35 Best Last-Minute Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Everyone who’s panicking over last-minute bridal shower gifts should calm down. No matter why you forgot to buy a gift for the next shower you need to attend; we’re here to help. Check out these bridal gifting options, and you’ll definitely find more than one alternative that will make the bride happy.

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

If you see the value in these products and choose to purchase via my referral links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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Our 5 Favorite Last-Minute Bridal Shower Gifts at a Glance

If you’re really in a hurry and you desperately need to find the perfect gift for the bride, here’s a list of our five favorite last-minute bridal shower gift ideas:

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35 Last-Minute Bridal Shower Gifts for Procrastinators (Review)

Bridal showers are extremely hard to throw, and 21% of bridesmaids will attest to that saying. Imagine someone putting months of work to set up an event, and you, the biggest procrastinator, don’t even have a gift.

If you need last-minute thoughtful gifts for the next bridal shower you have to attend; we’re here to help. It’s still not late to find a meaningful gift that will make the bride happy.

1. Bath And Body Gift Set

This is one of the most useful timely gifts on this list because there’s no lady that doesn’t want to take care of herself. The set includes body lotion, handmade soap, lip balm, and a mineral soak. If you want to upgrade the set you can also purchase body butter, shower gel, bath salt, and body scrub.

[lasso ref=”bath-and-body-gift-set-link” id=”28330″ link_id=”118417″]

Each gift box will come In varying scents. If you have a scent preference please contact us before ordering to see if we can accommodate. Each set comes with two lotions in alternating scents. One 2oz and one 4 Oz. One bar of our handmade soap weighing approx 3Oz. One hemp lip balm and one herbal mineral soak. You will also receive a coupon for our online store.

2. Ring Holder

ring holder dish

The future bride won’t have an idea that this was a last-minute gift. Of course, it’s one of the most popular options for this type of event, but this ring holder is also handy.

[lasso ref=”ring-holder-dish-cactus” id=”28336″ link_id=”118418″]

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Cactus Ring Holder Dish for Jewelry, Ceramic Succulent Ring Holders Organizer Display for Home Decor and Birthday Wedding Festival Gifts for Mom, Aunt, Friends, Girlfriend (Green Cactus)

3. Sexy Lingerie Set

This sexy lingerie set might be what the bride will wear right after her wedding party to surprise the groom. However, if grandma will be attending the shower, you may want to give it to her discreetly before the shower and tell her to open it later.

[lasso ref=”lace-bridal-set” id=”28337″ link_id=”118419″]

Get the most sexy lingerie for a night you will never forget. This is the perfect lingerie for a remarkable night. It will create memories of amazing times for you and your partner, and surprise them with something extremely unique: it will be one of her favorite items.

4. Scratch World Map


Do you need to find last-minute bridal shower ideas for an adventurous bride? This scratch world map is an amazing bridal shower gift and not only for the bride but also for the newlywed couple.

[lasso ref=”scratch-off-travel-map” id=”28342″ link_id=”118420″]

Materials: Scratch off Map, High Quality Paper, Gift Packing, Metal Scrapper, Free Shipping, High Quality, Flags, Frame

5. Cute Makeup Bag

Brides that plan destination weddings will definitely find makeup bags very helpful. This cute item can also be her go-to bag when she’s packing for her honeymoon.

[lasso ref=”cute-velvet-embroidery-cosmetic-bag” id=”28351″ link_id=”118425″]

Cute Velvet Embroidery Cosmetic Bag Travel Organizer Women Makeup Bag Zipper Make Up Pouch with Moon Star great gift for her 2021

7. Wooden Recipe Book

Do you know a bride that loves spending hours in the kitchen, setting gorgeous tables, and pulling out bottles of wine from her cellar for an ultimate experience? Well, this wooden recipe book is one of our favorite gift ideas for a bridal shower.

