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Painted heart-shaped cups placed on the fabric

Whether you’re short on cash or just want to give something that comes straight from your heart, these sentimental DIY lesbian and gay wedding gifts are a beautiful way to go. They’re low on cost but high on the “wow” factor. Let’s check them out!

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Sentimental DIY Lesbian and Gay Wedding Gifts

The best wedding gifts are not always expensive and bought from fancy places. Sometimes, it’s all about making something special yourself, so let’s take a look at what you can put together and create a sentimental DIY lesbian and gay wedding gift. 

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1. Beautiful Signs

Whether we’re talking about signs to display at the wedding or simply signs to show off in their house, it’s a great idea. You can include their favorite quote, names of their pets, and even your name, so they always remember who made the gift. 

Depending on your level of craftiness, you can carve a beautiful wooden sign, hand-draw something special, or even grab a printable from Etsy for an affordable price (like the one above) and just frame it.

Check out this YouTube tutorial for tips and tricks:

2. Ceramic Mugs

The beauty of a mug doesn’t necessarily stand in a flawless design, but in the person who made it and the message it carries. You can make personalized ceramic mugs for the couple, and have them personalized with their favorite designs, names, or even a short message reminding them of a certain day or moment. 

I found this tutorial below on YouTube and fell in love with it. All you need is some clay and pottery supplies, and you’re ready! If that’s just too much DIY for you, you can also try this tutorial for hand-painting a plain dollar store mug.

3. Coasters

I keep saying it, but everyone needs a set of wonderful coasters. Happily, you can learn how to make them yourself, and really make an impact at your friend’s wedding. You can find all the supplies at your local stores (or just grab this kit from Amazon), and can even add adorable pictures of the couple and make coasters this way!

I found a few interesting YouTube tutorials for you to check out.

These ones are made out of clay, and it’s the easiest way to make DIY coasters.

But you can also learn how to make them out of resin.

Or some unique macrame coasters.

4. Boho Light Pendant

The boho style is suited for any house, not only because it’s about mixing all kinds of decor, but also because it’s beautiful!

Happily, you can learn how to make a stunning boho light pendant from this YouTube tutorial. All you need is a some mod podge, rope and an object to build it on! They can hang it over an existing ceiling light, or you can grab a DIY light fixture kit to finish the job for them.

5. Terrarium

Terrariums are some of the most beautiful pieces of decor we can think of, and you can learn how to make one yourself. You can leave cute messages inside for the couple to notice, and add some of their favorite elements to it.

All you need is a jam bottle, some gravel, garden soil, and some adorable plants. This tutorial explains everything!

6. Music Sheet Art

Just about every couple has a song- something that represents their love for each other or reminds them of a perfect moment. Find the sheet music for that song and turn it into a work of art!

The tutorial below shows you how to make ornaments with sheet music. You can also use it on a grander scale to create a large heart (or any other shape) to hang in their home.

7. Date Night Jar

Here’s one that requires virtually no crafting skill at all! All you need is a nice jar, some paper, and an imagination.

First, come up with some fun date night ideas for the couple (or just search for some inspiration if you’re coming up blank).

Then write them down (or print them out, if your handwriting is atrocious) and pop them in the jar! Here’s a great tutorial for how to make it extra special:

I also love this one that uses popsicle sticks instead of paper:

8. DIY Gift Basket

Gift baskets make wonderful presents, but let’s be honest- they can get a bit pricey! The cost of buying one is always higher than the sum total of each item on its own. It’s fair. The seller needs to make a profit, after all.

However, if you’re short on cash, you can save a lot of money by making one yourself. Bonus- you control every item that goes into it, so they don’t end up with that one filler that they end up tossing (or regifting!).

If you need some inspiration, I love this tutorial for a DIY honeymoon gift basket:

9. Keepsake Box

Give the happy couple a beautiful place to keep all of their wedding memories. This DIY wedding gift can be as fancy or as simple as you want. If you’re good with a saw, you can make your own box. See this tutorial for a basic box:

If, like me, you wouldn’t even know where to begin with woodworking, buy a plain unfinished box (Amazon has tons of them in all shapes and sizes) and decorate it. I love this tutorial for a super colorful memory box:

Or this decoupage tutorial for something a little more of a vintage feel:

10. DIY Shibori Tea Towels

Turn plain cheap cotton kitchen towels into gorgeous works of art with very little crafting skills necessary. You can find a 12-pack of them on Amazon for under $15!

Then, follow the tutorial below for the Shibori method to transform them into an amazing DIY wedding gift!

Short on cash? These sentimental DIY lesbian and gay wedding gifts will melt their hearts without melting your bank account. Check them out!

There are thousands of DIY projects you can make as a wedding gift for a gay or lesbian couple, but the most important thing is to make sure that you put a little personality into it. This way, the couple will always know how special they are!

You can get most of the supplies at your local stores if you don’t already have them in your house, so the projects are going to be absolutely fantastic!

What are your favorite DIY lesbian and gay wedding gifts to make and give? Share below!

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