130+ Anniversary Gifts For Gay And Lesbian Couples for Every Year from 1-60

 Anniversary Gifts For Gay Couples for years 1-60

Whether you’re searching for anniversary gifts for gay and lesbian couples to celebrate their very first year together or their 60th, we’ve got you covered! Over the last few weeks, we assembled amazing gift guides for every single year from one to 60. Now, we’re bringing it all together for you in one spot. Take a look!

130+ Anniversary Gifts For Gay And Lesbian Couples for Every Year from 1-60

As mentioned above, we shared ideas for the first 6 decades of marriage. The huge milestones- like 10th, 20th, 50th, and 60 earned a starring role in their very own gift guides.

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1st Anniversary Gifts for Same-Sex Couples

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift gay couples origami

The first anniversary is all about paper- or clocks if you prefer modern themes. If you think there aren’t many gift-worthy paper products, think again! Check out these 10 Meaningful First Anniversary Gifts For Gay Couples!

2nd to 9th Anniversaries

Copper coffee pots on wood shelf for home interior

From the second year to the ninth we have a lot of different themes, colors, and gemstones, from leather to wool and aluminum. Use the table below to see the themes for each year. Then check out our favorite Anniversary Gifts for Gay & Lesbian Couples for Years 1-9

1PaperClocksGold jewelry or pearlCarnationGold or Yellow
3LeatherGlass or CrystalPearlSunflowerWhite
4Fruit or FlowersAppliancesBlue TopazGeraniumBlue
5WoodSilverwareSapphireDaisyBlue, Pink or Turquoise
6IronWoodAmethystCalla LilyPurple
9Willow/PotteryLeatherLapis LazuliPoppyTerracotta

10th Anniversary Gift Ideas

The 10th anniversary is represented by aluminum, diamond jewelry, daffodils, and the color blue. With this in mind, we can think of incredible keychains, wallet inserts, or even complex star maps. Check out some amazing 10th Anniversary Gifts For Lesbian and Gay Couples!

11th to 19th Anniversaries

Citrine Tree Of Life

From the 11th to the 19th year we have a lot of different elements, such as home décor, crystal, porcelain, and bronze, and the selection of gifts can seem a little overwhelming.

Be without fear though, because we covered everything in our guide to the best Anniversary Gifts for Gay & Lesbian Couples for Years 11-19.

11SteelFashion JewelryTurquoiseMorning Glory Turquoise
12Home Décor PearlsJadePeonyOyster-white
14Ivory*Gold JewelryOpalDahliaIvory
17FurnitureSameCarnelianRed Carnation**Yellow
18PorcelainSameCat’s EyeDeep Red Flowers**Blue
19BronzeSameAquamarineNo associated flowerBronze
*Ivory is illegal in most places, and for a good reason. Please use alternatives. **These anniversaries don’t have a specific flower associated with them, but rather a color of flowers in general.

20th Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Gay & Lesbian Couples

Another big milestone surrounded by platinum, emeralds, and daylilies is the 20th anniversary, which has to be really special. You can think of gifts such as teapot sets and platinum-dipped roses, or you can simply check out Amazing 20th Anniversary Gifts for Same-Sex Couples, where you’ll find everything you need.

21st to 29th Anniversaries

Through the years 21 to 29, we encounter a lot of magical elements, from copper, opal, silver, and sculptures, all the way to photos and furniture. I know, it can be a little overwhelming to find the thing you need, but we prepared everything for in our  Anniversary Gifts for Gay & Lesbian Couples for Years 21 to 29 guide.

21Brass or NickelSameIoliteNoneOrange
23Silver PlateSameImperial TopazNoneSilver
24OpalMusical InstrumentsTanzaniteNoneLavender
25SilverSilverSilver JewelryIrisSilver

30th to 39th Anniversary Gifts

Coral Wooden Coasters

Once you hit the 30th year, things start getting a little tricky. You’ll only find specific themes for 5-year milestones. For the 30th year, look to diamonds, pearls and the color green. For the 35th anniversary, we’re talking jade and coral,

For other years, we had to be a little creative! We came up with 10 Amazing Anniversary Gifts For LGBTQ Couples for Years 30 to 39!

