The Best 30 Wedding Gifts For The Bride From Her Groom That Are Sure To Make Her Swoon

There are so many things to take into consideration on your wedding day.

From picking the right wedding party, the clothes, venue, flowers, and food, you have so many different choices that lie ahead of you. 

For the groom, there may be another choice you need to make as well.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your new bride, this can be difficult to do and you may find that you don’t have the energy to make any more choices!

That’s where this article can help. We’ve put together a list of the best xx wedding gifts for the bride from her groom.

Any of these gifts are sure to make your new bride swoon and no matter what her tastes are, there’s sure to be the perfect gift for her.

Choosing the right wedding gift for your bride can be a daunting task, but it’s worth putting in the effort to show her how much she means to you on your special day.

Let’s get started and look at these swoon-worthy gifts!

1. Mrs. Jewelry Ceramic Dish

Our first gift is this gorgeous ceramic dish that is designed to hold jewelry.

Your new bride will have a beautiful new wedding ring and this dish will be able to keep the ring nice and safe if she ever needs to take it off.

It can also hold other pieces of jewelry such as earrings while she is getting ready for a night out.

2. Honeymoon Sand Keepsake Jar

If you’re heading out on a honeymoon to a beautiful beach somewhere, then this is a great gift for your bride.

It’s a keepsake jar that is designed to hold some sand so you can bring back a part of your honeymoon with you and keep it forever.

Even after decades have passed, you’ll be able to look at this keepsake jar and remember the beautiful beaches of your honeymoon.

3. Wedding Day Pearl Necklace

There are two things we love about this present. The necklace itself is gorgeous as it is made from 14-carat gold and features a stunning single pearl on a delicate chain.

However, the reason why we love this gift the most is because of the presentation as the box has a lovely message written inside.

4. Girlfriend, Fiancee, Wife T-Shirt

We love how fun this gift is! Celebrate the progression of your relationship from dating, to being engaged, to getting married with this t-shirt.

It’s available in several different colors and sizes and is a perfect shirt for a honeymoon,

5. Mr. And Mrs. Wooden Ring Holder Box

We introduced a jewelry dish for her earlier, but this box is for both of you. The box is made from wood and has two ring cushions inside to hold both of your wedding rings.

The rustic style of the box fits well with the white text that is printed on the box as well.

6. Happy Tears Embroidered Handkerchief

Although wedding days are happy occasions, they’re also full of tears.

Thankfully, they’re happy tears and if your bride is worried that her happy tears will ruin her makeup, then this handkerchief is the perfect gift.

She can keep her eyes dry while being reminded that happy tears are expected and accepted at a wedding!

7. Wedding Time Capsule Keepsake Set

If you want to keep some small mementos of your wedding day then this tin is a great and stylish way to do it.

Whether your bride wants to keep some confetti, flowers, cards, or any other small items, this tin will keep them neat and tidy forever.

There is a space to add a date on the tin so you can decide to open it together on one of your future anniversaries.

8. Loungefly Minnie Mouse Sequin Mini-Backpack

Loungefly backpacks are very popular with Disney fans and if your bride loves Disney, she is sure to love this backpack.

It features Minnie’s trademark ears and bow covered in white sequins and has a cute lining full of Minnie heads and love hearts.

9. Marriage Prayer Decorative Photo Holder

After your wedding day is finished, you will have many beautiful photos that you’ll want to display around your home.

We have a few gifts for wedding photos on this list and this is just the first.

It consists of a wooden board with a sweet message written on it and a string underneath for you to hang photos. You can place this photo holder anywhere in the home and it will look great.

10. I Woke Up Like This Tank Top

This is another fun item of clothing that your bride will love to wear on your honeymoon.

The slogan on the shirt reads “I woke up like this #married” so anyone who sees your bride in this shirt will instantly know she’s a newlywed.

There are many colors to choose from and several sizes as well.

11. A Year Of Us: A Couple’s Journey Book

What better way to mark your first year as a married couple than by keeping a record of your thoughts and feelings?

This book poses the writer a different question every day and can help to spark lots of conversations that you may not have even considered. It’ll bring you closer together!

12. Personalized Photo Frame With Message

This photo frame is one of the more versatile ones we’ve seen. It features two photo frames and a center area made from felt that can be used for messages.

You get 320 different letters so you can change the messages whenever you want to and keep things updated throughout the rest of your marriage.

Leave cute notes or reminders for each other or just keep it as a memento of your wedding.

13. Hand Casting Kit For Couples

This is one of the more unique gifts on this list and is perfect for any bride that loves crafts and homemade decorations.

It’s a molding kit that allows you to make a cast of your hands so you can commemorate your relationship forever.

You get a beautiful stand as well so when your creation has dried you can display it in your home.

14. Personalized Custom Wedding Throw

You can mark your wedding day with this beautiful personalized throw blanket.

It can be personalized with both of your names and the date of your wedding and includes many other sweet words around it to show your love.

It’s available in several different colors so you can match it to your decor! The blanket is sure to be with you throughout the rest of your marriage!

15. Personalized Cutting Boards

Personalized items for the home are always a great wedding gift and that’s why we’ve included so many on this list!

These cutting boards can be used for their practical purpose but we like them best as a decorative item for your kitchen.

There are many different designs available so you can choose one that is personalized just for your bride or for the pair of you.

