35 Amazing Gifts to Give Your Brother on His Wedding Day

When your best friend, your childhood wrestling partner, your ‘rock’ decides to get married, it is time you showcase your love for them through awesome wedding gifts for a brother that has always been by your side.

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

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Wedding Gifts for Brother Top Picks at a Glance

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35 Amazing Gifts to Give Your Broth...
35 Amazing Gifts to Give Your Brother on His Wedding Day

Check the table below for a side-by-side comparison of our favorites!

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35 Best Wedding Gifts for Brother

1.    Men’s Organic Cologne

men's cologne

Don’t hold yourself back from giving your brother this wonderful gift only because it’s a super common one. It’s common for good reason!

Of course, perfumes and colognes are a highly personalized choice. Which scent would suit him best? What does he fancy when it comes to fragrances? You need to answer all these questions to make sure you’re making the right choice. The Men’s organic perfume is likely a great choice of gift for your brother.

A spritz of his favorite perfume will boost the confidence of your best man like anything.

2.    Clothes — Designer T-shirt

men t-shirt

Everybody needs clothes. Your brother may have a ton (or only a few) of his favorite daily wear ensemble to-go for most days, but he’s sure to welcome a great quality shirt. After all, can you ever have enough clothes? We say no!

The designer urban T-shirt may well be the next best thing he adds to his closet.

3.    Book him a royal treatment from a great salon

Who says men don’t like to be pampered?

This might just be the most memorable gift for him. Your brother would truly appreciate a royal treatment at a great salon as they work on smoothing out his knots and giving him a wonderfully relaxing experience. So why not for a gift that is as soothing and luxurious as this one that he’d cherish for a long time to come?

On the note of special treatment, you can make your bridesmaids feel special too with this brilliant idealist of bridesmaid proposal gifts

4.    Spa treatment at home — self-care gift box for men

men's spa gift box

Given the current state of the world, or as a matter of general preference, people prefer staying indoors a lot more. So, give your brother the means to give himself a spa treatment just as good in the comfort of his home!

With this man spa gift box, your brother will have all his self-care needs with the beachy scent of sugar and sand scrub, beard oil to keep that mane shining, muscle therapy tin with wonderful peppermint and arnica undertones, and peppermint candy to keep his breath smelling fresh throughout the day. 

5.    Bath tray made of sturdy, sustainable wood to scribble or stock during bath time

wood bath tray

A relaxing bath after a long day of work is itself oh-so-good.

Add to that an oak bath tray that you can use to place a cup of steaming hot coffee, scribble notes on, read a book, etc., and you know it is going to be an awesome gift!

6.    Classy watch (and customize it with custom inscription on the back!)

wood watch for men

Does your brother love watches?

A good watch is more than just a style statement. You can transform the simple accessory into a sentimental reminder with an inscription that you can custom-create for your beloved brother.

Whether you opt for a sleek and modern look or a more rustic piece like this wooden watch, a good watch is an all-time choicest gift.

7.    Personalized jersey

personalized jersey

If your brother’s a football fan, he’d love this gift hands down. A personalized jersey is something that would make your brother shine differently when he would wear it.

This customizable cotton jersey is both comfortable to wear and would be a fun addition to your brother’s wardrobe. Being noticed by people looking at the creativity you’ve done there would also make it a fun experience for him.  

In fact, a customized jersey is a great gift choice for kids too in case you’re looking for ideas to buy a cute gift for the little ring bearer! Check out our post on ring bearer gifts for a complete list of ideas. 

8.    Formal dress shoes

handmade leather shoes

Great shoes take your men places (literally) whilst also making him look dapper on any occasion.

These Oxford dress shoes are handmade with great craftsmanship. An ideal gift for someone who’s concerned with looking as dashing as they can. Plus, your brother can add a perfect pair to the collection of shoes he might have been making to wear on some special occasions.

9.    Custom headphone stand

headphone stand

This custom headphone stand is a great tech accessory especially if your brother happens to be a gamer, because simply gamers can’t do without their headphones. Sturdy design and customizable name tag option make for a cool gift for your brother which would also happen to be super useful in his day to day life.

10. Personalized Power bank

personalized power bank

We all need to power our phones from time to time, and having a power bank is a great help especially if you’re mostly on the road. So, does your brother spend more time traveling? Does he have to use his smartphone almost always?

