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Looking for some amazing luxury Mother of the Bride gifts? Check out 10 that we know will touch her heart!

Looking for some great luxury mother of the bride gifts to show your mom how much you appreciate all that she has done for you? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas that will touch her heart! Keep reading to check them out!

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Luxury Mother of the Bride Gifts That Will Touch Her Heart

Don’t let the title scare you, luxury doesn’t always have to mean “expensive.” Many -most, actually- of the gift ideas below are totally affordable! Just about all of them also make thoughtful mother of the bride gifts from groom!

Before we dive in, full disclosure: we have included affiliate links in this article. If you use one of our links to buy a product, we will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

1. Hand-painted Wine glass

After the stress of wedding planning, a large cup of wine may be needed. So, why not take the ultimate stress relief in a personalized wine glass? She can rock this on the big day, and then place it as a piece of decor – a lovely reminder of your new life with your love.

You can also opt for this wonderful glass set, for the mother and father of the bride. It’s another little option which may kill two birds with one stone.

Hand Painted Personalized Daisy Wine Glass

Each pretty daisy has been carefully hand painted to create this truly stunning glass. 

2. Mother of the Bride Shirt

Why not give her something that she can wear? This can be something for the party, or even just every day wear.

The mother of the bride can wear this with pride. It’s a lovely little gift, that will definitely be appreciated and treasured.

Mother of the Bride Shirt

A pretty calligraphy script on the softest, most comfortable shirt you’ll ever own. This Mother of the Bride (or Mother of the Groom) long sleeve shirt has an easy to wear, draped fit.

3. Handmade Photo Lined Bag

luxury mother of the bride gifts photo lined bag

Chances are, your mother will need a nice bag on the big day. This photo-lined bag will give her a friendly reminder whenever she opens it up.

You can place any photo you want inside this bag. Perhaps you add one from your childhood – a reminder of how much you have grown. The choice is all yours.

Ivory Photo-Lined Bag for Mother of the Bride

Made from French lace on light ivory suede, fully lined, keeps it's shape even when empty. Dimensions: 11 in (28 cm) x 7.9 in (20 cm). Handmade with care and attention to details

4. Mother of the Bride Coffee cup

luxury mother of the bride gifts mug

Does your mother or mother in law love a cup of coffee or tea? Every time she reaches for the kettle, she’ll be reminded of how she was a big part of your day…and, ultimately, life.

Who doesn’t love a fun coffee mug, at the end of the day?


Our Mother of the Bride mug is the perfect wedding gift for your mom because it’s a keepsake she’s sure to use often! This pretty calligraphy mug ships in the colorful gift box you see featured in the photos.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

5. Under the Stars Glass Coasters 

If you want something a little more mysterious, these glass coasters are just perfect. Every time your mother goes to place her cup on her coaster, she will remember what happened under the stars on your special day. They also make a really cute piece of home decor. Plus, they’re incredibly affordable!

Under the Stars Glass Coaster

Set of two round glass coasters featuring a beautiful white star constellation design on a navy background with a gold border. Each coaster includes three rubber feet underneath for protection

6. Trinket Box for Mom

Your mother may want to save the jewelry she wore on your big day, as a little keepsake. Better yet, you may want to buy her jewelry, which she can place in this box.

This adorable keepsake box has “Mom” printed on the outside, and “thank you for your unending love, laughter and support on this day and all the days of my life” on the inside.

Mother of the Bride Gift Heart Box Mom
$46.95 Original Price:

This box measures 3 ¾" L x 3" W x 1 ½" H and has a lovely poem on the inside (which you can change, if you prefer).  It's made of earthenware clay and has 'Mom' with a heart graphic printed on the outside.

7. Personalized Print

luxury mother of the bride gifts print

Perhaps you know your mother would love something that they can hang up, and take pride of place.

This stunning print can be customized in terms of dress, hair color, skin color etc. This makes it a super personal gift which might make the mother of the bride shed a few tears.

Mother of the Bride Wedding Print

Digitally printed customizable print on 300gsm card with high quality inks. Choose from many different colors and styles.

8. Mother of the Bride Bracelet 

SanaBelle™ Mother of the Bride / Groom Personalised Engraved image 0

This beautiful bracelet could go hand in hand with your trinket box. This is a subtle little reminder, which can be worn every single day. It’s a sweet, thoughtful mother of the bride jewelry gift.

SanaBelle™ Mother of the Bride Personalized Engraved | Etsy

SanaBelle™ Mother of the Bride / Groom Personalised Engraved 4mm Silver Plated Bead Bracelet with a Stainless Steel Heart Charm. Includes a heart dangle charm with your choice of engraving.

9. Custom gift box 

luxury mother of the bride gifts gift box

Etsy is so good for gifts – especially when you’re a little bit stuck on what you can get somebody. With custom gift boxes, like this, you can gift a bespoke box, without actually having to put it together yourself. Isn’t that the dream?

This mother of the bride box includes all the best bits – posters, candles, bags, and soap. The usual. You can also just buy the box and create your own DIY mother of the bride gift basket.

Mother of the Bride boxes

Mother of the Bride gift box filled with beautiful goodies, including personalized makeup bag, glass, framed poem, candle, and more. You can also just buy the box without contents.

10. Mother of the Bride Tote Bag

Lastly, you may need something to put your gifts in. A tote bag is a sustainable, cute option for you. This one is specifically made for mothers of the brides, too. How incredible?

Mother of the Bride Tote Bag

100% Cotton Canvas in size 14.75″W x 14.75″H; 22″ handles; 5” gusset with image printed on one side. Made to order.

Looking for some amazing luxury Mother of the Bride gifts? Check out 10 that we know will touch her heart!

We hope this little gift guide gave you some great ideas for luxury Mother of the Bride gifts!. It’s just a thoughtful little “thank you” to your mother/mother in law, who has likely done so much for you. 

What are some of your favorite luxury Mother of the Bride gifts? Share below!

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