for a gemology lesson, did you? I’m betting you’re more interested in knowing about onyx in terms of black wedding bands’ meaning. So let’s take a look at that now.

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What Are the Properties of Black Onyx?

There are many interpretations and numerous versions of stories when it comes to the origin of Black Onyx. Every culture has its own set of beliefs dating back centuries. Let’s explore some of the more common themes.

Onyx Attracts Money

The gemstone is extremely efficient when it comes to roping in financial gains, according to Feng Shui experts. These professionals advise using Black Onyx in your home, either as decor (a paperweight, maybe) or as jewelry.

To really get the most out of money-attracting properties, spiritual experts recommend “discharging” the gemstone beneath running water once every 2 weeks or so. Also, to recharge its healing properties and spiritual powers, keep the Black Onyx under the ground overnight.

Not only does it look great as a piece of jewelry and bring in money for you, but it’s believed the gemstone also effectively keeps you away from all forms of negative aura and forces.

black onyx bracelets on a table

Physical Healing Powers

Let me start this section by reminding you that I’m only sharing beliefs about the meaning of black onyx and NOT recommending trading in your doctor for a gemstone. In other words, this is not medical advice.

Based on various popular beliefs, Onyx offers solutions for bone issues, feet trouble, epilepsy, teeth problem, and even eye disorders. Due to this specific reason, holistic practitioners advise the patients to wear the gemstone during the healing practices in order to increase physical strength.

Some also believe that water charged by using Onyx is capable of treating a number of infections and skin problems supposedly. Also, for hassle-free and smooth childbirth and pregnancy, experts advise pregnant women to wear onyx jewelry.

Sharpening of Senses & Heightened Intuition

Wearing Onyx sharpens your senses, according to many cultures. It’s supposed to make you more focused, conscious, and extremely alert.

Along with your five regular senses, many believe that Onyx awakens your “sixth sense,” and helps improve your intuition.

Experts claim that solid Black Onyx users possess high intuitive guidance. It assists them in choosing and making the right decisions through meditation, visions, and dreams.

Protection from the Supernatural and Paranormal

Multiple cultures and traditions extensively believe that Black Onyx is helpful against waring off the paranormal. The black stone acts as an amulet of protection.  

Numerous tribes even attest to the power of the gemstone and its efficacy when it comes to battling dark sorcery and black magic. Black Onyx beads or even a Black Onyx bracelet is even effective against driving out evil spirits away and keeping them away from haunting the tribe members.

Deflecting and Releasing Negative Forces

Negative energies can take form through various occurrences. It could be negativity at the workplace or a toxic relationship, among many others.

Since ancient times, it’s believed that the black gemstone possesses properties that are effective in deflecting negatives forces such as jealousy. It even offers protection from bad luck and the Evil Eye. 

It even offers an outlet for the user to let go of their negative feelings and lets them attain positive energies as they go on a spiritual journey. The powerful energy in the Black Onyx crystal soothes the user mentally as well as spiritually and provides them a way out of their negative situations, thoughts, and emotions.

Alignment With the Supreme Power

The spirit, body, and mind of a person get the opportunity to align themselves with the supreme forces of the universe. It directly paves the way for that person to receive blessing and abundant goodness in their lives.

One can very well fulfill all their needs and achieve their wants through complete faith in the spiritual energy of the protective stones.

Beneficial for Entrepreneurs

There are tons of hardships and uncertainties when planning a new business venture. Under these circumstances, the black crystals can really be effective. 

The gemstone assists entrepreneurs in making wise decisions quickly and in a timely fashion. It also helps in warding off evil thoughts, emotions, and opinions born by other individuals.

Effective for Changing Habits

The Black Onyx stones offer properties that help a person feel more balanced, composed, and focused. And thus, assisting the individual in giving up or changing bad, unhealthy, or irregular habits.

It also efficiently helps relieve them from stress and gastrointestinal issues. The black onyx gemstone makes the individual’s perspective clearer and helps them make the ideal choice.

