50 Fantastic And Caring Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Sister

Your sister getting married is always going to be an enormous and beautiful event that’s sure to make your heart full. With that being said, what should you get her as a wedding gift?

There are so many different choices of wedding gifts out there that it can often be difficult narrowing the massive list down to find the very best gift for your sister. 

Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you! In our big guide below, you’ll find 50 fantastic and caring wedding gift ideas for your sister.

We’ve got everything from personalized or romantic gifts to special trips. Whatever wedding gift you pick, it’s sure to make your sister’s special day that extra bit more special! A thoughtful and personalized wedding gift for your sister will not only make her feel special but also show her how much you care about her on her big day.

50 Fantastic And Caring Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Sister

Our extensive list of wedding gift ideas for your sister is already going to make it easier and quicker for you to find the perfect gift, but we’ve even divided our lists into categories in order to narrow it down even further.

Whatever type of gift you’re looking for, you’ll find it in a category below!

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Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Personalized Card For Your Sister

First on our list of personalized wedding gift ideas for your sister is a classic and a must: a beautiful card. A card is an essential gift for any event, especially when paired with another present, and it gives you a chance to give something sweet and personal to your sister.

There are loads of cards you can get pre-designed for a sister’s wedding day, but you can also get personalized ones made online with your own choice of name, message, and image on the front. 

2. Drawing Of Your Sister’s Wedding Dress

This will be a beautiful memento for your sister to look back on after her wedding day. The wedding dress will be an absolutely essential part of your sister’s wedding day, being personally chosen by her.

As a result, it’s a sweet gift to make or commission her a drawing of her wedding dress! Paying a professional to draw it beautifully will mean an awful lot to her.

3. Personalized Sweatshirt

Getting your sister a personalized sweatshirt is a great and comfortable gift! You can have either her name or her married name printed on it, giving her a constant reminder of her new, blissful state when she’s winding down at home or chilling at the weekend.

You can get the sweatshirt in her favorite color! Additionally, you could get a similar personalized sweatshirt for her partner, so that they can wear complimentary tops and celebrate their marriage.

4. Personalized Purse

Another great wedding gift for your sister is a personalized purse, with her married name written across it. When she’s out and about, the personalized purse hanging by her side is a great way to show off her new marriage, spreading the love!

5. Personalized Vow Artwork

The vow is one of the most important parts of the wedding, and the vows that your sister and her partner have written are going to be one of the most personal parts of their special day.

Each vow is a chance for each lover to speak straight from their heart, telling the other what they love most about them and solidifying their love. 

As a result, it’s a beautiful gift idea to have their vows printed onto artwork that the couple can then hang on their wall. It’ll be a constant reminder of both their special day and all the things they love about each other!

6. Personalized Photo Album

A personalized photo album is another terrific wedding gift idea for your sister, giving them something to cherish and fondly look back on forever.

You can choose what you put in the photo album, whether it’s pictures of your family, you and your sister growing up together, or photos of your sister and their partner!

Better yet, why not include all three types of photo? It’ll give her an enormous appreciation of the important people in her life.

7. Personalized Kitchen Cutting Board

This is a great wedding gift for your sister that you may not have thought of before! This is a kitchen cutting board that you can personalize with a favorite recipe of hers.

As a result, every time your sister is slicing up food for a meal, she’ll be able to follow one of her favorite recipes straight from the board.

8. Personalized Wedding Planning Video

It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to plan a wedding, and a great deal will have gone into your sister’s wedding day.

It’s not only lovely to look back on the wedding day but the planning for the day itself too, and making a personalized wedding planning video for your sister is a great gift. 

With it, she’ll be able to fondly look back on all the different efforts that went into planning the special day.

9. Personalized Wine Glass

A personalized wedding glass is another great wedding gift for your sister, giving her something she can use regularly that is special to her.

All you need to do is get her married name printed onto a wine glass, and your sister will then be able to enjoy some wine in the evening while thinking about her new marriage.

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Special Trip Wedding Gifts

10. A Spa Day For You And Your Sister

A really great wedding gift for your sister is a spa day for both you and her to share!

