46 Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents

As you make a checklist to sort out the wedding planning, pin finding the best wedding gifts for parents at the top of that list.

After all, they have been there for you every step of the way and will continue to do so. If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect idea, I’ve got you covered below!

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

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Our 5 Favorite Parent Wedding Gifts at a Glance 

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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25 Meaningful Wedding Gifts for Parents 

Be it a weekend away in a resort or a potted plant, a thoughtful gift from the wedded couple will make their day.

Since your parents have taken extra care to nurture you, it is only fair that your wedding gift for parents deserves similar dedication.  That’s where these ideas come in. Let’s get started.

1. Engraved Cutting Board

cutting boards

This laser engraved personalized cutting board is going to be the perfect addition to your parents’ kitchen.

If you grew up cooking together, engrave that one recipe that holds a load of memories for your family. On the other hand, you can also tweak a recipe with your significant other and make it a joint gift from both of you. 

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2. Custom Wine Labels

wine bottle

If you don’t have enough time to spend thinking about gift ideas, this one is your answer. Proclaim your feelings with a bottle of wine. If you are gifting this to your in-laws, it can be a way to get acquainted with each other’s taste in wine.

You can also gift them with a wine subscription, a beautiful personalized decanter, and other special wine-centric goodies to take this gift to the next level. 

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3. Cheese Plate

cheese plate

Cheese plates are a classic wedding gift for parents. This stunning wooden board is going to impress anyone who sees it and your parents get the excuse to throw wine and cheese parties to invite you and your partner over. 

If your parents are hosting the rehearsal dinner, this makes a great appreciation gift to give on that special night, too.

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4. Couples Slippers

couples slipper

With your wedding planning, your parents may have been on their feet for too long. These cozy couple slippers are exactly what they need to relax after the frenzy.

In fact, this can be a sweet gift for both sets of parents.  

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5. Personalized Wooden Spoon Set

wooden utensils

If your parents love cooking for you, then thank them for all the good food with this personalized spoon set.

These handmade spoons might just become the best when it comes to wedding gifts for the parents of the bride because you can bond over homecooked dinners.  

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6. Relaxation Spa Gift Basket

spa gift box

Emotions run high during the wedding season and this spa gift bag sends a beautiful message to your parents — put your feet up and relax. If all other wedding gifts for parents seem unimpressive to you and the time is running short, this one is a no-brainer.  

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7. Your Family Tree

Since your family is growing each day, proudly display the bonds of family with this family tree. This beautiful custom print is something that can work well for both parents and grandparents if needed.

When it comes to weddings, celebrating the existing relationships can mean so much to the family. 

8. Echo Show

If you and your partner are moving far from your parents after your wedding, getting your parents a smart assistant like an Alexa-enabled Echo Show might be the best idea you ever had.

Helping your parents with accessing the internet and sorting out all their tech-related queries, Alexa can slowly fill some of the space that you left in your parents’ lives.  

9. Custom Illustration 

custom portrait

A picture is worth a thousand words and it can mean more when you handpick them as parent wedding gifts.

These unique printed portraits of your family are the best kind of personalized wedding gift you could choose. 

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10. Wedding Handkerchief

wedding handkerchief

Even though they may deny it, every parent sheds a tear or two during their children’s wedding.

These beautiful wedding handkerchiefs will carry your sweet sentiments for your parents and become a practical gift when the waterworks start. 

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11. Family Cookbook Journal 

Again, if you are a family that appreciates good food and the memories that come while cooking it, this journal is an excellent one among wedding gifts ideas for parents.

With help from others, you can also fill the journal with dietary specifications like low-carb dinner recipes for watching the health of your parents.  

12. Throw Blankets 

throw blanket

For all those times your parents’ tucked you into bed, get a keepsake blanket for parents as a wedding gift. This beautiful gift can make your parents feel warm and cozy when they are missing you. 

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13. Customized Glassware

To toast to your happy marriage and your parents’ health in style, get this customized glassware. You can pick from whiskey, pilsner, pint, or wine glasses to suit your family’s tastes with these glasses.  

14. Fancy Cookware 


If you or your partner needs to impress each other’s parents, this copper cookware is the way to go.

Watch out though, this classy paellera can set the bar high for your gift-giving skills so the Christmas season might turn out to be tricky for you.  

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15. Commemorative Clock

Another one of the most practical gifts that you can find anywhere for your parents. With this personalized clock with a preset message, you can thank your parents for all the quality time you shared. 

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16. Champagne Flutes 

champagne flutes

Yet another way to showcase your affection to your parents in style. Champagne flutes can be a delightful gift for your parents, especially if they love champagne.

Pair it with a great bottle of champagne and your parents will be overjoyed. 

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17. Framed Family Portrait 

family portrait

Frame a family photo from your wedding to tell your parents that you love them for everything they have given you.

This beautiful picture frame can display one of the biggest moments of your life in the most stylish way. 

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18. Personalized Plate

personalized plate

This keepsake plate is going to be one of the top-tier parents wedding gifts ideas when it comes to emotional value.

This artistic wedding gift is going to be better than any of your cards to parents. Even if not for your wedding, it can be on the list of great gifts for parents wedding anniversary.   

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19. Hand-stitched Patches

handstiched patches

These cute hand-stitched patches can add character to your father’s tie. Even though the patches are popular add-ons for ties, you can get creative and add them to the outfits of anyone in the bridal party.

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20. Gardening Starter Kit

After you get married, your parents may have some extra time on their hands. Help them cultivate a new hobby or pick up a forgotten one by giving them this gardening starter kit.

They will thank you for this, that’s a given. 

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21. Family Photo Calendar 

yearly calendar

No better way to remind your parents of all the important dates in the year than getting them a calendar.