40th to 49th Anniversary Gift Ideas

40 Years Anniversary Glasses

As the years go by, we got more and more excited about the anniversaries, and for good reason. We’re coming up on a massive milestone!

For the 40th to 49th anniversaries, you may want to think about ruby, sapphire, and the colors red and blue when you prepare the gifts. Again, though, only the 0s and 5s have themes (40 and 45). Check out our top 10 Clever Anniversary Gifts For Gay And Lesbian Couples for Years 40 to 49!

50th Anniversary Gifts for LGBTQ Couples

The 50th anniversary is one of the most special ones, and it’s all about gold, in all its shapes. Of course, most gifts can seem a little pricier or not good enough, but we put together an article with the best possible gifts for this occasion! So, don’t miss our 10 favorite 50th anniversary gifts for same-sex couples!

51st to 59th Anniversary Gifts for Same-Sex Couples

During these nine years, the theme is gold (just like the 50th), so the presents have to match the theme. There are many options to choose from that aren’t super pricey! We have a lot of cute suggestions for you! Check out 10 Sweet Anniversary Gifts For Gay and Lesbian Couples for Years 51 to 59 !

60th Anniversary Gift Ideas

The 60th anniversary is the ultimate milestone, and it needs to be properly celebrated. The theme is diamond, and it’s probably the fanciest thing in the world. You will find here everything you need in order to choose the best 60th-anniversary gifts for same-sex couples in our guide!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a particular gift for each anniversary? 

Yes, each anniversary has its unique traditional and modern theme. It’s a practice that dates back to the medieval period but rose to prominence in the Victorian era. Each gift from the first year increases in value gradually as you invest more time in the relationship. 

For instance, paper represents the traditional gift for the first anniversary, and cotton is the modern theme. Next, cotton and china represent the second anniversary symbolizing the maturation of your companionship. 

The list grows with each year represented with a unique anniversary theme. For example, silver symbolizes the 25th anniversary, and gold epitomizes a golden era. Sixty years of a successful time together is represented by a diamond. These time-honored traditions and themes inspire couples and their loved ones to celebrate their significant milestones. 

What do flowers signify for each anniversary? 

Anniversary flowers hold significance and symbolism, each evolving and serving as a unique representation of a particular anniversary. For every anniversary, there are specific flowers to match and commemorate the milestone. For instance, the first anniversary is represented by a carnation bloom symbolizing youthful and passionate love. 

Next, the lily of the valley represents the second anniversary and symbolizes good fortune and sweetness. Finally, landmark years such as the 10th, 20th, and 50th anniversaries hold a more significant meaning, with daffodils, asters, and yellow roses symbolizing friendship and loyalty representing each, respectively. 

Whose name comes first on a personalized anniversary gift? 

There is no hard rule dictating which name should appear first on an anniversary gift. Instead, the order of names depends on the formality of the gift and what seems pleasant. Also, consider personalized monikers such as mom and dad or the couple’s favorite nicknames instead of their actual names.

Can I give cash or gift cards as anniversary gifts?

Absolutely. It’s a nice gesture they will relish. But first, consult if the couple has a particular registry to which guests must stick. Some partners create their personal anniversary gift registry, which helps guests make an inspired decision on what the couple wants.

I recommend checking the registry first, and if there is none, then cash and gift cards are acceptable as anniversary gifts. Gift cards are an excellent anniversary keepsake that keeps the couple’s needs and wants in mind. Also, write a personalized note before stuffing cash into a standard envelope as a lovely gesture.

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We shared over 130 anniversary gifts for gay and lesbian couples for every year from one through 60! Take a look at our ultimate guide!

There is a huge journey from the 1st to the 60th anniversary, but you know what? It’s the best time anyone could ever ask for. These anniversary gifts for gay and lesbian couples will definitely help you choose something amazing, and we couldn’t be happier about it

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What are your favorite anniversary gifts for gay and lesbian couples? Share below!

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