Your sibling bond is incredibly important and a great way to solidify it before or after the wedding is a joint trip to a luxury spa.

You two girls will be able to kick back and relax, enjoying all the fine treatments of a spa, giving you both some much needed rest time.

11. A Pre-Wedding Trip For Your And Your Sister 

Another great wedding gift for your sister is a shared trip between you and her before the wedding.

There are sure to be loads of locations that you’ve both wanted to visit, and now is a fantastic time to do them!

They can be city breaks to fun cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and more, or they could be something like a camping trip or a vacation abroad. 

12. A Trip For Your Sister And Their Partner

We’ve looked at two great wedding gift trips that you and your sister can go on, but what about giving the gift of a trip for your sister and her partner? This is a really thoughtful present that your sister and brother-in-law are sure to enjoy.

If they’ve always been talking about going somewhere together, but have never been able to, you can gift them some tickets! 

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Wedding Gifts For Your Sister To Use At Her Wedding

13. A Personalized Bridal Robe

It’s always a terrific idea to get your sister a wedding gift that she can use on her wedding day, and a personalized bridal robe is one of the best ones.

If you don’t know, a bridal robe is what the bride wears in the morning when getting her makeup and hair completed, before she actually gets into the wedding dress. Better yet, you can even get bridal robes for her bridesmaids too! 

14. A Personalized Wedding Dress Hanger

Another great wedding gift for your sister’s wedding day is a wedding dress hanger. Since the wedding dress is so important, it’s crucial that it’s kept in good condition and without ant creases.

As a result, they’re always hung up with a hanger – but you can get your sister a personalized hanger! This way, she’ll have something extra to look back on, and it will make the dress seem even more special to her.

15. Personalized Vow Books

We mentioned earlier that the vows that your sister and her partner write are some of the most important and personal parts of their wedding day.

As a result, there’s plenty of great gift ideas that you can do with their vows, and vow books are one of the best.

Your sister and her partner will always want to look back on their vows and remember the wedding fondly, so giving her a printed book of their vows that she can read through will be the perfect present.

Wedding Gifts For Your Sister To Use After Her Wedding

16. Sweatshirt For A Bride

There’s a whole range of creative and thoughtful wedding gifts that you can give your sister for her to use just after her wedding, one of them being a sweatshirt for a bride.

While you can have a sweatshirt personalized with her new married name on it, it’s also fun to get a sweatshirt that just simply (and proudly!) declares “bride”. 

Wearing this around after her wedding, your sister will look extra special and relaxed!

17. Sweatpants For A Bride

Continuing the theme of the sweatshirt for a bride, you can also get some sweatpants to match.

While you could personalize some sweatpants with her married name going along the leg or written by the pockets, it’s also fun to get her a gift of sweatpants that happily declare “bride” on them!

Better yet, she can wear these sweatpants while she’s wearing the sweatshirt after her wedding, combining the two and wearing one great, unified chilled “bride” outfit!

18. Slippers For A Bride

Finally, to complete the entire look of bride sweatshirt and sweatpants, you can buy your sister a wedding gift of slippers that say “bride” on them. With these, she’ll be bringing a happy memory of her wedding day and newfound bliss everywhere she walks!

19. Personalized Jacket

Of course, you could also get your sister a wedding gift of a personalized jacket to wear after her wedding.

Just wearing a wedding dress can be quite cold when it reaches the evening, and getting your sister a personalized jacket that has her married name on the back is a great way to look cool and keep warm.

Better yet, the combination of elegant wedding dress and funky jacket looks really stylish and unique!

On top of that, she can wear the jacket any time after that, wearing a constant reminder of her special day.

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Cheaper Wedding Gifts For Your Sister

20. Lego Bride 

If you don’t have the money for the more expensive gifts, there are plenty of brilliant, slightly cheaper wedding gifts you can get for your sister instead that are just as good as the expensive ones!

For example, you can buy your sister a Lego Bride set, where she can make her own miniature bride out of Legos. It’s a fun figurine that she can display in her house, reminding her of the special day in a unique and creative way.

