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Looking for some beautiful heirloom gifts for gay and lesbian couples to add to your registry? We’ve got you covered! Below, you’ll find 10 beautiful ideas that your couple can enjoy now, then pass down to their own children later. Let’s get shopping!

Why Register for Heirloom Gifts?

The reason for registering for heirloom gifts is right in the name. The definition of an heirloom is “a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.” Of course, every heirloom has to start somewhere! So, if your family doesn’t already have one, why not begin the tradition with you and your future Mr. or Mrs.?

Decades down the line (hopefully many, many decades) when you’re gone, these beautiful items serve as a reminder not just of your wedding day, but of everything you meant to your family. Your children will pass it down to their kids and add their own legacy to the memory, and so on.

Generations from now, when your great-great-great grandchild receives it, they’ll think not just about all those who came before them.

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Their world may look dramatically different than ours does today, but that beautiful heirloom will connect them all the back through time…and it all starts with you.

What to Consider When Registering for Heirloom Gifts?

When you register for heirloom gifts, the most important things you need to consider are your personal preferences and the quality of the items.

Remember, heirlooms are meant to last throughout generations, so you definitely need to consider whether your choice will hold up over the years.

Of course, you also want something that you’ll enjoy today, so make sure it’s something you really love!

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Heirloom Gifts for LGBTQ Couples

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite heirloom gift ideas that will last many, many years to come! They come from Etsy and Amazon, both of which allow you to create wedding registries.

1. Custom Made Unity Puzzle

Custom Made Unity Puzzle

This incredible custom made unity puzzle can become the thing which keeps the family’s values in one place. It’s a great gift for a couple to pass from generation to generation, and it will definitely become a wonderful symbol. You can get it from Etsy and personalize it the way you want to!

Custom Designed Unity Puzzle ® Unity Ceremony Wedding Puzzle | Etsy

Mae from maple hardwood and Baltic birch plywood. This custom-designed family unity puzzle is the perfect gift with a very personal touch.

2. “Together” Bronze Sculpture Heirloom Gift

“Together” Bronze Sculpture

The perfect heirloom gift for a couple madly in love is this bronze sculpture. It’s available on Etsy and even though it is expensive, it will remain in the family for decades. Every couple will gift it to their kids, and it will become an amazing family heirloom. 

Together Bronze sculpture bronze statue wedding gift | Etsy

Patina is done by hand and brush, so every sculpture has a unique patina and varies with each sculpture.

3. Heirloom Wedding Hourglass

Heirloom Wedding Hourglass heirloom gifts

Talk about unique, this wedding hourglass is definitely something new and exciting. You fill it with colored sand on your wedding day, and so will your kids and grandkids. Each of them can use different colors, and decades later, it will be just a beautiful and colorful heirloom. You can get it on Etsy.

Heirloom Wedding Hourglass The Wedding Day in White Unity | Etsy

Comes Fully Assembled, Ready to Fill - No Glue, No Mess! Proudly Handmade in The USA - Made from solid wood, hand blown glass, pewter, glass, hourglass, premium wood, fine finish, white hourglass, hand made, handcrafted, made in the us, customize, Original Wedding Hourglass

4. Custom Rustic Wedding Set

Custom Rustic Wedding Set heirloom gifts

I love personalized items, but nothing compares with this custom rustic wedding set from Etsy. It’s a wonderful family heirloom, and each of the pieces can be personalized with a custom message, the family’s name, or something that has an important meaning to you. 

Champagne flute Rustic wedding Wedding cake servers set Rustic | Etsy

Fully customizable set includes Rustic champagne glasses, Wedding Cake Server and Knife, plus engraving options, lace color options and more.

5. Heirloom Wooden Mirror

heirloom gifts  Heirloom Wooden Mirror

I found this incredible heirloom wooden mirror on Etsy and fell in love with it. It’s beautiful, and the type of gift that will stay in the family for generations! You can gift it to any couple and they will definitely keep it and give it to their kids when the time comes.

