11 Sweet & Sentimental Father of the Bride Gifts That Will Melt His Heart

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If you’re looking for some sweet and sentimental Father of the Bride gifts (or, for lesbian weddings, make that Fathers of the Two Brides!), keep reading.

We’ve chosen some beautiful, meaningful, and just plain fun ideas that will melt his heart on the wedding day. The best part? They fit pretty much every budget! Take a look!

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks for a special gift, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

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Sentimental Father of the Bride gifts Top Picks at a Glance

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Sweet & Sentimental Father of the Bride Gifts That Will Melt His Heart

It’s not uncommon for newlyweds to get the father of the bride a little something special, usually a very thoughtful gift or a meaningful gift. It’s almost a thank you, or nod of respect. Traditionally, the fathers of brides play a big role in the wedding.

They walk their daughters down the aisle, make a speech, and even do a dance. Regardless of how many traditions you’re keeping, a classic gift or a creative gift is always a lovely choice.

Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite wonderful gifts – I’m sure you’ll find one which your own dad with love and cherish.

1. Cuff Links

A perfect father gift – they’ll take pride in wearing these sophisticated wedding cuff links. Afterward, they’ll act as a special souvenir from such an important milestone.

This gorgeous set also comes with a Tie Bar. Just a lovely little set – subtle but so meaningful. It’s truly an incredible gift.

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2. A Hipflask

father of the bride gifts black flask set

Here’s another awesome gift idea! Hipflasks are so handy – even at a wedding. If you know your Dad loves to use one of these, then all the better.

If not, this gorgeous hipflask can be an ornament of sorts. Either way, it’s a gentle reminder of this special day and sure to make for a fun wedding weekend.

This personalized hip flask is so suave and even comes with shot glasses – a fun gift idea and perfect for a celebratory drink! We know where the after-party will be!!

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3. Fun & Funky Socks

Who doesn’t love socks? And who hasn’t bought their dad special socks for Christmas or a birthday? It’s almost tradition for a special occasion.

Your dad can walk proudly on these wonderful Father of the bride socks.

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4.  Sweet Tie Patch

father of the bride tie patch

A heart, close to heart. This tie patch is a hidden gem, which will be such an adored gift.

You might want to gift him some tissues alongside this because there will definitely be some tears.

Don’t worry, you can choose the color and even the language that you want this in.

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5.  Fun Key Ring

A little keepsake that he’ll likely notice every day – a key ring. This is a lovely gift, which will be sure to impress.

This especially works best if you know your father or future father loves his cars. If you’re totally stuck for present ideas and find getting gifts for dad difficult, this is probably the best.

You can find a selection of gorgeous key rings. We especially loved this fishing hook lure one – a fabulous choice if your father loves to fish every now and then. Considering your dad’s hobbies and interests will make buying him a gift fun so much easier!

6. Beautiful Personalized Print

Father of the Bride Gift print

This is one of my favorite sentimental Father of the Bride gifts and a very thoughtful father gift idea! Give your dad something that he’ll be able to look at every single day. This beautiful print is absolutely perfect as a gift and is such a creative idea.

Don’t worry, you can personalize this print – even choosing the dress style, skin tone, hairstyle, and accessories for both the bride and the father.

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7. Pocket Watch

Sometimes, you just have to go for a traditional option. This pocket watch is definitely a little keepsake – one that he can keep in his pocket, use as an ornament, or even hang on his wall.

Again, with a special message which will likely make a few people cry – make sure that you have tissues nearby. It makes for an incredible gift.

8. Insulated Coffee Cup

Is coffee one of your dad’s favorite drinks? How great is this cup for his morning cup of coffee, then?

It’s insulated, and perfect for traveling. He can carry this around in total pride. If you’re struggling for ideas, always think about things that you know he will genuinely use. Coffee flasks, hip flasks, socks, and even glasses are great options for this special occassion.

9. A Face Mask

In such weird times, a face mask may be necessary for your wedding. Without any certainty of when mandatory face mask-wearing will end, this is not only thoughtful but really handy.

Wearing this at the wedding itself is a lovely touch, or he could wear this out and about. Looking back. this will serve as a reminder about an important time in history and in your family’s life.

10. Grooming Products

If your dad loves to take care of his appearance, he’ll enjoy a present that he’ll genuinely use.

If he’s got a beard, this gift set is amazing. Otherwise, you can buy him skincare, fragrances, or shaving products. He may even use them for the wedding.

Old Spice is one of the most widely loved men’s grooming brands. This set comes with everything your father will need.

11. Gift Bag

Father Of The Bride Gift Bag

You need a gift bag to place everything in, too. This is a nice thoughtful touch, which just adds a little something more to the entire day. Of course, this is personalized, too.

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Final Words

I hope this guide inspires you to find the perfect sentimental Father of the Bride gifts for this special occasion. Honestly, he’ll be happy with whatever you give him, as long as it comes from your heart. You are his little girl, after all!

Our Final Recommendation

If you're looking for some sweet and sentimental Father of the Bride gifts, you’ll love these ideas! They fit all budgets! Take a look!

What are some of your favorite sentimental Father of the Bride gifts? Share below!

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