5 Equality Rings to Wear to Show Your LGBTQ Solidarity

a man putting equality rings to his husband

If you’re looking for some beautiful equality rings to exchange with your partner as engagement rings or just to wear to show your support for same-sex marriage, stick around. Below, we’ll explain the meaning behind these bands (for those who don’t know). Then, we’ll check out a few of our favorites!

If you’re in a rush, already know what they symbolize, and just want a few good recommendations, check out a quick glance at our top picks below.

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Best Equality Rings at a Glance

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5 Equality Rings Ideas

Now that you know what an equality ring is, let’s take a closer look at some of our favorites!

1. Unique Silver Equality Ring

equality ring

I think when people hear of an equality ring, this is the first one they think about. This ring is hand-stamped with the word “Equality.”

The ring is made using aluminum metal, which is non-allergic, lightweight, and doesn’t tarnish easily.

The band color is silver, and it’s adjustable. That said. It’s important to give your measurements when ordering to get your size.


  • It’s adjustable
  • It’s unisex
  • It’s made from aluminum which is non-allergic
  • The ring doesn’t tarnish easily


  • It’s handmade, so the letters may not be the same size.
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2. Aluminum Equal Sign Equality Ring

I really love this ring because it says its message loud and clear with its hand-stamped equal sign.

The ring is made from pure 1100 aluminum, which doesn’t tarnish and is food safe. Since the aluminum is pure (and free from magnesium and zinc), you don’t have to worry about skin reactions or your skin turning green.

That said, it’s important to keep the ring from excess moisture to protect its cuteness.


  • It’s adjustable
  • It’s made from pure 1100 aluminum, so it doesn’t cause skin reactions
  • The delivery message using an equal sign is creative


  • It can tarnish if exposed to excess moisture frequently

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3. Gold “Embrace” Equality Ring

Gold Embrace ring

While most of the equality rings are somewhat obvious and blatant, this one is different. This gold embrace equality ring simply requests other people to embrace and love the gay community in a calm way.

If you don’t consider yourself a very political person but still want to support your tribe, this is the best ring.

It’s also a comforting ring that will remind you you’re cared for, and they’re people who get you in times of uncertainty.

The silver is made of silver and coated with a thin layer of gold.


  • The ring is a friendly way of asking for equality for people who are shy and not very vocal
  • The hug ring can be a source of hope and comfort when the wearer is facing challenges because of their sexual orientation
  • It’s unique


  • The gold layer is very thin, and it fades away eventually
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4. Love is Love Equality Ring

This is another great equality ring. It comes hand-stamped with the message; love is love.

That’s probably the only thing that everyone in the world has to understand to make the world a better place.

This ring is made using a mixture of sterling silver, brass, copper, and aluminum. And the band color is gold.


  • It has a powerful message
  • It’s adjustable
  • It’s unisex


  • It’s handmade, so all letters may not be equal
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5. Equality Ring Seed Bead

Equality Ring Seed Bead

I decided to end my list with something unique. Something different. I’ve seen many metal-equality rings, but I’ve only seen a few people with a bead ring.

This ring is made using black Miyuki Japanese seed beads and a shiny silver equality sign in the middle.


  • The ring is unique
  • Beads don’t cause skin reactions
  • It doesn’t tarnish or fade.


  • Wearing it and removing it can be a bit straining
  • It’s not adjustable, unlike other rings
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Final Words

The world still has such a very long way to go before it’s even remotely fair and just for the LGBTQ community. Until that day arrives, we’ll continue to fight.

An equality ring may not change the world, but it can serve as a reminder of what we’re fighting for and help us show our solidarity with each other.

Our Top Pick

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lgbtq equality ring

I love the idea of wearing pride and equality rings. How do you feel them? Share with us!

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