Top 10 Best Engagement Rings For Gay Guys

Two gay men dressed in shirt and sweaters getting engaged as one man proposes by presenting an engagement ring in a red box to the other

If you’re searching for the absolute best engagement rings for gay guys, I’ve got you covered!

Below, we’ll take a look at 10 fabulous ideas that range from simple (and affordable) to completely unique! We’ll find just the right one for the most magical proposal ever.

FYI, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. 

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Check this comparison table for a quick guide. Read the review for further details.

Editor's Choice
Top Benefit
Very light
Holds 12 brilliant-cut diamonds
Antique look
Free engraving
Made of genuine natural fossil wood
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Top Benefit
Very light
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Editor's Choice
Top Benefit
Holds 12 brilliant-cut diamonds
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Top Benefit
Antique look
Check Latest Price
Top Benefit
Free engraving
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Top Benefit
Made of genuine natural fossil wood
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Complete Guide to the Best Engagement Rings for a Gay Marriage Proposal

I’m a sucker for love, and I never get tired of good happy endings and those creative (sometimes elaborate) engagement stories. But I also know sometimes to get it right, you need some help.

And one of the hardest parts is getting your partner the right engagement ring.

Lucky for you, I’m here. I’ll help you find the best engagement rings for gay guys! Let’s get started.

Reviews of the Best Engagement Rings for Gay Men

In this list, I’ll try to include engagement rings for gay guys that are modern, traditional, and a bit of both to ensure there is something for everyone. The list will also have rings within all price ranges, so keep reading; there will be something for you.

Let’s get to the fun part now. Here are my top choices.

1. Men’s Polished Finish Ring  in Titanium

This is the perfect engagement ring if your partner loves something classy, unique, and sophisticated.

Titanium has a higher superior structural integrity compared to steel. It’s also very light and is common in jewelry making. For instance, blue sapphires get their blue traces from titanium.

The ring goes well with official wear as well as casual meetings. It’s not too much for any occasion.

That said, titanium can still be scratched by some rough surfaces such as hardened steel tools and rocks. However, this can be corrected by care practices at home, such as washing it with warm, detergent-free water using a gentle toothbrush.

You can buy the ring at Helzberg diamonds.

Men's Polished Finish Band in Titanium, 6MM | Helzberg Diamonds

Titanium has superior structural integrity and is three times stronger than steel. Titanium is very light weight (1/3 as much as gold). Titanium also plays a role in gems. Traces of titanium dioxide impurities cause the asterism phenomenon in star sapphires and rubies. Blue sapphires can get their blue color from traces of titanium as well.

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2. Diamond Ring in Stainless Steel

I love the design of this ring because it has a tiny bit of everything. It’s well-designed and very fashionable.

The ring is more suitable for someone who loves fashion and experimenting with unique designs.

The ring is black and has a cream band in the middle, which holds 12 brilliant-cut diamonds.

You can check out the ring on Helzberg diamonds.

Black Edge Two tone Silver Wedding Ring

Men's stainless steel and ceramic band with 12 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 1/7 ct. tw.

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3. Men’s Rosewood Inlay Band in White Cobalt

This is one of the most yet very pocket-friendly rings on the list. It’s best for someone who is allergic to other metals such as silver. Cobalt chrome is a combination of chromium and other metals. Together they create a strong, lightweight, hypoallergenic material.

My favorite feature is the rosewood band in the middle of the ring. It gives a ring an antique look, which makes it very unique.

The ring is available in Helzberg diamonds.

Men's Rosewood Inlay Band in White Cobalt, 8MM | Helzberg Diamonds

Cobalt Chrome is an alloy where Chromium, Cobalt and a few other metals are combined to create a durable, lightweight hypoallergenic material. Known for its hardness and durability, Cobalt Chrome has the heft of gold and the look of platinum.

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4. Men Black Ring with Engraved Signature

This ring is mostly recommended as a birthday gift, but it could make an excellent engagement ring. And it’s also a budget ring.

I love the fact that it’s customized with the recipient’s name and the special date as well! And what’s a better way to celebrate your love than have a reminder on your finger daily.

The ring is made with tungsten carbide, so it’s strong enough not to get scratches but yet gentle for your finger.

You can check out the ring on Etsy.

Man Black Ring Sigature Engraved Ring Birthday gift Ideas | Etsy

The ring is made in tungsten carbide, which has become a popular material in the bridal jewelry industry due to its extreme hardness and high resistance to scratching. It won't turn your finger green.

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5. His and His Handmade Rings

The trend of his and his rings is becoming the norm for engagements (versus just one-half of the couple getting a ring). You want the world to know you’re both no longer available. And that way, you both get to flaunt your engagement.

Here are some of my recommendations for this category.

  • Titanium matchings ring from Etsy (my favorite, pictured here)
  • Sterling silver matching rings from Etsy
  • And the gold dome plain matching rings, also available on Etsy.
His and his Handmade Customize 18K Gold Filled Matching | Etsy

These wedding band are for her ones who love sparkles and bling! These handmade titanium rings have three natural and brilliantly cut cubic zircon studded in the ring that has a matte finishing at the top and as always, you can get a design or phrase with numbers and symbols engraved on it to make it more special!

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6. Damascus Steel Ring Fossil Wood

This ring will make your partner fall even deeper in love with you. It’s unique and it’s perfectly crafted.

The seller offers multiple designs, and you can choose from any of them. The inside of the ring is round and comfortable, and it’s made of genuine natural fossil wood.

The wood has a protective layer that protects it from occasional water spills.

Check out the ring on Etsy.