[lasso ref=”personalized-wooden-recipe-book-binder” id=”28356″ link_id=”208262″]

This beautiful wooden cookbook can also be used as a diary, drawing album, photo album, wedding album, guest book, wish book, diary, planner, keepsake book, adventure magazine or honeymoon. We offer 7 different types of paper and any engraving on the cover.

8. Wedding Hanger

wedding hanger

If you’re looking for meaningful gifts that the bride will keep forever, then you have to see this beautiful hanger. It’s the perfect addition to her wedding day, and it will make this special event even more memorable.

[lasso ref=”wedding-hanger-engraved-with-date” id=”28360″ link_id=”208263″]

Different with flimsy wire letters, letters on my hangers will be at least 5mm thick. Optional wedding date will be laser engraved on one arm of the hanger.

9. Initials Necklace

You can get creative with this initial necklace. It’s up to you whether you’ll use the initials of the happy couple or if you’ll add yours and the brides.

[lasso ref=”14k-solid-gold-initial-disc-necklace” id=”28370″ link_id=”118593″]

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10. Planner


Last-minute bridal shower gifts aren’t always easy to come across if you don’t know the bride too well. Since everyone uses a planner, this present is a safe bet.

[lasso ref=”daily-planner-one-day-at-a-time” id=”28377″ link_id=”118594″]

This compact daily planner with vegan leather cover and FSC certified pages (aka responsibly harvested paper) slips into your handbag for easy travel (and no excuses). The bonus? It doesn’t require an internet connection.

11. Couples Journal

Although this gift is for both the bride and the groom (or the bride and bride), it’s one of the most thoughtful gift ideas because it will hold many of their memories. The couple will be able to read the journal and go back in time with ease.

[lasso ref=”couples-journal-the-story-of-us” id=”28381″ link_id=”118595″]

All journals measure 5″ x 7″ and are bound with Black Twin Loop Wire Binding. Covers are made using a light weight kraft chipboard paper or a heavyweight white card stock paper and then laminated for extra durability and protection. These types of paper are sturdy and with the sentimental value that a journal carries, quality materials are extremely important!

12. Personalized Chopping Board

chopping boards

This is an all-in-one gift for brides that love spending time in the kitchen. It can be used as a chopping board, serving board, and cheese board as well.

[lasso ref=”personalised-solid-marble-chopping-board” id=”28385″ link_id=”118596″]

Made from smooth polished light grey marble. As these are natural stone the graining / pattern will differ slightly from board to board as well as minor imperfections such as minor chips and small cracks that do not affect usage.

13. Personalized Beach Hat

beach hat

This is a perfect gift idea for the bride. Imagine the bride’s beachside photos with your chic personalized beach hat. If you know that the couple will have a tropical honeymoon, this hat is one of the most amazing gifts. Since it’s personalized, she can show everyone that she’s a new Mrs. It’ll be one of her favorite items from the wedding. 

[lasso ref=”personalised-floppy-beach-hat” id=”28392″ link_id=”118597″]

A lovely custom floppy beach hat ready to be personalised with a name or custom text to make a unique gift. Why not add a name or even a cheeky nickname to make this gift more special, a truly lasting keepsake. Perfect for honeymoons, babymoons, a special getaway or anywhere hot and relaxing.

14. Newlyweds Pillowcases

Pillowcases Gift for Newlyweds His and Hers Pillow Soul Mates image 2

If you want to upgrade the newlyweds’ bedroom, you should strongly consider this last-minute bridal shower gift. Treat the shower girl with two pillowcases that say ‘soulmates.’ Next thing you know, the entire guest list will want to purchase the same present for future showers.

[lasso ref=”pillowcases-gift-for-newlyweds” id=”28396″ link_id=”118598″]

Unique hand drawing on pillow cases will make your gift special and estimable. Excellent choice for wedding, anniversary bridal shower or engagement party. Ideal for hers and his pillow.

15. Personalized Flower Pot

Do you know a future bride with an obsesssion for plants? If she loves stylish décor details, then she’ll adore this personalized flower pot!

