30 Awesome DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Save money & give guests something they’ll love by making your own DIY wedding favors!

Think about it: How many times have you gone to a wedding and received wedding favors that you know you’ll never use?

I certainly have received my share of cute wedding favors that, while darling, wasn’t really my taste or something I could use.

So why not make your own gifts that your wedding guests will not only appreciate for their thoughtfulness but actually use as well?

Here are some great ideas for awesome DIY wedding gifts for your guests.

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30 DIY Wedding Favors for Your Guests

1. Wildflower Seeds

With a little sunlight and some TLC, your guests will think of you and your awesome wedding every time they see their flowers!

2. Jars Of Jam Or Preserves

Do you love making jam or any other kind of preserves?  If so, why not consider making jars with personalized labels that your guests will look forward to trying with their morning toast?

3. Coffee Beans

This one gets my vote for one of the most awesome wedding favors

These also make great Columbia wedding favors to celebrate your heritage if you’re from the country, or as a play on words if you’re from DC or Columbia, Mo.

4. Treats

Whether it be customized to-go containers near the dessert or candy bar; or handmade boxes filled with your favorite go-to snack, treats and sweets will never go to waste!  

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these perfect ideas.

5. Hangover Kits

After a wedding, it’s a safe bet that more than a few wedding guests will be feeling a little “under the weather” the following day! 

Trust me, even non-drinkers will feel the effects of all the jubilation!

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6. Mini Olive Oil Favors

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7. Soap wedding favors

8. Seashell Seating Cards

9. Wedding Favors for Kids

If you’re inviting children to the wedding, create these cute little coloring favors to keep them busy throughout the meal.

Just print out coloring sheets, then attach them to clipboards and add some crayons. Parents will love that you thought to go the extra mile and create something cute for the kiddos!

10. Sugar Scrub Wedding Favor

With a million and one sugar scrub recipes out there these days, it’s easier than ever to make your own bath and beauty products. These You’re the Zest favors are darling, I love the play on words!

While they were made for bridesmaids’ gifts, you can customize the wording and labels to fit your theme and use them as cute wedding favors.

11. Potted Succulents

Plant your succulents in small jars or tin containers, label them, and then tie everything together with jute, twine, or a lovely ribbon.

@thekirkwoodbungalow Finished up some succulent pot wedding favors today! #diy #diycrafts #fyp ♬ Love On My Mind – Lucas & Steve

12. Chocolate

@arosidecor Bespoke Nikkah Chocolate Favours. #nikkahceremony #nikkah #muslimwedding #afghanweddings #pakistaniwedding #chocolate #partyfavours #weddingfavors ♬ Baraka Allahu Lakuma – Live & Acoustic – Maher Zain

Remove the outside wrappers from store-bought candy bars and wrap in gold crepe paper for chocolate favors. Then, using double-sided tape, wrap our printed wrappers around the bar.

13. Personalized Candle Favors

Put your dip-dye abilities to the test with these candle favors, which can be customized to fit your wedding color scheme.

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14. Honey Favors

@alieandsteph Meant to bee 🐝 #craft #cricut #wedding #diy #honey #weddingdiy #homemade #weddingfavor ♬ Backyard Boy – Claire Rosinkranz

Mini Honey Jars (DIY) Your guests will be able to take home the finest favors around—mini jars of honey!

Everyone will be talking about these favors, which come with honey dippers and a nice statement.

15. Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows

@louisianawoman1 ❤️💋 Valentine Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows #valentinesday #food #chocolate #marshmallow #sprinkles #fyp #craft ♬ She’s in Love With the Boy (Live) – Trisha Yearwood

These dipped marshmallows are a festive fall wedding treat for your guests. If the weather on your special day is chilly and crisp, provide them with a hot chocolate bar.

16. Fortune Cookies

@sweetsugarlaine another round of wedding favors❤….I LOVE my job😉 #weddingcookies #customcookies #cookieartist #edibleart #cookierofnewnan #fypage #sugarcookies ♬ It Costs That Much – Woah Dude

You can consider buying cookies in bulk and packaging them in cute personalized bags. Alternatively, why not give them a cookie in a jar kit to make themselves cookies at home. You can include a tutorial on how to make the cookies.

17. Lavender Soap

@ladybugkissesbb Making soap favors for my sisters wedding. #smallbusiness #ladybugkissesbb #latinaowned #weddingfavors #etsy ♬ Coastin’ – Victoria Monét

These are a definite crowd-pleaser for wedding favor ideas. You can never go wrong with lavender scents and soaps. Sure they won’t rank as sweet treats but again who would mind?

