Need some ideas for the best lesbian engagement gifts to celebrate the future Mrs. and Mrs?

We’ve got you covered with 10 fabulous gifts that they’ll absolutely love!

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Need some ideas for the best lesbian engagement gifts to celebrate the future Mrs. and Mrs? We've got you covered! Check out 10 ideas that we love!


So, your favorite lesbian couple finally got engaged, huh?

How absolutely cool is that?

Now comes the tough part of figuring out what to get them for an engagement gift.

Well, not a problem because we have you covered!

Here are some of the best lesbian engagement gifts!

Best Lesbian Engagement Gifts

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1. Mrs. & Mrs. Wine Glasses

Best Lesbian Engagement Gifts Wine glasses

This set of 2 stemless Wine Glasses feature the wording “Mrs.” on each glass, in rich metallic gold lettering.

  • Each glass measures 4.5-inches tall, 3.5-inches wide and holds 17 ounces.
  • The glassware itself is restaurant quality, and the design is permanent.
  • The stemless design also makes them perfect for juice, so these aren’t just for brides who drink wine.

2. Wedding Countdown Sign

Best Lesbian Engagement Gifts countdown sign

This simple yet beautiful ivory-colored wooden sign reads: “________ Days Until We Become Mrs. & Mrs. ________.”

  • The heart is a chalkboard, so your favorite couple can update it daily.
  • You can also request customization and put names on the sign itself.
  • The entire sign is completely handmade, so it’s really a one-of-a-kind item.

3. Shot Glasses


Best Lesbian Engagement Gifts shot glasses

This set of 2 Mrs. & Mrs. Shot Glasses  make the ideal engagement gift for brides who are the life of the party!

  • Each shot glass measures 3.25-inches tall and holds 2.8 ounces.
  • Each one features an elegant “Mrs.” design and they are dishwasher safe.
  • The design is permanent and won’t wash off.

4. Coffee Mugs

Best Lesbian Engagement Gifts Mugs

This set of 2 coffee mugs feature a dark red color interior and exterior lettering.

  • One side of the coffee mug reads: “I found my Mrs. Right…” while the other side reads: “… And so did She!”
  • Each coffee mug comes in its own individual white gift box.
  • Mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe.

5. Can Coolers


Best Lesbian Engagement Gifts can coolers

Hear me out, because I know can coolers don’t really sound like a great engagement gift. These are different, though! They’re super cute and classy!

  • This set of 2 coolers comes in 4 different color options- blush and dark blue, mint and dark blue, white and black or white and dark blue.
  • Each of the can coolers reads: “I’m Hers,” with an arrow pointing in opposite directions.
  • These can coolers can collapse to lay flat, making for easy transporting.

6. Signing Tree

Best Lesbian Engagement Gifts signing tree

Want to give your favorite couple a gift they can use at their wedding? I love this signing tree! It’s such a clever idea and one of my all-time favorite lesbian engagement gifts!

  • The poster can be personalized with the couple’s names.
  • It features 75 “signing leaves” and comes with an instruction card.
  • Guests sign their names using the included fast-drying ink markers.


7. T-shirt

Best Lesbian Engagement Gifts tshirt

This 100% cotton t-shirt reads: “ENGAYGED,” in rainbow colored lettering and features an image of two engagement rings.

  • The t-shirt is available in 5 different colors- cranberry, Kelly green, pink, purple and white.
  • Grab one for each of the brides-to-be!

8. Heart Puzzle Keychains

Best Lesbian Engagement Gifts Heart Puzzle Keychain

This set of 2 wooden keychains are another one of my favorite lesbian engagement gifts.

  • The are handmade and can be personalized with the wedding date.
  • One keychain reads: “Mrs. Right,” while the other keychain reads: “Mrs. Always Right.”
  • The two fit together to form a heart.
  • Each set is handmade to order.

9. Ring Dish

Best Lesbian Engagement Gifts ring dish

This white porcelain ring dish features the wording: “Mrs. & Mrs.,” surrounded by a heart in black glossy adhesive vinyl.

  • The ring dish measures 3-inches by 3-inches and is 1.25-inches deep.
  • It’s deep enough to hold two rings safe and sound.

10. Christmas Ornament

Best Lesbian Engagement Gifts Ornament


There are some gorgeous Christmas ornaments that would make beautiful lesbian engagement gifts. My favorite is the one pictured above.

  • It reads: She asked…She Said Yes!
  • The ornament is handmade with love (and without stencils), making each one completely unique.

These are just some of my favorite lesbian engagement gifts. They’re fun and meaningful gifts with a little something for every personality!

What are your favorite lesbian engagement gifts to give? Tell us below!

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