With its gorgeous embossed look, ornate text designs, and chic greenery accents, it adds an inviting yet sophisticated flair that won’t break the bank. It’s one of the most affordable ideas when busting down party shopping list budgets.

Plus, it’s a great gift for future bride for fresh home décor inspirations!

[lasso ref=”personalized-flower-pot” id=”28401″ link_id=”118599″]

Plant seeds of encouragement and joy with beautiful hand painted pots! This unique pot will be a great decorative addition to your home, garden, and workspace. It is a wonderful gift for family and friends, housewarming and weddings.

16. Wedding Invitation Photo Frame


The next item on our gift list is a special one. This frame has two spots, one for the wedding invitation and another one for an adorable photo from the wedding.

[lasso ref=”lenox-true-love-wedding-invitation-frame” id=”28408″ link_id=”119336″]

Display your favorite photo from your special day and your wedding invitation in this beautifully crafted Lenox True Love Invitation Frame. Features raised design of two entwined hearts. This photo frame idea is a perfect gift for your parents or yourself.

17. Unique Drinks Tray

If your girl loves opening a bottle of champagne every now and then or loves serving cocktails, she’ll need this unique drinks tray. It features such a unique print that everyone will be obsessed with. With wine glasses, this is a bar item they’re sure to love!

[lasso ref=”willow-and-moore-handmade-moroccan-serving-tray” id=”28411″ link_id=”119337″]

This stylish lacquered rectangular coffee tray table also serves as a beautiful coffee table decor. It looks charmingly attractive sitting by itself, or when it’s providing a home for your antique tea set.

18. Personalized Coasters


You can’t go wrong with personalized coasters. These are so chic, and they will upgrade the interior design of the bride’s living room or kitchen. This will be one of her favorite items!

[lasso ref=”personalized-coasters-set” id=”28421″ link_id=”119338″]

Laser engraved mango wood and marble hexagon coasters. This listing is for a set of 4, customer engraving and shipping is included.

19. Personalized AirPod Case

If you know a bride that carries her AirPods everywhere she goes, then this is the gift you should settle for.

[lasso ref=”personalized-airpod-pro-case” id=”28426″ link_id=”119339″]

Made of premium PU leather (so any animal was hurt)

Supports Wireless Charging (without removing the case off)

Could be attached to Your keychain, belt loop or lanyard with the clip provided

20. Mrs. Clutch

clutch purse

This gorgeous clutch is personalized, which is definitely a special touch. The bride might even decide to wear it at her bachelorette party or wedding dinner.

[lasso ref=”mrs-purse-bride-clutch” id=”28435″ link_id=”119340″]

Personalized Mrs Purses with her future last name make a cute bridal shower gift for the bride to be! She can use it for her wedding, hen party, bachelorette, honeymoon – basically, anywhere she can show off her new title!

21. Letters To The Bride

bride book

If you want to start celebrating the wedding day early, you can get the Mrs.-to-be excited with a letter to the bride book. It’s not a suitable wedding gift option, but it’s the perfect choice for a shower.

[lasso ref=”letters-to-the-bride-book” id=”28438″ link_id=”119341″]

This custom book/photo album is made from high quality exclusive Eucalyptus wood. 

22. Essential Oils Diffuser

essential oil diffuser

With this essential oils diffuser, you can help the bride create a relaxing atmosphere right before the big day. She’ll be so grateful that you got it as a bridal shower gift.

[lasso ref=”diffuser-of-essential-oils” id=”28440″ link_id=”119342″]

Diffuser by nebulization. This diffuser consists of propelling the essential oils very quickly so that they vaporize into very fine droplets. This is the most effective process, also used in the medical field.

23. Personalized Robe

personalized robes

Robes are cute and extremely useful. This one is not only sexy but it’s also personalized, which we can’t get over. Plus, it’s one of the few lingerie gifts that she can actually open in front of grandma without blushing.