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18. Mug Cakes

@dishedit No, it doesn’t taste like egg 🙄#mugcake #3ingredients #chocolate #microwaverecipe #goodfood #easyrecipe #tiktokrecipe #tiktokfood #foodtiktok #food ♬ Coffee Shop – Late Night Luke

Cake in a mug makes a tasty and nice treat. Include the recipe as a bonus, and cover with colored lids for a lively presentation.

19. Coaster Wedding Favors

@amanda__acosta wedding favor coasters 🤩 #diy #cricut #wedding #weddingfavors #smallbusiness ♬ double take – dhruv

Coasters are a great wedding favor because your guests are definitely going to use them

20. Seed Packets

@dragonflypaperie Seed packet wedding favors sealed with a thank you ✨ #waxseal #waxsealtiktok #handmade ♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

Choose the most beautiful seed packs you can find, dress them up with velvet ribbons, and you’re done!

You’ll have immediate, lovely wedding favors that are simple on the money and the schedule.

If you cant find the packets you can put the seeds in envelopes to make unconventional seed packets.

21. Upcycled Vintage Fabric Sachets

You may make sachets for your visitors to take home using essential oils and attractive fabric. They may be placed in drawers or on shelves to add a pleasant smell to any room.

22. Popcorn Wedding Favors

@farmatbentleyfields #popcorn #popcornbar #weddingfavorideas #farmatbentleyfields ♬ Popcorn – Benylis Ann

If sweets aren’t your thing, why not make popcorn wedding favors for the reception instead? Get some adorable tiny personalized popcorn boxes and Simply add the popcorn!

23. Bouquets

@whiteroom_wedding #sunflower #minibouquet #favors #rusticwedding #etsy #customfavors #birthdayfavors #partyfavors #weddingfavors #handmade #baptism ♬ Holy – Justin Bieber

Experiment with dried flower arrangements for guests to pick up on their way out to hone your bouquet-making skills. Instead of using conventional paper cones, use sheet music to hold the gorgeous stems together.

24. S’mores Kit

@haleyoda S’mores kits for the wedding guest party favors! #wedding #weddingtiktok #weddingdiy #fyp #maidofhonor ♬ kim kardashian its a full time job – kardashianicon

Personalize it by adding your favorite chocolate bar, plain or flavored marshmallow, and graham crackers on cellophane. Finish your mason jar with a s’more love label or a personalized favor tag.

25. Tea Bags

@lalahassnaasoapshop #luxurylife #partyfavors #orangecounty #orangecountysmallbusiness #mombusinessowner #weddingfavors #baptismfavors ♬ Moon (And It Went Like) – Kid Francescoli

Burlap coffee and tea bags are fantastic, and your visitors will adore them. You may buy little burlap bags or create your own, which is the most cost-effective alternative.

Simply fill them with coffee beans or tea – or a combination of the two – and tie them with ribbon or twine. You may brand them so that guests know what’s inside and include a personalized tag.

26. Personalized Sunglasses

For outdoor or beach-themed weddings, they make excellent guest favors or bridal party presents. Keep the sun out of everyone’s eyes while still adding a personal touch.

@pinksugarshoppe How fun are these Vday Sunglasses Cards? Super easy and great for class favors! LinkinBio 💕😎 #partyfavors #classfavors #valentinesday #printables ♬ Love Me – Justin Bieber

27. Lotions

@bodywondercreations #halloweenbabyshower #babyshower #halloween #ghost #partyfavors #lotion #handsanitizer #burlap #handmadesoap #soap #bodycare #manifesting ♬ Goosebumps – JP The 3rd.

Fill small jars with your own lotion mixture and label them with stickers. You may also gift your wedding guests your custom-made all-natural lotion if you know how to make one.

29. DIY Lemon Body Scrub

This is an excellent way to thank your wedding guests. They may rest and exfoliate once they get home from your big day.

This is more of a gift for ladies, although many guys appreciate a nice soothing scrub every now and again.

Simply prepare the scrub in bulk and store it in mason or jelly jars. Tie it all together with ribbon or twine once you’ve added your personal message on a label or tag.

30. Homemade Love Spice Favors

@jayandmackfilms Build your own rub/spice station🐷 #weddingvideographer #weddingfavorideas #brideandgroom #weddingfood ♬ 90s Kids – Jax

Give your guests a tasty present by making these BBQ rubs and storing them in a little jelly jar.

The rubs or spices themselves are simple to make, and you may use any homemade spice recipe you choose.


Hopefully, our ultimate list of DIY wedding favors gave you all sorts of crafting ideas and helped you decide which favor to make for your special day.

No matter what DIY favor you chose, they’ll surely be appreciated by your wedding guests, and help you pull off an unforgettable celebration!

awesome diy wedding favors on the basket

I hope you enjoyed my list of awesome ideas for DIY wedding gifts for your guests.  What are some of the most memorable gifts you’ve received at a wedding?  

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