7 Hilarious Gag Wedding Gifts for Your Favorite Prankster Couple

If you’re looking for gag wedding gifts, I’m your girl. Whether you’re shopping for a second wedding, a gay couple who already has everything, or just a pair of pranksters in love, I’ve got some amazing ideas lined up for you below! Let’s jump right in with my top picks. Then, we’ll chat a bit about when it’s actually appropriate to give gag gifts.

Gag Wedding Gifts Top Picks at a Glance

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7 Best Gag Gifts for a Second Wedding (Buyer’s Guide)

Are you ready to get shopping? If yes, here are the best gag wedding gifts for a second wedding that every couple will love.

1. The Original Wine Condoms

This is probably one of my favorite gag gifts on the list. I mean, when you’re a newlywed, you need to get back into the game, right? And a little wine goes a long way in helping you relax after the big day. And most importantly, erase all Aunty Sally’s comments on your remarrying.

Well, the original wine condom is a fun way to preserve the wine after opening the bottle. It allows you to seal up almost every bottle of wine regardless of its size. They’re funny and a bit awkward to people who are uptight, which makes them an even better gag gift.

You can accompany the wine condoms with a bottle of wine if you want to spice it up a little. 

2. A Funny Couple Gift Farmhouse Room Décor

Okay, I know I said I loved the wine condoms best, but the messages on some of these décor accessories are absolutely hilarious. And a little naughty to keep things fresh in a couple’s bedroom.

One of my favorite messages is, ‘The Key to a Successful Marriage is to Argue Naked.’ Come on. I don’t need to be a psychic to know this is one hell of a message. And I bet the couple will love seeing this message every morning and every night.

3. Custom Face Socks

This is another amazing gag gift idea for a second wedding. It’s pocket-friendly, yet thoughtful.

You can have two pairs of socks and have the faces of each of the partners. Isn’t it just funny to wear socks full of your spouse’s face?

I can totally picture the newlyweds posting a picture of their legs wearing the socks with the caption #movienightwithbae on Instagram.

4. Eat, Drink & Remarry Mugs

This is another fun gift for a second wedding. It’s the kind of humor that kills the stigma that comes with remarrying.

We all know how society can be petty with all the relationships and marriage rules.

The coffee mug is a good way to allow the couple to laugh about their love and appreciate each other.

And who doesn’t love a customized mug in their mug collection?

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5. World’s Okayest Couple Wine Glasses

Well, the wine glasses are a fun way to say the couple may have had their low moments, but they’re still okay.

You know, like, they’re not perfect, but they’re perfectly imperfect for each other kind of vibe?

The wine glasses have great fonts, and they’ll make the wine taste even better.

6. Tonight, Not Tonight Pillows

These funny pillows put an end to the “is my partner in the mood?” guessing game. Before bed, each half of the couple flips their pillow to whichever side they’re feeling. Then, at a glance, they can both tell whether tonight is all about passion or just a good cuddle.

7. Marriage Emergency Kit – DIY

Obviously, we wish the newlyweds nothing but happy life. But we also know relationships have their low moments.

Therefore, you could prepare an emergency kit to deal with these days—kind of a marriage first aid.

Some of the things a marriage emergency kit includes:

  • A timer. This is to help in taking turns during an argument.
  • Bandages. They can wear them when their ‘feelings’ are injured until they get well.
  • Funny notes. Some to make them smile and some to help the couple reconcile.
  • A great date-night game. Something to help put the fun back after a fight!

Just keep an open mind and add anything funny and helpful, and probably attach a manual of how to use the tools.

Should You Give a Gift for a Second Wedding?

To be honest, relationships and marriages are tough, and sometimes they don’t go as we planned (remember that ‘ex-bf/gf’ you thought was the one?’ I do).

Fortunately, some people find a way back to their lovers after a divorce, and others find new partners.

And while this reunion may not seem as important to you, it is still a big deal for the people involved.

So yes, it’s important to gift your friend even on their second marriage, or third (we know the third time’s the charm, huh).

When are Gag Gifts Appropriate for a Wedding?

Traditionally, a couple prefers significant gifts that make their lives easier, such as electrical gadgets, utensils, or even cash.

But most people who are having a second wedding have everything they need. So, you need to be creative and find something that doesn’t break your bank but is somewhat sentimental.

This is where gag gifts come in, there are funny, well thought through, and they won’t see it coming.

And it gives them something to always laugh about every time they remember their big day.

Best Gag Wedding Gifts (Final Thoughts)

A wedding is beautiful, and whether it’s the first or third wedding, the day is still special to the parties.

So, it’s important to celebrate with them even if it means getting a small gag wedding gift for them.

I hope my list gave you an idea of a simple, funny, and pocket-friendly gift for a second wedding.

Looking for some funny yet practical gag wedding gifts for a prank-loving couple? Check out these 7 clever ideas, including one neat DIY!

Did you love any of my gag wedding gift ideas? Let me know in the comment section. And feel free to add other suggestions.

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