Experts claim that the Black Onyx endows the wearer with the courage to put an end to unhappy relationships. The gemstone offers these individuals emotional healing. It gives them the extra push required to cut off people from previous relationships that are troublesome or get out of difficult times. 

Moving On

Moving on and letting go is among the most important steps towards healing. It helps release all the negativity from within oneself.

Specialists believe that Black Onyx actually possesses properties that assist users in accepting their pasts and letting them go. That will ultimately help them in the cleansing process and forget painful memories related to past relationships.

Black Onyx induces positive changes and hopes in such individuals, offering them something to look forward to.

Out of all of the reasons to wear a black onyx engagement ring, I think this one is really the most profound. If you think about it, when you get engaged and promise to embark on a new journey together, you’re also leaving parts of your old journey alone in the past.

How Much is Black Onyx Worth?

Now that we’re done talking about the metaphysical properties as well as the history of the semiprecious stone let’s consider its value. How much is Onyx worth?

The short answer: anywhere from $1 to $500 per carat. For the most part, the state of the gemstone determines its value. That is, whether or not the Black Onyx is natural or has been through treatment processes. Onyx stones prices do go down a bit in the case of treated gemstones. At the same time, the drop in the value/price isn’t monumental.

Say, it’s already made into luxurious jewelry. In such a case, in comparison to individual stones or pieces of jewelry and beads, it’s going to cost much more.

Black Onyx Prices

Is Black Onyx expensive? Well, that really depends! Again, the size and the cut of the gemstone are among the biggest factors that play a big role in determining onyx stones prices. The finished piece of jewelry and its craftsmanship also affect the value of these gemstones.

As stated earlier, when infused into a piece of jewelry, Black Onyx has the tremendous potential for a hefty price tag. Conversely, as individual stones or beads, the prices are much lower. 

The cut, size, and quality of the gemstone are the biggest factors when considering “what is the value of black onyx?” Other factors include the craftmanship and intricate designs of the jewelry. Also, the presence of other gemstones also impacts the cost of an Onyx ring.

black onyx bracelets on a table

Is Black Onyx Valuable?

In comparison to other Onyx varieties, the Black Onyx is indeed more extravagant and valuable. That even holds true for dyed Black Onyx varieties.

The interesting part, price or value doesn’t get hampered extensively on dyeing. That’s because dyeing an Onyx gemstone black is a traditional practice. In fact, the majority of the market is dependent on treated Black Onyx.

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Where to Buy Black Onyx?

Let’s look at some of the best places to buy Black Onyx rings, shall we?


The variety of colors is abundant when it comes to this unique stone Onyx. Romans and Greeks employed the semiprecious in order to curate intaglios and cameos.

One can witness the colors of subsequent bands through the onyx carvings. Designers cut the stone smoothly to attain the cabochon. That’s possible due to its opaqueness that doesn’t let light pass through its layers.

Customers looking for fine jewelry boasting exceptional value and splendid quality have a large selection to choose from at Zales.

Zales offers both online and offline services keeping their customer’s needs. It has both exquisite stones for formal events as well as gemstones for everyday wear.


Be it customizable pieces of jewelry, watches, collectibles, or fine jewelry, there isn’t much that Reeds doesn’t offer to its customers when it comes to extravagance. It’d be quite apt to state that since its creation, Reeds has been widely popular for the same.

The store offers a wide variety of top designer jewelry items. At the same time, Reeds also produces marvelous pieces at affordable prices.

The jewelry store also sells exclusive jewelry fitted with rare gemstones and diamonds.

Helzberg Diamonds’ Onyx Jewelry 

men’s onyx and diamond ring in sterling silver (1/3 ct. tw.)

Predominantly, a dark and deep shade of black blesses the surface of Black Onyx.

It’s devoid of pain and negativity, depicted perfectly through its colors and its opaqueness that does not let light pass through it. The wearer definitely benefits from such positive aspects of the gemstone.

Highly valued in a variety of cultures, including those of the Romans and Greeks, Black Onyx is a powerful stone deeply rooted in legends and mythologies.

