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Wedding arches are a perfect way to add a personal touch to your special day.

They not only look gorgeous in photographs, but they really help create the perfect focal point in an outdoor wedding.

Sometimes, a gorgeous wedding arch is all you need!

Think beach wedding, with the ocean as your backdrop and an elegant arch to stand beneath as you exchange your vows.

Of course, you can also find some fantastic indoor wedding arches for sale, too!

From elegant to rustic, from indoors to the great outdoors, we’ve got you covered with these ideas!

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Whether you’re planning to get married indoors or outside, wedding arches create a gorgeous focal point to say your “I Dos” under. Check out a few of our favorites!

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Gorgeous Wedding Arches

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1. Simple and elegant white wedding arch

I love the simple and elegant look of using a single flower color across this arch. It’s perfect for indoors or outdoor weddings.

While I think the white flowers are gorgeous, you can really go with any color here. A red rose arch would also look gorgeous, albeit a bit more expensive!

Get the look by starting with this basic indoor wedding arch from Amazon (below), then hire a florist to create it for you or buy a wire arch, enlist some friends who are savvy at arranging flowers and DIY it!

Adorox 7.5Ft 1 Set White Metal Arch Wedding Garden Climbing Plants Bridal Party Decoration Arbor
  • Package of 1 or 3 White Metal Arches
  • Great For Garden Climbing Plants, Events Such As Weddings, Quinceaneras, or Sweet 16 Birthday Parties
  • (Approximately) 57" inches wide X 94" inches Tall.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble with removable sections for desired length
  • Looks Great When Decorated with flowers (Decorations Not Included)

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Check out this video for tips on how to put together your own wedding arch:

2. Breezy White Gauze Canopy

This simple white gauzy canopy arch proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune or go overboard with flowers to get a gorgeous, elegant look!

If you really want a lace wedding arch, you can easily swap out the fabric!

Grab a celebration canopy from Amazon and DIY it if you really want to save money! Finish off the look and add a pop of color by make a floral wreath to tie back the white fabric.

This video shows a few great ways to pull off this look:

Of course, if you want to take it from “that’s pretty!” to “wow, that’s amazing!” you can also start with a light-up arch as your base, like this one from Party City.

On a side note, are you shocked that you can find a wedding arch for sale at Party City? I know I was!

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Light-Up Wedding Arch 96in

3. Rustic Arch for a Fall Wedding

Looking for rustic wedding arch ideas outdoor weddings or country style wedding arches?

I just love the look of this one! Isn’t it just perfect for an outdoor wedding in the fall? By keeping the flowers to a minimum you let the arch itself do all the talking.

Need help finding a rustic wedding arch for sale? Amazon has a great kit that will get you started.

Of course, if you’re good with tools, you could even make the wooden arch yourself! Check out this video how-to:


4. Traditional White Arch


Sometimes, simple is better. This plain white arch is elegant and affordable. It’s also one of my favorite indoor wedding arch ideas!

It’s perfect for brides who want something incredibly simple and traditional. You could leave it as is or add some flowers. The great thing about this arch, you can take it to your new home and use it in your garden!

If you need help finding the perfect wooden wedding arch for sale, check out the New England Arbors Athens Arbor from Amazon.

Athens 39"W x 81"H Vinyl Arbor
  • 1.5 x 1.5 inch Post Size
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Sturdy and Attractive
  • Maintenance Free
  • 20 Year Warranty

5. Winter wedding arch

Looking for winter wedding arches? How beautiful is this one a winter wedding, especially if you’re planning one right around the holidays! It’s definitely one of my favorite outdoor wedding arches ideas.  I know that June weddings are the most popular, but there is something so incredibly beautiful about getting married surrounded by snow.

Cold, but beautiful! This is another one you could easily DIY with a simple wooden arch base!

Giantex 85in Wood Arbor Wedding Arch Garden Trellis Pergola Arbor for Climbing Plant Wedding Bridal Party Prom Decoration, Outdoor Wedding Garden Arbors
  • 【Environmental Material】This Giantex Arbor is made by fir wood. It is a natural wood without harm. Many Arbor products on other shops are made by metal. It would be rust and produce harm smell which would influence the plants or flowers. Our material is environmental and would be nice to your plants.
  • 【Perfect Detail Workmanship】High quality wood connecting and carve procedure. Both sides are check design, which could make this arbor delicate and elegant.
  • 【Multifunctional Usage】 This Arbor has multifunctional usage. You could put it in your yard or balcony. It also is a perfect choice to plant flowers, vegetables and herbs in your garden. If you have wedding, party or ceremony, you could fill this arbor with flowers, and it would be a beautiful gate for your activity.
  • 【Solid Construction】This Arbor is made by solid wood. Structured with heavy-duty material for extended durability, and the structure follows the scientific principle and is strong enough to hold various things. It's sturdy and solid for long time and durable usage.
  • 【Easy to Assemble】This product has straight forward illustrations and descriptions. Every screw and pin has its own code and it's easy to understand the assemble progress. Preassembled side panels. It won't take you much time and could save your energy.

6. Big, beautiful flowers

This one is perfect if you want to go big with the flowers. Heads up, though, it’s definitely not as budget-friendly as some of the other wedding arches on this list…unless you happen to know a gardener!

Still, it’s one of my favorite outdoor arches (it’s a little too overpowering for an indoor wedding arch).

You definitely want to start with a super sturdy arch, though! Something like this one below is designed for gardens, so it’s meant to hold a heavy flower load.

Gardman R361 Kensington Arch, 45" Wide x 82" High
  • Provides an attractive archway for climbing plants and adds a stunning feature to any garden
  • Ground hole-maker provided for easy fitting
  • Easy to assembly with instructions provided
  • Green, painted finish
  • 20.5" Long x 45" Wide x 82" High

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7. Natural Arch

Here’s one of my favorite DIY outdoor wedding arch ideas! I love that this entire arch is made from nature! It’s the perfect pick for an eco-friendly wedding.

You could go with just about any flower at the base of the arch, making it a fairly budget-friendly choice!

These are just a few examples of the many, many directions you can go with wedding arches. From DIY ideas to simple simple wedding arches to rustic arches for weddings, arches let you really bring out your personality on your big day.

Heads up, if you’re looking for indoor wedding arches for sale that fit into your budget, call around to local florists! Many of them can help you customize a DIY arch and make it something really special.

Have you seen any gorgeous wedding arches that inspired you? Share below!


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