21. Personalized Wedding Candle

Everybody loves a good candle, and getting a personalized one is a terrific wedding gift. You can either have her name or her new married name printed on the candle container, and this thoughtful gift won’t break the bank either.

Whenever your sister wants to unwind with some peaceful candles, she’ll be able to light up this personalized one and remember her wedding day lovingly.

22. Personalized Wedding Journal

Another sweet gift idea that won’t cost a fortune is a personalized wedding journal. This is a journal that you can buy for your sister that she and her partner can fill in, with all sorts of things about their marriage.

They can write down a timetable of the wedding day, their favorite bits of it, their hopes for their marriage, their future plans, and so much more.

All the while, they’ll be keeping their notes in a personalized journal that has their names (and perhaps even photos!) on the front. 

23. Artificial Flower Bouquet

A real bouquet of flowers is always a beautiful gift to give someone, no matter the occasion. With that being said, real flowers need proper looking after and regular watering, and even then they will still expire after a short period of time. What’s the answer? Artificial flowers!

You can get your sister the wedding gift of an artificial flower bouquet, giving her something beautiful and romantic to display in her home, without any of the need to replace it when it wilts. 

Homemade Wedding Gifts For Your Sister

24. Personalized Birthstone Bracelet

A birthstone is a stone that is connected to the period of somebody’s birth, whether it’s their month or their zodiac sign.

There are lots of beautiful stones connected to these times, and getting one for your sister as a wedding gift is a great way to give her something personalized to her birth. 

With that being said, you can give her a birthstone in all kinds of different formats. For example, a birthstone bracelet is a really good one, because it allows your sister to have her personalized birthstone around her wrist at all times.

Better yet, you can make the bracelet yourself, making this an especially thoughtful and caring gift.

25. Personalized Birthstone Pendant

On a similar note, you can get your sister a wedding gift of a personalized birthstone that’s attached to a pendant necklace.

With this gift, she’ll be able to wear something personal and special around her neck at all times. Jewelry is always going to be a beautiful gift, but getting personalized jewelry like this is extra beautiful! Better yet, you can easily make the necklace yourself.

26. Personalized Memory Map

This is a really creative and personal homemade wedding gift to make for your sister and her partner, because it’s a map that features loads of spots personal to the happy couple.

With the map, you can circle the spots yourself or leave it to the couple to do it themselves. Either way, it’ll be a great way for them to remember all of their fondest memories together and the locations they happened in.

For example, a key spot to put on the map would be the location where your sister and her partner first met! Another one would be the location of their wedding, their first kiss, and so on.

27. Personalized Marker Mug

This is a cool homemade gift that costs very little but has a lot of impact! All you need to do is buy a mug and then get a special marker or paint marker to draw with.

You can then write your own personalized message to your sister on the mug, or draw some pictures that will mean a lot to her. 

Of course, you can get personalized mugs in other ways, by getting other people to make them for you. However, this handmade way of doing it is a lot more personal and creative, which makes it really heartfelt!

28. Painted Pot

On a similar note to the personalized marker mug, you can also paint a pot with writing, drawings, and styles that you know your sister will love.

Pots are great for storing things, whether it’s plants or everyday household items. Whatever your sister will be storing, you can make sure that she’s got a cute homemade pot design.

29. Gift Box Of Spa Supplies

Though this won’t seem homemade, you can actually personalize the contents of some gift boxes of spa supplies.

As a result, you’ll be able to give your sister a great wedding gift consisting of a collection of spa things she’ll love, like her favorite smelling candles and nicest soaps.

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Wedding Gifts For Your Sister And Her Husband

30. Shared Marriage Plan Journal

It’s also a nice idea to get wedding gifts for both your sister and her husband, giving them presents that they can use together and increase their bond even more.

One of these is a marriage plan journal, where they can write out a detailed plan for their life together. 

31. Personalized Song Lyrics Vinyl Record

Every couple has a song that’s personal to them, whether it’s the one that was playing the time they first met or the song that they played at their wedding.