6. Swarovski Crystals Picture Frame

Swarovski Crystals Picture Frame heirloom gifts

This gorgeous Swarovski Crystals picture frame can become the next family heirloom. Start with your own wedding photo and enjoy it for years to come. Then, when you pass it down, every couple in the family can add their picture to it, while leaving the old one behind it.

Ciel Collectables Iris Picture Frame, Light & Dark & Topaz Swarovski Crystal, Brown Enamel Over Pewter, Copper Plating, Stylish Brown Color Silk Back Have Two Way Easel, Holds 8 x 10 Inch Pictures
  • Made With Swarovski Crystals
  • Frame has 2-way easel for vertical or horizontal photos
  • In A Beautiful Ciel Collectable Gift Box
  • Back Of Frame Is Made With Stylish Raw Silk.
  • Hold 8 Inch x 10 Inch Picture

7. Heirloom Music Box

Heirloom Music Box heirloom gifts

Music boxes makes amazing heirloom gifts, and this one is absolutely beautiful. It’s very pricey, but the entire thing is handmade. It also comes with a lined compartment for precious jewels and a lock to keep them safe. Pass it down on its own or with a piece of special jewelry. Each generation can add a new piece to the box!

Black Floral Italian inlaid music box/jewelry box in high gloss finish with customizable tune options
  • Exclusively Designed by Hedy Kagan
  • Finest Quality Musical Mechanism
  • Velvet Lined Jewelry Compartment to Store Precious Keepsakes
  • Ideal Gift For Any Occasion
  • Heirloom Quality Keepsake

8. Welsh Love Spoon

Welsh Love Spoon

What better way to mark a family heirloom than a Welsh love spoon? It’s hand made out of wood, has impressive details, and you can put it on display anywhere you see fit. You can also personalize it for free. Find it on Amazon.

Two Hearts in One Love Spoon - Free Engraving of Names & Date
  • Hand Carved Welsh Love Spoon. Two Hearts hand carved and joined together as a token of Lasting Love.
  • FREE ENGRAVING: Suitable for Engraving a name on each heart and a date on the bowl. USA: Click 'See All Buying Options' and then 'Customize Now' to order. If you do not require engraving, simply follow the same process and insert 'No Engraving' in the 1st text box.
  • 25cm / 9.75", Carved in Lime Wood from Monmouthshire, Colour may vary slightly
  • An accompanying card with an explanation of the Lovespoon tradition is enclosed with each order.
  • Suitable for All Occasions: Weddings, Anniversary, Engagement, Valentine’s, Gift from Wales etc

9. Cuckoo Clock Heirloom Gift

Cuckoo Clock heirloom gifts

An authentic Cuckoo Clock made in the Black Forest of Germany makes a unique heirloom that everyone in your family will enjoy. If you don’t love the rustic charm of this one, cuckoo clocks come in all different styles now. Just look for the Black Forest Clock Association certificate of authenticity to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

German Cuckoo Clock 8-Day-Movement Chalet-Style 15.00 inch - Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clock by Hekas
  • Made in Germany / Warranty: 2 years
  • 100% authentic black forest cuckoo clock
  • included: certificate of authenticity by the black forest clock association
  • Premium cuckoo clock by Hekas
  • Height/Width: 15/11 inch

10. Custom Wine/Photo Box

Custom Wine/Photo Box heirloom gifts

What about a gift that the whole family can use for a long, long time? This wine box from Amazon is one of the best heirloom gifts out there. It fits two bottles of wine, and later can be used to hold photos instead if you prefer! Customize it with your family name and a photo of your choice on top.

Looking for heirloom-quality gifts to add to your own registry? Check out 10 beautiful ideas that stand the test of time!

Remember, the two most important things when choosing heirloom gifts for your registry: pick something YOU love now as well as something that will last for years to come! Yes, in that order!

Which one of these heirloom gifts for gay and lesbian couples is your favorite?

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