10 Amazing 60th Anniversary Gifts For Gay and Lesbian Couples

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On the hunt for some amazing 60th anniversary gifts for gay and lesbian couples? Like the 50th anniversary, 60 is an incredibly monumental milestone, so not just any gift will do! With that in mind, we rounded up 10 ideas that we’d buy for our own parents and grandparents (or even great-greats!).

10 Amazing 60th Anniversary Gifts For Gay and Lesbian Couples

It makes sense that this year is called the Diamond Anniversary! Diamonds are the hardest natural mineral on earth, but they come from humble beginnings (coal). Like that humble lump of coal, 60 years together hones a marriage into a beautiful gem that can survive almost anything.

Below, you’ll find a few diamond-centric gifts that are perfect to give each other (or to give your parents as a group gift). Since these pricy gemstones may no be in everyone’s budget, though, we’ve included some other amazing ideas outside the theme. Let’s take a look!

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1. Personalized 2D Laser-Etched Heart

Personalized 2D Laser-Etched Heart

Let’s start with something affordable, shall we? On Amazon, you can find this personalized heart-shaped laser-etched gift that’s perfect to give to your parents on their 60th anniversary. You can add their photo and names or a short message.

The beveling on the edge of the heart has a very diamond-like effect, don’t you think?

2. Pandora 60th Anniversary Celebration Gift Set

Pandora 60th Anniversary Celebration Gift Set

This stunning Pandora gift set is a perfect 60th anniversary gift for lesbian couples to give to each other. It’s also surprisingly affordable for a Pandora charm set!

Of course, for that price, it’s not actually encrusted with cubic zirconia rather than real diamonds, but shhh, no one has to know! CZ has come such a long way since its infomercial days!

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3. Personalized Leather Album

Personalized Leather Album

This gift doesn’t necessarily scream “diamond,” but it’s one of the most considerate gifts. Chances are that the couple already has a lot of pictures of them, and these Etsy albums can hold up to 300 photos. Of course, it’s going to take some time to get everything in there, but it’s worth it!

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4. Printable Custom Newspaper Page

Custom Newspaper Page

On their 60th anniversary, the couple definitely deserves to make the front page of a newspaper, so you can use this one to make them feel incredible. These are not expensive and can hold every single one of the couple’s achievements. You can find it on Etsy! After buying, you can print it out and frame it for them.

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5. Diamond Anniversary Keepsake

If you’re looking for something beautiful and unique, this diamond anniversary keepsake from Etsy will definitely be it. Customers say it’s even more beautiful in person than it is online! Add the couple’s name, date, and a short message.

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6. 60th Wedding Anniversary Personalized Ornament

60th Wedding Anniversary Personalized Ornament

I love this personalized ornament as a 60th wedding anniversary gifts for couples who were married around Christmas! However, it’s a beautiful choice for any time of the year. I think it would look equally lovely hanging in a window, catching the sunlight on a summer’s day!

60th Wedding Anniversary Personalized Keepsake Glass Oval Christmas Ornament ANY Anniversary Year Available
  • Laser engraved in frosty white
  • Clasp and ribbon for hanging included
  • Gift box with ribbon included (No wrapping needed!)

7. 60th Anniversary Wooden Wall Plaque

660th Anniversary Wooden Wall Plaque

On Amazon, you can find this wooden wall plaque that’s destined to celebrate your favorite couple’s 60th anniversary. It breaks down the 60 years in months, weeks, days, and hours, and the message is truly beautiful. 

60th Wedding Anniversary Wall Plaque Gifts for Couple, 60th Wedding Gift for Her, 60th Wedding Gift for Him 12" W X 15" H Wall Plaque By LifeSong Milestones
  • Engraved 60 years of marriage days, weeks, months, years
  • Made & designed in the USA Measures " 12" w x 15" h x .5"
  • Can be displayed on tabletop or Wall

8. Custom Wine Bottle Label

Custom Wine Bottle Label

With this wine bottle label from Etsy, you can create a great gift with limited funds. Put it on a bottle of their favorite wine. If you have a little more to spend, you could even get them a bottle of wine from the year they were married. Right now, that would be wine from 1960.

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9. 60th Anniversary Card

This one is no regular anniversary card. It’s got one of the most unique designs possible, and you will make your partner, parents, or grandparents very happy with it! You can find it on Etsy and have it personalized with your best message. 

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10. Embroidered Family Tree

We shared a great family tree the other day in our anniversary gifts for years 51-59, but this is a bit different. It’s a stunning embroidered option that holds up to 69 names, depending on the size that you choose. It’s pricey, so a good gift to go in on with family.

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Need some amazing 60th anniversary gifts for gay and lesbian couples? This major milestone deserves the best! Check out 10 we love!

I hope you enjoyed these 60th anniversary gifts for gay and lesbian couples

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What are your favorite 60th anniversary gifts for gay and lesbian couples? Share below!

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