Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Engagement Gifts for Same-Sex Couples

Looking for the best engagement gifts for same-sex couples? Check out our complete shopping guide that's loaded with ideas!

Searching for the best engagement gifts for same sex couples? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’re gathering up all of our favorite ideas into one handy-dandy guide. Consider this your ultimate engagement gift shopping hub! We have a lot to cover, so let’s get started! Use the table of contents below to jump to a specific section, or just browse through the entire guide to see what pops out at you. 

Engagement Gifts for Same-Sex Couples: Complete Shopping Guide

I love shopping for engagement gifts

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Related: Expensive Gay and Lesbian Engagement Gifts! Most couples have registries for wedding gifts, and I always recommend sticking to it (after all, those are the things they need the most). When it comes to engagements, though, registries aren’t as common, so you have a lot more flexibility. You can really have fun with it! 

Of course, the thing that makes it so fun can also make it so challenging. Without a registry, you’re pretty much on your own. If you’re not super close to the couple, it can be very difficult to figure out what to get them without a specific list of things they want. Then, there are all of the etiquette questions!   Do you even need to give the couple a gift? How much should you spend? What types of gifts are appropriate?

We’ll answer that last question with our shopping guide, so let’s quickly touch on the first two. 

Do you have to bring a gift to an engagement party?

Technically, no, you don’t have to buy an engagement gift. I’m going to assume you want to, since you’re here looking for ideas, but it’s not mandatory. I mean, buying presents is never mandatory, but you know what I mean; etiquette-wise, couples should not expect engagement gifts. 

There is one rule when it comes to deciding if you should or shouldn’t bring a gift, though.  If the couple specifically asks guests to NOT bring a gift, then please respect their wishes. As The Spruce explains, doing so could embarrass other guests and/or the couple. If you really want to give them a gift- perhaps your family has a special traditional engagement gift and you want to share it with them- then do it in private either before or after the party. 

How much should you spend on an engagement gift?

If you’re planning to give a gift, the next big question is “How much should I spend on it.” Honestly, that’s totally up to you. As The Nest explains, traditional etiquette rules dictate that the engagement gift cost about one-quarter to one-third of the cost of your wedding gift. So, if you’re planning on spending $100 on that, aim for something in the $25-30 range for their engagement present. 

Again, though, it’s really up to you. If you’re planning to spend $100 on a wedding gift, but you come across an amazing engagement gift that costs $50 and you have the cash for it, go for it! Likewise, if you’re short on cash and really want to allocate your entire budget on the wedding gift, it’s perfectly okay to spend less than 1/4-1/3. Again, engagement gifts are a nice “extra,” not something that couples should expect. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into our shopping guide!

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What are the Best Engagement Gifts for Same-Sex Couples?

If this is your first same-sex wedding, let me give you one tip that will make shopping so much easier: don’t get too hung up on the “same sex” part. Just like trans men are men and trans women are women, gay and lesbian couples are couples, period. Once you let go of the outdated idea that every LGBTQ person wants to surround themselves with rainbows, shopping for gifts becomes a lot easier. That said, our guides do include a few Pride gifts sprinkled throughout for couples that are passionate about rainbows. 🙂 Let’s dive in, shall we?

Best Lesbian Engagement Gifts

mrs and mRs wine glasses

Looking for the perfect present for two future brides? We shared our top 10 favorite lesbian engagement gifts! From simple yet elegant Mrs. & Mrs. wine glasses to a gorgeous wedding guest book alternative, there’s something for every budget, so take a look. 

Engagement Gifts for Gay Couples

Gay Anniversary, Couple Portrait

For our favorite newly-engaged grooms-to-be, we love these 10 Thoughtful Engagement Gifts for Gay CouplesNumber 3 on that list-pictured above- is my favorite. It’s just so unique, don’t you think? I love that you can include their pet in the portrait! Perfect for couples who are planning to incorporate their dog into the ceremony. 

If you don’t see something you love on that list, check out our older shopping guide with 10 more great  engagement gifts for gay couples. I particularly love the idea of gifting the happy couple a wedding planner.

Best Gifts for Older Same-Sex Couples

 Personalized Lantern

Finding the best engagement gifts for older couples is definitely a challenge. Chances are, they already have all of the practical things that they need. That’s also what makes shopping for them kind of fun, though! You don’t have to stick with perfectly practical. Instead, you have more wiggle room to get super creative! I’m kind of in love with those lanterns above! Hey, my power goes out a lot in the winter, so they’re practical as well as pretty!

Gifts for a Christmastime Engagement Party

Lenox We're Engaged 2019 Gemstone Ornament

Speaking of winter, if your favorite couple announcing their big news around the holidays, you may want to grab one of these 15 Great Christmas Gifts for an Engaged LGBT Couple. I love the ornament above. So pretty! The majority of the list isn’t Christmas-themed, though. Remember, engagement gifts- if you decide to get one- should be something they can use year-round.

Engagement Gift Baskets for All Couples

If you're struggling to come up with some great engagement gift basket ideas for LGBT couples, let us give you a hand. Check out 10 we adore!

If you’re really at a loss as to what to get the happy couple, gift baskets are a great way to go.  Need some inspo? Check out these 10 Engagement Gift Baskets Ideas for LGBT Couples. If you’re creative, though, you can even make your own. Grab a pretty basket and fill it with goodies that you know they’ll adore! It doesn’t have to be a food-centric basket. Other amazing options include movie night, date night, or pampering gift baskets. 

While you should have no problem finding the perfect engagement gifts for same-sex couples within the guides above, we have even more ideas in the works for you. So, go ahead and bookmark this page! You can also let us know below if there are any specific themes you’d like us to cover!

What are your favorite engagement gifts for same-sex couples? Share below!


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