[lasso ref=”personalised-wedding-robes-for-bridesmaids” id=”28442″ link_id=”119343″]

A lovely satin soft robe ready to be personalized with a name or custom text to make a unique gift. Why not add a name or even a cheeky nickname to make this gift more special, a truly lasting keepsake. Perfect for honeymoons, babymoons or a special getaway. 

24. Sleep Set

Help the bride have the most peaceful sleep right before her wedding day with this cute sleep set. Instead of opting for gift cards, you can get this set that includes a hand-painted eye mask, reusable, washable cosmetics pads, reusable soap bag.

[lasso ref=”lavender-spa-relaxation-gift-box” id=”28444″ link_id=”119344″]

Lavender Spa Relaxation Gift Box featuring gorgeous fragrant hand printed lavender bag with matching hand printed eye mask made in 100% cotton, beautifully hand illustrated post card printed on recycled paper, reusable washable cosmetic pads and reusable soap bag lovingly wrapped in acid free tissue paper, packed in a gift box made from recycled card and tied with a gorgeous grosgrain ribbon.

25. Hand Painted Tea Pot

tea pot

Have you seen anything more gorgeous? The hand-painted teapot is worth every dollar! It’s such a special gift that no one else will purchase, and it will appear as you got it months before, not last minute.

[lasso ref=”hand-painted-tea-pot” id=”28446″ link_id=”119345″]

Recycled kitchen utensils as decorative objects The teapot is made of aluminum and the handle is covered with a thick piece of plastic for heat, but this teapot is rather a decorative object than a kitchen tool It can be used as a small watering can or pot for flowers, plants, keys …

26. Personalized Luggage Strap

Everyone who needs affordable last-minute bridal shower gifts that ship fast should consider these personalized luggage straps. They will keep the bride’s suitcases safe while’s she’s enjoying her honeymoon.

[lasso ref=”personalized-luggage-strap” id=”28448″ link_id=”119346″]

The New item for everyone who love travel. Keep luggage secure and safe. You can add name or word on the strap for easy to find your luggage.

26. Weighted Blanket

Keep the bride warm and cozy with a high-quality weighted blanket. You’ll be praised for how unique the present is and how extremely useful it will be.

[lasso ref=”linen-weighted-blanket” id=”28451″ link_id=”119347″]

Our weighted blankets are made of 100% stonewashed linen fabric with glass beads filling. Glass beads create an earthly and unique sound when moving the blanket. In combination with linen fabric you can be sure to have the most environmentally friendly and unique blanket you ever had.

Handmade Sister of the Bride Gift Ideas

Handmade gifts give a personalized touch to the experience and are even more meaningful compared to something bought. What’s even better, you can find handmade gifts from small businesses and

27. Handmade Candle

If you know that your sister loves buying candles, you can make her one yourself. Just get a pretty jar, print out a sticker with a heartwarming saying, and start pouring candles. If you don’t have the time to do it, but you love this idea, you can always order one online (pictured above).

[lasso ref=”sister-of-the-bride-gift-natural-soy-candle” id=”36988″ link_id=”208264″]

Gift a gift that will enliven any environment with invigorating scents. We hand pour our natural soy wax in California. Our high quality glass jars can be reused to house flowers, crafts, toiletries, and more long after the candle is gone.

28. Photo Collage

Go deep in your photo archives to find some of the most beautiful memories with your sister. Make a collage, then place it in a nice frame. Don’t forget to write something sweet.

[lasso ref=”canvas-photo-collage-gift” id=”36989″ link_id=”208265″]

Take your images, photography, or artwork and put it on canvas. Canvas is the newest trend for images and looks amazing hanging on a wall.

29. Handmade Wedding Day Journal

Do you know how surprised your sister will be when she sees that you prepared a wedding day journal for her to fill out? You’ll need a pretty journal that you’ll divide into sections and add sweet notes. Check out the video below for how to do it.