Damascus steel ring Fossil Wood wedding ring black Damascus | Etsy

This ring is made of Damascus steel hand forged easy to cut. It is made for men and woman wedding and anniversary occasion

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7. Modern Ring with a Distressed or Hammered Finish

If your partner prefers something eco-friendly or something that will survive a tough environment, like construction, then this is your best option. It’s strong and has modern finishing. You can also check this list of mechanic wedding ring!

The designer of this ring, Ash, is very passionate and crafty. He offers multiple choices for you and also allows you to participate in designing your rings.

The rings are available in different metals. And if you don’t see your preferred metals on the list, you can contact the seller for a customized order.

The ring is available on Etsy.

Modern Wedding Ring with a Distressed or Hammered Finish in | Etsy
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Palladium, Platinum, Silver, White gold
  • Raw stone: No
  • Band color: Silver
  • Adjustable: No
  • Style: Minimalist
  • Can be personalized: Yes
  • Made to Order

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8. Men’s Comfort Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

This is an excellent choice if you want something chic and simple. It’s stylish, and if you don’t want to buy an extra wedding ring, it can act like one too.

It fits comfortably, and you can get a customized one to avoid further resizing.

You can buy the ring on Reeds, and they even allow special financing!

Men's Comfort Fit 6mm Yellow Gold Wedding Band

Simple and chic, this 6mm polished 10k yellow gold wedding band is perfect for your special day.

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9. Titanium Satin Centre Round Engine Comfort Fit Ring

This is another excellent recommendation from Reeds. The ring has a highly finished edge that makes it strong, durable, and very stylish.

Since this is a comfort band fit, its interior is easy to slide over knuckles. If your partner doesn’t want something too complex but still wants something classic, this ring fits the description.

Buy the ring on Reeds.

Benchmark Titanium Satin Center Round Edge Comfort Fit Band, 6mm

From Benchmark, this titanium comfort fit 6mm satin finished band features a high polished edge that offers not only great style but remarkable strength and durability. 

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10. Black Diamond Ring

If your partner loves something fancy, then this is the ring for them. It’s perfect for him if he loves something to show off on social media (we all know those partners, and we love them).

It’s a bit costly compared to other rings on the list, but it’s worth every penny. The ring combines a matte band with a diamond band. This makes the ring feel modern and intentional, and it’s perfect for your big day.

You can buy the ring on Etsy.

Black diamond ring Wedding ring wedding ring men engagement | Etsy

Make your wedding day perfect with this stunning men's Calanthe wedding band that has Black diamonds. This wide diamond band combines matte band with polished diamond setting. The band is 6.5 mm wide, available in Palladium, 14k white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and 950 platinum.

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Engagement Etiquette for Gay Couples

Okay, now that we’ve chosen the perfect rings, let’s talk etiquette for same sex male engagement rings!

young black male and older Russian male getting married

Do gay men wear an engagement ring?

The short answer? Yes, if they want to! According to the Knot least, 40% of gay couples wear matching engagement rings.

And a more interesting trend is growing as a research by independent study showed that 5% of straight men are now wearing engagement rings.

Who gets on one knee?

The LGBTQ community has come with many creative ways to tweak the traditional proposal technique. For some couples, one guy gets on one knee and proposes to the other one, and some exchange rings. Here is one of our favorite same-sex engagement proposal for some inspiration!

What should a man pay for an engagement ring?

This solely depends on the financial stability of an individual. Some of the common rules include one month or two months’ salary. According to Wedding Wire, at least 50% of the couples spend $5000 for a ring, while another 20% spend more than the $10000!

That said, some couples prefer to go for budget rings and spend more on other areas of the wedding or honeymoon. Regardless of how much the engagement ring is, all that matters is how you feel about each other.

What finger do gay guys wear rings on?

In recent years, gay couples are putting engagement rings on the left ring finger. This is mostly to keep their relationship private. But there are no rules, really, so go ahead and choose any finger you want for your engagement ring. So, don’t limit yourself; go with any finger that works for you. All that matters is that it’s a symbol of love.

Do you wear an engagement ring on your wedding day?

It really depends on how you prefer it. Traditionally, you should wear your engagement ring on your right finger. During the ceremony, your partner will start with the wedding band on the left finger. And later place your engagement ring on top of it. This is to ensure the gay wedding band is next to your heart, and the engagement ring on top protects it.

Should you sleep with your engagement ring on?

Ideally, it’s best not to sleep with your engagement ring. There are so many risks that come with sleeping with your ring.

You could hit it on your nightstand and break it, scratch your partner or sheets with your ring, or have difficulty removing it in the morning after swelling at night.

That said, there are some instances when you’d rather sleep with your ring. For example, if you’re in a hotel or tend to lose stuff frequently, it’s best to sleep with it on.

Also, if you go for one of the “flat” rings (no gemstones sticking out, basically), then it’s not really a big deal if you sleep with it on.

Best Engagement Rings for Gay Men (Final Word)

Love is one of the most beautiful things that could possibly happen to anyone. And finally, proposing to your spouse is the other biggest thing in life. You want to do it right and make it special.

And one of the ways to do that is by ensuring that by getting the right engagement ring. I hope this blog post helps you do that.

Black Edge Two tone Silver Wedding Ring

Men's stainless steel and ceramic band with 12 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 1/7 ct. tw.

Check Price & Reviews
Finding the best engagement rings for gay guys isn't hard if you know where to look! We did the work for you, though! Check out 10 we adore!

Are you the newest engaged man in town? Please show us your ring. And if you’re planning on engaging your partner, let’s know as well.

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