10 Amazingly Sentimental and Touching Wedding Gifts to Give the Happy Couple

A stack of touching wedding gifts.

Looking for some of the most touching wedding gifts to give the happy couple? I’m a super sappy and sentimental person, so I’m more than happy to share some of my favorite ideas with you! From personalized gifts for a same-sex marriage to just plain beautiful ideas for all couples, I’ve included something for everyone. Check them out below!

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10 Amazingly Sentimental and Touching Wedding Gifts to Give the Happy Couple

 While I really recommend shopping from their registry first, if you’re close to the couple you may want to add a second gift as a meaningful extra. Honestly, the most touching wedding gifts are those that come from the heart. In other words, if it truly means something to you, it will mean something to them, too. 

If you’re feeling a bit stuck for ideas, though, I found some that I think are just wonderful.  Take a look and see if anything jumps out at you. 

Oh, last note- I know we said that personalized gifts are one of the most inappropriate wedding gifts for couples that you don’t know well. However, if you’re looking for touching wedding gift ideas, I’m going out on a limb and assuming that you actually know what the couple likes. In that case, personalized is perfect! Still, I’ll find a few options that aren’t customized, so you have a few more options. 

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1. Custom Wedding 2 Hearts Maps Art Print

If you look closely, you’ll see that this is actually two maps combined into one heart, with one half for each half of the couple. I love this as a touching wedding gift for couples who grew up in totally different places

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Related: Sentimental Virtual Wedding Gift. It shows how miles, mountains, or maybe even oceans couldn’t stop them from finding each other. 

2. Bridal Bouquet Wedding Gift Floral Preservation Art

This one requires a bit more work on everyone’s part, but it’s among the most beautiful sentimental gift ideas ever. Basically, you’ll place your order and the seller sends you a box.

Then, after the wedding, either you or the couple send off their flowers. The seller works her magic and sends back a perfectly preserved piece of art.  It takes 4-6 weeks, but it’s totally worth it. 

3. Lovebirds Painting Original Art

If your favorite couple loves art, this beautiful Lovebirds painting makes a very touching gift. It’s not just a print, but an original piece of art signed and dated by the artist. It arrives protectively packed and wrapped up in a mirror box for added safety. 

4. A Beautiful Wedding Photo Album

A really beautiful wedding album makes a perfect gift to give, especially when it’s something as amazing as this one. It’s made from high-quality birch wood and leather, so it’ll last a lifetime. In fact, it’ll last long enough for them to pass it down to their children and grandchildren! 

While I love this one pictured here for people who love to travel, the seller also has other styles in their Amazon store

5. Love Letter Blanket

Love Letter Blanket: Personalized Gift

If you’re looking for a gift to give your partner on your wedding day, this is perfect! I also think it’s an amazing idea for parents of the brides/grooms to give. You can handwrite a note to the happy couple with your wishes for their happiness, and they’ll see it every time they snuggle up together under it.

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6. Keepsake Ceremony Wine Box

Keepsake Ceremony Wine Box

For those who aren’t super close to the couple but want to give something meaningful, this ceremony wine box could be the perfect idea. While personalized and touching, it’s not overly sentimental or sappy.

If they’re not drinkers, it still makes a wonderful place to keep all the little mementos from their big day. They can open it up on their anniversaries and remember every detail of the magical moment where they both said “I Do.”

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7. Newlyweds Kit: Japanese Kintsugi Ceremony with Online Course

I came across this rather unique wedding gift on Etsy and thought it was just so touching. The Japanese art of Kintsugi is all about repairing pottery in a way that highlights the cracks rather than tries to hide them.

What does that have to do with marriage? Basically, it teaches the couple that while they may have some “cracks” in the pottery of life, they’ll never be so broken that they can’t be put back together in a beautiful way.

Of course, that’s a very simplified explanation for a very deep philosophy. That’s why the couple gets access to a course along with the 25-piece kit, so they can learn all about it for themselves.

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8. Personalized Wedding bowl

If you don’t think your favorite couple will enjoy putting pottery together themselves, you can always give them a gorgeous handmade piece that’s already assembled (and free of crack).

This beautiful personalized wedding bowl is handmade and includes their names, date, and a short quote.

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9. Personalized Wedding Quotes Painting

Personalized Wedding Quotes Painting

This piece of art is another beautiful way to share a meaningful quote with the couple. The tree represents so many wonderful things- strength, longevity, protection, and more. Add their names and date, along with a sentimental message.

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10. Journey Sticks- A Walking Art Piece

This last one is another super unique yet touching gift with multiple meanings. On the practical side, it’s perfect for couples who love to hike. When I lived in Japan, people who hiked Mt. Fuji used to get these at the start of their climb, and they would mark each leg of their journey.

However, if they don’t hike, on the philosophical side, it’s also a beautiful way to mark their ” life journey” together. Rather than using it to mark new heights on a mountain, they can mark milestones in their marriage, such as anniversaries. I think that would be so neat!

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Looking for some sentimental and truly touching wedding gifts to give the happy couple? Check out ten that we just love!

I tried really hard to choose gifts we haven’t talked about before, even though some of them would be perfect for this post. If you’re curious, I recommend checking out these truly thoughtful last-minute gift ideas (I particularly love the hidden message bracelets). There are also some wonderfully touching gift ideas on this list of inspirational lesbian wedding gifts, most of which can easily be personalized for two grooms instead. 

What are some of your favorite touching wedding gifts? Share below!

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