Add your unique twist to it and compile all the favorite photos of the family to make the calendar all the more interesting.  

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22. Coffee Gift Set

coffee gift box

A good cup of coffee makes you feel like you can take on the world. Present your parents with such a feeling with this assorted coffee basket.

When they sip on this high-quality coffee as they catch a quiet moment, they will feel your affection.

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23. Framed First Dance Lyrics

1st dance lyrics

This beautiful artwork print of your first dance is a creative gift to your parents. Drawing out the image of you and your father figure on the dancefloor with words, this will be a breathtaking creation.

Use your first dance song to evoke even more emotions with the artwork. 

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24. Accessory For The Day – Fathers

wood watch

Even if you don’t help your father with choosing a suit for your wedding, present this engraved watch for him to wear on the day.

While improving his outfit, this watch can also show everyone how much he means to you. 

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25. Accessory For The Day – Mothers 

necklace for mother

Of course, the mother of the bride has to look elegant for the wedding event. Help your mother achieve this with a special accessory.

The symbol of eternal love between your mother and yourself is something your mother would like to wear while you tie the knot. 

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Personalized Cufflinks will give a lasting piece of your wedding day to your parents that they can wear every day!

27. Customized Love Story Book 

This is a really unique gift idea that will tell the story of your parents’ love journey. You can have it customized with photos, text, and even audio or video clips! 

28. First Dance Pillowcase Set 

This is another great gift idea for those who love to relax with their partner after a long day at work. These pillowcases are personalized with the lyrics to your first dance song.’ 

29. Personalized Christmas Ornament 

A personalized ornament is a great way to show your parents’ place in the family. You can have it customized with their names and wedding date for an extra special touch.

30. Customized Apron Set 

This is a great gift idea for the cooking parents! You can personalize it with their names and wedding date to show them how much you appreciate all they do in the kitchen.

31. Beer Making Kit

 If your parents love homemade beer, why not gift them an IPA beer-making kit? This is a great way for them to relax after a long day and also learn how to make their own beer.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started, including ingredients, recipes, and brewing tips.

32. Portable Bluetooth Speaker  

If your parents love to spend time listening to music or watching movies, a portable Bluetooth speaker is a perfect gift for them.

This small but powerful speaker can connect wirelessly with any device that has Bluetooth capability.

It’s also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling water on it while taking showers.

33. Mother & Daughter Journal

A great way for mothers and daughters to stay connected. This Journal provides a beautiful way for mothers and daughters to write messages to each other, share memories, and express their love.

34. Wine Subscription

A wine subscription would be ideal for your parents. They can decide if they want to get it monthly or quarterly.

This way, they will be able to enjoy a variety of wines with different flavors and aromas every month.

35. Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest 

This is a unique gift that your parents are sure to love. A Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest will give them a little piece of nature inside their home. 

36. I Survived My Daughter’s Wedding glassware set 

This is a funny gift that will show your parents how much you appreciate them. It’s an ideal gift for the mother of the bride or groom.

Give this glassware set to her at your rehearsal dinner and let everybody know who she is! 

37. GrowlerWerks uKeg 

If your father loves beer, then this is the perfect gift for him. The GrowlerWerks uKeg will keep his beer fresh and cold while he’s at home or on a camping trip with friends. 

38. Monogrammed Gifts 

Monogram gifts are always a good idea when it comes to gifts for your parents. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wine glass, bathrobe, or key chain, they will love the personalization.

39. Artwork gifts 

If you’re looking for gifts that are meaningful, then artwork gifts are the way to go.

You can find a painting of your parent’s favorite place in the world or you could even make a custom print for them!

This would be perfect if they have grandchildren and want to hang it up in their living room so everyone can see how much they love being grandparents.

40. Wedding Ring Dishes for Parents 

 Your parents will love these gifts and they can use them as a place to put their wedding rings at night when they’re not wearing them.

41.  A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers  

You can never go wrong with flowers! They are a great way to say thank you for all that your parent has done.

42.  Artisanal Foods  

This is a great gift for parents who love to cook. You can find gifts like artisanal salts, olive oils, and spices that will make any meal taste better!

If you don’t know what kind of food they like then try something new with them by getting them a gift basket filled with gourmet goodies.

43. Proud Parent of the Bride or Groom T-Shirt  

This is a fun and unique gift that your parents can wear on your wedding day to show everyone how proud they are!

44. Travel Map Gift Prints

Do your parents love to travel? Then this is the perfect gift for them!

A personalized print with all of their favorite places will be something they can look back on and remember how much fun it was going there together.

45. Photo clutch for mom; engraved wallet for dad 

TOP UP  The Original Personalized Photo Clutch Wedding Gift image 1

These gifts are perfect for the parents who love to have pictures of their children with them wherever they go (which is all parents).

The photo clutch will hold all of Mom’s favorite memories and the engraved wallet will be a great place for dad to keep his cash and credit cards.

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Father of the Bride Gift from Bride Wedding Gift for Parents image 1
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46. Personalized Wine Chiller

This is a great gift for parents who love to drink wine. They can keep their bottle chilled in style with this personalized wine chiller that comes complete with an engraved name and date on it!



While planning your wedding, parent gifts may slip from your mind amid the hectic schedule. That’s the last thing you want, so shop early and cross that task off your to-do list now.

The gift does not have to be grand or showy, all you have to do is express your affection and gratitude towards them. 

Top Recommendation

Framed First Dance Lyrics: This breathtaking gift can make your parents happy each time they catch a glimpse of it. More than just song lyrics, you can include verses, quotes, and personalized messages to capture all your emotions in the frame.

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senior couple receiving wedding gifts for parents

What are your favorite wedding gifts for parents? Please share with us below!

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