If so, then consider gifting him a power bank to let him travel carefree and put his phone on charge whenever needed, no matter if he’s on a bus, a train, or an airplane off to attend some meeting.

And, you have the option to personalize so that your brother’s power bank doesn’t get mixed with someone else’s!

11. Customized Key Chain

personalized keychains

A key chain is something that never goes unused. With a customizable keychain, you can make it more than a pretty useful albeit boring accessory — you turn it into a sweet possession that also serves as a cute reminder. So, customize it by engraving a memory on it so that your brother would cherish the memory whenever they see it. You can also customize it by adding a message expressing your deep love for him.

12. A Compass


Help your brother find his way in the world by gifting him with a compass. Whether he’s into outdoor camping, or he simply happens to appreciate the unique artfulness of a vintage-style compass, your compass would symbolically mean that you wish him to progress and betterment for his future married life.

Present all your best wishes to your brother by giving him this compass, pointing him to a new direction of success and happiness on his big day as he is about to start a new and beautiful chapter of his life.

13. Customized Men Bracelet-Morse Code

men bracelet

Siblings have always got something special between them, something that only they know of and only they can understand.

Get your brother a special bracelet that has your secret message on it, and guess what, it remains a secret as engraved in Morse code.

14. Luscious Chocolate Chip Cookies


If your brother loves sweets, then he’s going to love this gift! Chocolate chip cookies are loved by many, but as many sweet toothers know, not all chocolate chip cookies are created equal.

The “World’s best chocolate chip cookies” clearly market themselves to be the best in enticing your taste buds to experience the cookie goodness. With rave reviews, these gooey chocolate chip cookies are a perfectly delectable gift for your beloved brother to help him satisfy his sweet tooth. Serves as a sweet reminder and an awesome gift!

15. Funny Tech Guy T-shirt

“Be nice to me, you might need tech support someday” T-shirt is a quirky funny gift for a brother who’s into everything tech. If he’s the sort of guy who loves to help people out, is great with everything tech, and has a charming sense of humor, then there is no way you can go wrong with gifting him this funny T-shirt.

Plus, it’s especially great if he has no qualms about telling the world that he’s good at solving people’s tech problems so long as they remember to be nice to him!

16. Desk Organizer

desk organizer

An organized workspace can do wonders in helping us boost our daily productivity without us even realizing it. Get your brother a cool desk organizer that would help him keep his stuff organized.

With the GretaOtoDesgn’s desk organizer, your brother would have a compact little space to mount all his everyday items — his cell phone, watch hanger for wrist watch, wallet slot to house even a big leather wallet, glasses, key stand and pen holder all in one place.

What’s more, you get to add a sweet message or name tag as an engraving on the organizer.

17. A Dated Image

dated image

Customized photos and photo frames are pretty common as gift options. And amongst these, the dated ones never go out of style. 

The CreateAnameArt personalized digital dated file features a unique blend of artistic and vintage design which you can customize as you want. Add signatures of your family and friends, opt for standard quotations, frame a sweet or funny message. You can play around and create a memorable image that you can frame to showcase a beautiful reminder for your brother of his wedding day. 

18. Personalized Lighter

personalized lighter

A stylish classy lighter having a name or initials engraved on it can turn up to bring a smile to your brother’s face. Let it light with grace.

19. Customized Groom Socks

Heard of everything but socks as a present? Well, here you go.

Surprise your brother with this uncommon gift. Getting him socks having the title ‘Groom’ and the date of his wedding printed on them. Let him feel that everything is special for him that day, even his socks!

20. Personalized Art Print

art print

Pen down all your love and feelings or the best memories you made together with your brother. Get them printed a beautiful art hanging print. Let your brother cherish the good times you have had together whenever he glances at the art print hanging on a wall at his place.

21. Customized Leather Journal Cover


If your brother is a daily-diary writer, or if he simply appreciates a classic leather journal cover to house his everyday documents, it is a superb option he gets him a customized leather journal cover. You can choose the color option that you think would work best for him given his sense of style and preference.

22. Personalized Wallet

personalized wallet

What man would say ‘no’ to a wallet as a gift? That’s right, none!