And one can avail themselves of such elegant and marvelous stones through the products of Helzberg Diamonds. The jewelry store boasts a wide variety of Onyx fitted jewelry to choose from.

black onyx earrings


No products found.

You can shop or browse through the huge selection of onyx jewelry that Ross-Simons offers. Apart from the usual Black Onyx jewelry, the store even has other Onyx varieties. Customers can avail themselves of such services at very affordable prices.

Ross-Simons boasts wonderful settings, extremely high craftsmanship, and top-quality designs.


No products found.

Customers have the selection of a variety of shapes when it comes to choosing onyx jewelry for themselves. It includes shapes such as marquise, pear, cushion, oval, and round.

In order to enhance the features of the gem, Angara employs bezel or prong settings. You can go for the Black Onyx Solitaire if you’re going for an elegant piece of jewelry.

In case you’ve got an important occasion coming up, jewelry fitted with onyx stones makes for an ideal option. That’s especially true when taking into account its affordable price tag. The Angara also features three-stone and even vintage varieties.

It matters not what you end up choosing; in the end, you’re sure to purchase a glorious set of jewelry.

Based on your preferences, you can choose to customize the metal or the weight of the carat in the jewelry piece. Thus, in this way, it’ll not only fit your budget, but you’ll have jewelry made especially for you.


925 Sterling Silver Art Deco Black Spinel & Marcasite Ring

If you’re on a tight budget, Gemondo is a fantastic option. The store offers elegant jewelry in the form of onyx gemstones that are seductive and sleek. Gemondo boasts a ton of designs and options catered specially to fit the requirements of its customers.

Gemondo took inspiration from hypnotic opulence and royal traditions in order to curate its marvelous Black Onyx products. The store ensures to uniquely prepare each piece of jewelry for its customers.

It boasts top craftsmanship and real expertise when it comes to Onyx stones.


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Rosec offers its customers excellent Onyx pieces of jewelry. It believes in the principles of exceptional craftsmanship, sustainability, as well as ethical standards.

The jewelry stores ensure the usage of only the best variety of stones. Rosec pays detailed attention to each and every step of the crafting process. In this way, every developmental phase undergoes strict checking from the experts constantly.

They are experts when it comes to blending different types of gemstones and achieving the perfect combinations.


What does an Onyx ring symbolize?

Rings made from Onyx gemstones symbolize protection from all that’s evil. That specifically holds true regarding tales from ancient Persian and Indian cultures.
It fulfills the role of a guardian protecting happy relationships. Through its layers that offer color contrast and a strong union, it symbolizes love. The black color stone is the perfect 7th-anniversary gemstone. black onyx wedding ring

How can you tell good quality onyx?

There are multiple ways to check whether the Onyx gemstone is of good quality or not. Among the simplest method to check for genuineness and quality is to study the surface of the gemstone properly.
Reflective, smooth surfaces with slight transparency are the features that set apart good-quality Onyx gemstones. Other features include a clean and smooth surface and the absence of cracks or scratches.
There is a wide variety of black wedding ring metals too.

Can you wear Onyx in the shower?

Experts recommend not to wear Onyx in the shower. Don’t wear jewelry made of Onyx while swimming, either.
Onyx gemstones crack, chip, and scratch quite easily. So there are always chances of that happening while swimming or bathing.

Is Onyx more expensive than a diamond?

No, although extravagant, Onyx is not more expensive than a diamond.
At the same time, in comparison to black diamonds, Onyx gemstones offer a much cheaper alternative. Also, Black Onyx rings are elegant and eye-catching.

Is Onyx a durable stone?

When it comes to durability, Onyx gemstones belong to a class of their own. If we consider the Mohs hardness scale, these stones score a high 7 in terms of durability. 
Onyx stones do not scratch easily. At the same time, we would advise you not to wear them while taking a bath or swimming since there’s a chance of damaging the stone.


With that, we conclude the detailed guide on Black Onyx Ring meaning! Rings made out of Onyx gemstones, although fragile, offer an affordable alternative to diamonds. They’re a unique choice for couples who really want something different.


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