A great shared wedding gift is to have the lyrics of the couple’s special song printed onto an image of a vinyl record, which can then hang on the wall.

32. Personalized Cheese Board

Another great wedding gift idea is a personalized cheese board, where the couple’s name is engraved into a cheese board. 

33. Personalized Wine Board

Similarly, you can get a wine board that holds a wine glass in it, and it’s a great wedding gift idea to have the wine board engraved with your sister and her partner’s shared name. 

34. His And Hers Wine Glasses

Speaking of wine boards, your sister and her partner will need some wine glasses to put on them! A great couples gift is to give them personalized “his and hers” wine glasses, with either “his” and “hers” printed on each glass or each of their names. 

Wedding Gifts For Your Sister’s Home

35. Personalized Nameplate For Home

Your sister will want to spruce up her new married home, and there’s plenty of great wedding gifts that you can give her to help her to do so.

For example, a personalized nameplate will make her home extra inviting! Have her and her partner’s shared name printed on the nameplate, which they can then hang outside their front door.

36. Personalized Welcome Mat

Similarly, you can give the wedding gift of a personalized welcome mat! You get them a mat that says their name on it, and every visitor to their home will feel extra welcome!

37. Framed Wedding Photograph

A beautiful wedding gift would be to get a wedding photograph from the special day and then put it in a lovely frame, perhaps even signing it with a personal message from you to the happy couple. 

38. Wedding Photograph Wall Collage

Why stop at one wedding photo? Have a whole wall collage of them! This is a fun and thoughtful gift to give to your sister, with a whole collage of special wedding photos for her to put up on her wall – a constant reminder of the day.

39. Wire Photo Display

If a wall collage is too big, you can always gift her an assortment of wedding photos attached along a wire instead. 

40. Personalized Aprons

A sweet gift for your sister and her partner would be personalized aprons with each of their names on! This way, when they’re both in the kitchen they can be wearing complementary aprons, unifying them even more.

41. Personalized Towels

You can also get your sister and her partner the gift of personalized towels for their home. With these, they’ll be reminded of their special bond whenever they’re drying themselves in the bathroom.

42. Personalized Bed Quilt

While the couple sleep snuggly together, it would be really sweet for them both to be under a personalized bed quilt – which is another great wedding gift for your sister! You can get a quilt with their names sewn into it, making their bedroom an even more special place.

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Funny Wedding Gifts For Your Sister

43. Marriage Rules Drink Coaster

There are plenty of funny wedding gifts to get for your sister, one of them being a drink coaster with humorous “marriage rules” printed on it. 

44. Bride And Groom Voodoo Dolls

Another funny gift would be a toy voodoo doll of a bride and groom, which your sister and her partner can use as a joke on the rare chance that they’re annoyed with each other!

Romantic Wedding Gifts For Your Sister

45. Statue Of Two Lovers

A romantic wedding gift to get for your sister would be a beautiful statue of two lovers. There are plenty of different artistic styles you can get of this age-old image, but they’re extremely romantic and will help her marital home blossom with love and affection.

46. Locket With Wedding Photo

Another romantic wedding gift would be a locket with your sister’s wedding photo in it! With a picture locket, your sister or her partner can carry a special image of their wedding day around their neck wherever they go – keeping their partner close to their heart. 

47. Letter Tiles

You can also get an assortment of tiles with letters on them, which your sister can then arrange to spell out her and her partner’s names. This is a sweet and creative gift, not to mention romantic.

48. Special Box Of Chocolates

Chocolates are one of the most romantic gifts out there, and a special box of chocolates would be a great gift for your sister and her partner to enjoy eating. 

49. Special Bottle Of Wine

On a similar note, a special bottle of wine would also be a romantic wedding gift! Your sister and her partner can enjoy drinking it together in the evening, sharing their love. 

50. Heart Statue

Finally, a statue of heart would be a romantic wedding gift! Your sister can proudly display this in her home, perfectly reflecting the place of love that she and her partner have made together. 

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Final Thoughts

Getting the right wedding gift for your sister will make her special day even more special – use our massive guide to find the best gifts!

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