Get your brother this cool wallet presenting his name or initials. Plus, you can add a funny quote or expressions of love and honor engraved on it. Excellent design and a good amount of space mean that he gets to keep his cash and a wide assortment of cards in it.

23. Personalized Shaving Kit

toiletry bag

Coming to usability again, a shaving kit has a high ranking. Get your brother this cool shaving kit available in various stylish colors and get his name engraved on it. Let him groom himself with finesses and add a touch of style and elegance to his bathroom.

24. Hand Painted Mug with Gift Box

beer mug

A hand painted mug is always a delight gift to have, especially ones that declare you as the “best brother ever”. It is sentimentally sweet and the loveliness of this gift will surely never want. Plus, it comes with a gorgeous gift packaging option for those of you who especially appreciate aesthetic gift packaging styles.

25. Personalized Desk Clock

desk clock

A personalized desk clock with a classy and graceful look would be more than a nice gift for your brother. The clock would do the job of filling up the vacant space in his room and that too in an elegant manner.

26. Personalized Money Clip

money clip

This unique gift may be small but it’s big in terms of usability. Help your brother organize his cash and cards. This miniscule addition would make his life easier as he’d end up saving a lot of space in his pocket with this inconspicuous personalized money clip.

27. Personalized Golf Balls

personalized golf balls

Is your brother a golf enthusiast? If so, then excite your brother by presenting him with these personalized golf balls. This would do even as a wedding gift and help showcase his love for the sport. You can also customize the balls in terms of choosing vibrant colors and adding text of your choice.

28. Personalized Harry Potter Pocket Watch

pocket watch

Is your brother a Harry Potter fan? Does he love Slytherin?

If yes, then he’s going to love this Slytherin-themed pocket watch that is so exquisitely engraved. There is no chance a potter head would not love a Harry Potter-themed gift that looks as cool as this!

29. Wooden Pen

wooden pen

A wooden pen always looks especially good and elegant. Present a wooden pen to your brother choosing from a range of decent colors. Whenever he pens down his thoughts with the smooth running pen, he’d think about his beloved sibling who gifted him.

30. Metal hanging book shelf held by a superhero

metal hanging shelf

Is your brother a book lover? He would love the quirky twist to this floating bookshelf which is levitated in the air by a book-loving superhero like him.

31. Beard care kit

beard care kit

If your brother flaunts a beard, this one is for him. Help him take care of his mane by pampering it with a mini beard brush, organic beard shampoo, and conditioner. Made with incredibly high-quality ingredients featuring excellent design, this is a portable and super useful gift for a man who loves to rock his mane.

32. Bearded man design hat

Keeping in the spirit of beards, your beard-rocking brother would get a kick out of flaunting his beard not only through his face but also with this fun cap which showcases a very important part of his identity to the world!

33. Neck Ties

A classic gift for a classic look, ties are the staple in any formal wear for men. There are some great options to choose from when it comes to selecting a sleek and stylish tie for your brother. There’s the gold metallic tie with a matching pocket set or a sage green cotton tie for a more subdued but elegant look that is sure to pair up easily with a variety of shirt colors.

34. A beard ring

beard ring

Maybe your brother is a Viking at heart. Maybe he’s just into appreciating art. Or maybe, he doesn’t even know that he is a Viking fan until you gift him with this incredibly unique ring. This beard ring is a recreation of the traditional rings worn by Vikings. It’s rusty, artful, and magnificently masculine. Who says jewelry can’t be for men?

35. Personalized pocket knife

pocket knife

This stainless steel folding pocket knife comes with an option of customizable name engraving on its rustic wooden handle. So, not only does it look cool, it’s a handy dandy tool that can be used in farming, clipping, camping, etc. It’s a gift for a man who is hands-on with taking care of those ‘manly’ mundane tasks.

Final Thoughts

So what do you want to gift your brother for his big day? Are you inclined towards more common but ever-popular options of neckties, mugs, and men’s perfume, or the more unique gift choices of rare finds listed above? Whatever you choose, we’re sure that your brother will appreciate the priceless sentiment that goes behind gifting him with a precious gift for his wedding day.  

gift box on top of a wooden table

What are your favorite wedding gifts for brothers? Please share your pick below!

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