16. Gold Swan Picture Frame

We’re big fans of interesting photo frames and this gold swan is certainly unique!

You can put your favorite wedding photo in the frame and the gold swan design will make it stand out and look even more beautiful.

It’s rotatable as well so it would work great as a centerpiece that can be turned and seen from all angles.

17. I Choose You Wallet Card

This little metal card carries a sweet inscription that will let your bride know exactly how much you love her.

It’s small enough to fit into a wallet or purse so your bride can take the card with her everywhere she goes.

Whenever she feels sad or lonely, she can look at the card and remember how much you love her.

18. Reasons I Want To Marry You Wedding Notebook

Why give your bride a love letter when you can give her an entire notebook full of how much you care?

It’s best to buy this book in advance of your wedding so that you will have enough time to fill it out before you give it to your wife.

Make a note of everything about your bride that you love, detail your dates, and write your hopes and dreams for your life together.

19. Engraved Keepsake Box

This is another beautiful gift that will help your wife keep mementos from your special day.

Made from pinewood, the box features a sliding lid and is the perfect size for photos or postcards as it can fit 100 standard-size photographs.

There are several different inscriptions that you can choose from depending on how you feel but we like the “To my bride on our wedding day” inscription.

20. Set Of Wedding Mickey Ears

Any Disney-loving bride is sure to love this gift! Mickey ears are a very popular Disney item and can be bought for almost every occasion and in every design.

This gift is for a pair of Mickey ears and features one plain black pair and a white pair as well.

The white pair says Just Married on the ears and this would make a fun gift for your bride to wear at a more casual reception or party.

You’ll be able to get some very unique and cute photos if you both wear a pair!

21. Custom Blanket With Personalized Photos

Make your own personalized blanket with this gift! There are several layout options available but they all take your own photos and turn them into a unique gift.

Why not document the most important events of your relationship so far and commemorate them in this blanket?

You have the option of several different sizes so you can create a throw for your bed, couch, or anywhere else in the house.

22. First Christmas Married Ornament

If you’re having a winter wedding, you can celebrate this by giving your wife this sweet Christmas ornament.

There are a couple of different designs for a couple’s first married Christmas together and you can personalize the ornament within a year.

You don’t need to only use this ornament once, either, as it can become a permanent fixture on your tree for the rest of your lives. 

23. Mr. And Mrs. Ceramic Coffee Mugs With Lids

Throughout your married life you’re sure to share many cups of coffee together and there is no better way to mark this than with romantic coffee mugs!

The set consists of two coffee mugs, two lids, two wooden coasters, and two gold spoons and they are all packaged in a nice box.

The two mugs have a sweet inscription that hints at your future life together.

24. Marriage Prayer Plaque

This wooden plaque features a romantic prayer that if followed, should help you throughout your married life.

The plaque is made from real wood and is nearly 14 inches long, making it perfect for hanging on your wall.

Make sure you place it somewhere you can see it so you can draw strength from the words whenever you need to.

25. Personalized Mr. And Mrs. Mason Jar Glasses

If you’re a couple that likes to relax at home with some homemade cocktails then this pair of mason jars is a stylish way to enjoy your drink.

They have handles on them to make them easier to hold as you drink and you can have them personalized with your names and the date of your wedding.

When not being used for your favorite drink, they’ll look great as decor as well!

26. Heart Thumbprint Photo Frame

At first glance, this looks like a pretty basic photo frame, especially compared to some of the other options for displaying photos that we’ve already included in this list.

However, it’s not as simple as it looks as underneath the photo is a space for you both to leave your thumbprints in the shape of a heart!

You’ll get the ink pad needed to do this and it’ll make a photo frame that is literally unique to you.

27. Our Bucket List: A Journal For Couples

Your wedding day is just the first day of your adventure together and this journal will help you plan every other adventure you intend to take together.

Many people have a bucket list of things they want to do before they die and this journal helps the two of you to plan your joint bucket list.

Decide on the things you want to do, start planning, and then come back to the journal once you’ve completed each item to leave some memories.

28. Personalized Decorative Throw Case Pillow

This item will allow you to personalize a pillowcase with your own design.

There are several different text-only options available to choose from, but we like the option that allows you to write a surname and year.

You can customize this with your married surname and the year of your wedding.

29. Bride Robe

Whether it’s getting ready for the big day or having a relaxing morning on the honeymoon, there will be times when your bride wants to lounge without wearing her wedding dress or any other clothes that might get damaged by makeup or wet hair.

This beautiful silky robe will definitely come in handy during those times and you can choose from various different designs.

30. Personalized Bride Tote Bag

Our final wedding gift for the bride from her groom is this personalized tote bag. A woman can never have enough tote bags and this one is perfect for the start of her married life.

You can choose from a few different designs and they all come with a matching makeup bag as well.

They’re the perfect gift for a honeymoon and the tote bag is surprisingly large and can carry several large items.

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed the best 30 wedding gifts for the bride from her groom that are sure to make her swoon.

We picked a wide variety of different gifts so there is sure to be the perfect gift for your new bride on this list.

Some of the gifts are intended for you to use together and others will make her feel special.

We’ve also included some gifts that are intended to be kept forever and become part of the decor of your new home together.

We hope you have a wonderful wedding day and that your bride loves her swoon-worthy gift!

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