10 Beautiful Expensive Gay and Lesbian Engagement Gifts

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Looking for some amazing expensive gay and lesbian engagement gifts to really express your joy over your favorite couple’s big news? Bigger doesn’t always equal better, and an inexpensive sentimental gift is just as meaningful. However, if you really want to go all out and have the budget to do so, any couple would love one of these ideas below!

Expensive Gay and Lesbian Engagement Gifts

From epic custom wood maps to elegant champagne flutes, we’ve rounded up some truly beautiful expensive gay and lesbian engagement gifts. Let’s dive right in!

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1. Custom Wooden Map

I found this custom wooden map on Etsy and it’s one of the best possible gifts. You can mark the points that are important for the couple, such as where they met, where they live, where they had the first date, and where they got engaged. It’s a super adorable gift, and the couple will be stunned. 

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2. Hers and Hers Bathrobes

For a lesbian couple, matching bathrobes are a goal, and you can make that happen! On Amazon, you can find these adorable and inscription bathrobe, made out of cotton, and sure to leave them with a smile on!

3. Luxury Champagne Flutes

If we’re talking about a super fancy couple, then these champagne flutes with golden details are a must. They are available on Amazon, the details are handmade, and they come in the most perfect giftbox covered in silk. 

4. Personalized Pebble Art

This is one of those gifts that will stick with the couple forever, and it would be amazing to have it somewhere in their new house.

Each piece is personalized according to the couple, and you can add any elements you want, from pets, to kids. You can find this on Etsy. If it’s sold out, check their shop for other styles.

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5. Unique Couple Wall Art

I found this to be one of the best gifts for gay and lesbian couples

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Related: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gay Couples. You get two letters for their names, each printed with the couple’s favorite pictures.

Think about photos from their vacations, parties together, and basically everything they have together! It’s available on Etsy!

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6. Unique Wedding Guestbook

Of course, the engagement is only the first step, and the amazing wedding is yet to come. You can get this guestbook for the couple as an engagement gift, and help them prepare for the day they finally say “I do.” You can find it on Amazon.

7. Handcrafted Ring Holder

This one is a gift for the big wedding too. The couple can keep their rings in it until the big day, and then use it as a wonderful jewelry holder. You can find it on Amazon and make their day incredible!

8. Forever Rose

A lot of legends say that the moment the last petal of a rose falls, the love will end. However, this rose is hand-dipped in silver, and it will last for a lifetime, and even more. You can find it on Amazon, and give it to the couple as a symbol of their eternal love. 

9. Wooden Skeleton Art

Skeleton art expensive gay and lesbian engagement gifts

If you’re shopping for a couple with a unique sense of style- or one that LOVES all things Halloween- this one is neat! This too, is a symbol of eternal love for a newly engaged lesbian or gay couple.

It’s extremely detailed, and you can have it engraved with their names, to prove that true love lasts for a lifetime. You can find it on Etsy.

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10. Personalized Resin Giftbox

expensive gay and lesbian engagement gifts personalized giftbox

This is probably the most wonderful gift box I’ve seen in a while and it’s perfect for a newly engaged couple. It contains a cutting board along with up to 10 coasters, and you can have it engraved with the couple’s names. It’s available on Etsy!

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Looking for some expensive gay and lesbian engagement gifts? Check out 10 beautiful ideas that any couple would adore!

These expensive engagement gifts for same-sex couples are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen in a while, and the couple will be incredibly happy that you thought of them!

What are some of your favorite expensive gay and lesbian engagement gifts? Share below!

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