13 Cute Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Want to make sure your guests remember your big day as fondly as you do? Check out 13 cute wedding favors they’ll absolutely love!

Want to make sure your guests remember your big day as fondly as you do?

They’ll absolutely love these cute wedding favors! When it comes to a wedding, there is so much that has to be planned and so many decisions to be made!

From the venue to your dress, flowers and menus, you literally have to plan every small detail of your day.

Thankfully not all of the decisions are tough and nerve-wracking.

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One of the more fun decisions to make is what you will be giving your guests as wedding favors

Wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming as well as the best way to ensure guests remember your special day! However, with endless wedding favor options, it can be hard to decide on just one.

Here are 13 cute wedding favors that are cute and super memorable.

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Cute Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

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1. With seed packet wedding favors, your special day will be remembered for years to come, in floral form!


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2. Jars of local honey will prove just how sweet your love really is.


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3. Who knew that little mint holders could be so cute?!


4. Cookies stacked like wedding cakes that are tasty and adorable.


5. Succulents wrapped in your wedding colors. These are great even for guests without green thumbs!


6. Homemade herb-infused olive oil. A great wedding favor that is a kitchen staple.


7. Bride and groom chocolate covered pretzels.


Perfect when you want sweet and salty! These are actually crazy easy to make at home. Just melt some good chocolate, dip your pretzel rods into it, then chill in the fridge!

8. Candles with custom labels. Your wedding day will leave a lasting scent.



You can either have them made for you or, if you prefer the DIY route, buy some amazing scented candles and print up your own labels.

9. Mini cookies in a mini jar.


Too cute! Again, if you’re a crafty bride, make the cookies yourself. If you’re not, no problem! Either ask a bakery to whip up something special or buy gourmet premade cookies.

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10. Travel-themed candy holders. These are perfect for a destination wedding!


11. Mini jars of jam or fruit spread. Your guests can literally spread the love!


12. Macaroons are pretty on their own but when you display them in a beautiful box? Swoon!


13. These little boxes can be filled with candy, mints and even mini pretzels.



What did you use as wedding favors on your special day? How did you guests react? Do you have a wedding favor from someone else’s wedding that you love? Tell us all about it!

4 thoughts on “13 Cute Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love”

  1. Something you notice about all of these, which I feel is brilliant is all of these seem so simple, yet also really meaningful in their nature too. Like more than the fish steamer they have you order from their amazon wishlist that they will probably never use. Outstanding. DR

  2. I like the macaroon idea but I like how simplistic each favor is, after all you don’t need anything fancy. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective x

  3. How cool are these?! It’s always fun to go to weddings to see all of the creative things people have come up with. I love the pretzels and (of course) the macaroons!

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