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Save money & give guests something they’ll love by making your own DIY wedding favors!

Think about it: How many times have you gone to a wedding and received  wedding favors that you know you’ll never use?

I certainly have received my share of cute wedding favors that, while darling, weren’t really my taste or something I could use.

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Want to save money and still give your guest something special to remember your big day? Check out these 6 awesome DIY wedding favors!


So why not make your own gifts that your wedding guests will not only appreciate for their thoughtfulness but actually use as well?

Here are some great ideas for awesome DIY wedding gifts for your guests.

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DIY Wedding Favors for Your Guests

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1. Wildflower Seeds



Sure, not everyone has a garden to plant their flower seeds in.  But, everyone has something lying around their home that they can use as a pot to plant their wildflower seeds.

With a little sunlight and some TLC, your guests will think of you and your awesome wedding every time they see their flowers!

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2. Jars Of Jam Or Preserves

Do you love making jam or any other kind of preserves?  If so, why not consider making jars with personalized labels that your guests will look forward to trying with their morning toast?

Whatever fruit is in season will make a wonderful excuse to start canning for your wedding guests! Grab some small mason jars and get to work!

3. Coffee Beans

This one gets my vote for one of the most awesome wedding favors! Almost everyone loves coffee, so why not prepare your guests some coffee beans in a beautiful package for them to take home?  The choices for packaging are endless, from personalized burlap bags; to jars to sweet little tins with handmade labels.

These also make great Columbia wedding favors to celebrate your heritage if you’re from the country, or as a play on words if you’re from DC or Columbia, Mo.

4. Treats

Whether it be customized to-go containers near the dessert or candy bar; or handmade boxes filled with your  favorite go-to snack, treats and sweets will never go to waste!  Satisfy your sweet tooth with these perfect ideas.

5. Hangover Kits

After a wedding, it’s a safe bet that more than a few wedding guests will be feeling a little “under the weather” the following day!  Trust me, even non-drinkers will feel the effects of all the jubilation!

Why not prepare a hangover kit for your guests, which can include water bottles, coffee, gum, and anything else you can think of to clear the cobwebs!

6. Mini Olive Oil Favors

I love these little mini olive oil wedding favors because just about everyone uses the oil! It’s perfect for cooking, for skin treatments, and more.Grab some little bottles with cork stoppers, then fill them with a high-quality extra virgin olive oil!

7. Soap wedding favors

If you’re crafty in the kitchen, making your own soap wedding favors is really easy and fun! Whether you make it completely from scratch or just use a melt and pour base, you can come up with some adorable ideas that are perfect for your wedding.

8. Seashell Seating Cards

If you’re planning a beach wedding, these are the perfect DIY wedding favors for you! Use a gold glitter Sharpie or paint to write your guests’ names on the inside of seashells so everyone can find their seat in style, then have a cute keepsake to take home with them.

9. Wedding favors for kids

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Having kids at your wedding? Here is an idea to keep them occupied!

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If you’re inviting children to the wedding, create these cute little coloring favors to keep them busy throughout the meal.Just print out coloring sheets, then attach them to clipboards and add some crayons. Parents will love that you thought to go the extra mile and create something cute for the kiddos!

10. Sugar Scrub Wedding Favor

With a million and one sugar scrub recipes out there these days, it’s easier than ever to make your own bath and beauty products. These Your’re the Zest favors are darling, I love the play on words! While they were made for bridesmaids gifts, you can customize the wording and labels to fit your theme and use them as cute wedding favors.


I hope you enjoyed my list of awesome ideas for DIY wedding gifts for your guests.  What are some of the most memorable gifts you’ve received at a wedding?  

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