[lasso ref=”handmade-wedding-day-journal” id=”36991″ link_id=”208266″]

30. Throw Blanket

Are you into knitting or sewing? If so, you can make your sister a cozy throw blanket that she’ll always have right next to her, and it will be her favorite bridal shower gift. I love this tutorial below!

[lasso ref=”chunky-knit-throw-blanket” id=”36993″ link_id=”208267″]

Add a cozy new throw to your bed with this chunky knit blanket, perfect for an extra touch of comfort and style. Made from 100 percent high quality acrylic, this blanket is super soft to touch and perfect for snuggling up with while you drift off to sleep or settle in for a movie night.

31. Handmade Bath Bombs

Did you know that you can make bath bombs at home? If not, we found ones from a small business that are organic and look so cute.

[lasso ref=”organic-handmade-bath-bomb” id=”28456″ link_id=”119348″]

Lighten up your bath experience with our organic fizzy bath bomb! Made with organic virgin coconut oil to hydrate your skin, Epsom salt and dead sea salt to sooth sore muscles and detoxify body, scented with essential oils or fragrance oils for calming and relaxation.

32. Handwoven Throw Pillow

When you want to up your gift game and pair the throw blanket with another present, you can learn how to hand weave a throw pillow.

[lasso ref=”handwoven-throw-pillow” id=”36995″ link_id=”208268″]

When you want to up your gift game and pair the throw blanket with another present, you can learn how to hand weave a throw pillow or get one right from Etsy.

33. Handmade Cutting Board

Get an old cutting board and transform it into a new one. Get creative with colors, and it will be so stunning. You can also purchase a new one and give it a makeover. Alternative, you can use scrap wood to create something completely new.

[lasso ref=”custom-cutting-board-custom-olive-wood-cutting-board” id=”36997″ link_id=”208269″]

Custom rustic natural edge olive wood serving board, personalized just for you. Perfect gift for a new home, newlywed, or a hostess gift.

34. Hand-Painted Bowls And Plates

There are so many amazing ideas online that will help you transform a simple white plate or bowl into a masterpiece. You don’t even have to be skilled in art to pull this gift off.

[lasso ref=”palestine-large-hand-painted-yellow-floral-ceramic-bowl” id=”36999″ link_id=”208270″]

Our collection of Dine Palestine showcases the colorful and vibrant dinnerware and serveware of Palestine. All ceramics are safe for use in microwave and dishwasher.

35. Hand-Painted Mug

Are you or your sister the artsy types that love and cherish handmade creations? In that case, you can surprise the soon-to-be-married couple with hand-painted mugs. Yes, this is a bridal shower, but it’s an even better idea to paint one mug for the groom as well. 

[lasso ref=”stoneware-handpainted-coffee-mug” id=”37001″ link_id=”208271″]

Bring a little beauty to your morning ritual with our exquisite hand-painted mugs. From hummingbirds to fields of flowers, our mugs feature all of the splendor of nature and are a truly wonderful addition to any kitchen.


When the wedding season starts, it’s hard to keep up with all the weddings, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and engagement parties. It can happen that you forget you need to attend a bridal shower, or a bride arranges a last-minute bridal shower. In that case, you’ll need to find a gift fast.  

The diverse bridal shower etiquette gifts we listed will ship fast, so you won’t have to worry about attending the event empty-handed.

Top Recommendation 

If we had to choose a single gift, we would opt for the Wooden Recipe Book. The bride can start writing down her recipes the second her wedding life starts. The groom can also help, and together the couple will create a book worth having and sharing for generations. 

[lasso ref=”personalized-wooden-recipe-book-binder” id=”28356″ link_id=”208272″]

This beautiful wooden cookbook can also be used as a diary, drawing album, photo album, wedding album, guest book, wish book, diary, planner, keepsake book, adventure magazine or honeymoon. We offer 7 different types of paper and any engraving on the cover.


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a cute last minute bridal shower gift

What are your favorite last-minute bridal shower gifts on the above list? Please share with us in the comment section below!

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