How to Find and Decorate the Birch Wedding Arch of Your Dreams

beautiful birch wedding arch with pink roses

Birch wedding arches have the potential to really elevate your entire aesthetic on your big day. Birch wood has such a unique, desirable appearance that really matches the traditional wedding look, regardless of the theme that you’re going for. Yes, these arches are perfect for traditional, beach, and even rustic backyard weddings

With a rustic but elegant look, so many people have fallen in love with these arches. So, if you’ve got your heart set on one, you’ve come to the right place. Here we walk through renting, buying, and even DIYing birch wedding arches.

Birch Wedding Arch Inspiration

Before we dive into all the options available, I thought I would show some beautiful examples of birch arches. Here, you’ll see just how versatile they are.

The natural-esque birch arch

This just looks so beautiful. It complements its surroundings so perfectly. Loving the additional fabric and flowers.

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Lakeside birch arch

There’s something about Birchwood and water which go so perfectly. How stunning does this look?

Rustic Magic

Birch arches match rustic settings so wonderfully. This exposed brick wall looks so natural next to this stunning wedding arch.

Pink heaven

How gorgeous do these pink flowers look on this birch arch? It’s truly gorgeous. They really are so versatile.

Green foliage

You don’t always need to place an abundance of bright colors on your birch arch. These green leaves and flowers look amazing and natural.

Now that we’ve seen how beautiful and versatile a birch wedding arch can be, the big question is where to find one. Keep reading for different options. 

How to rent a birch wedding arch

Renting a wedding arch is a wonderful idea. This can save you a ton of money, and will likely save you stress too. Many suppliers will set the arch up, and take it down as part of the cost. They will also design your birch wedding arch exactly as you want it. Whether that’s with fabric, lots of bright flowers, or green foliage.

Renting can cost less than $100, and you can typically find them through local florists. They’re not really something you can rent online and have shipped. Well, maybe you can, but you’ll end up paying more for the shipping alone than if you just bought one locally outright. So, call around local florists or search “birch wedding arch rentals near me.”

Many couples choose this avenue, as it’s just so much easier, and can be super cheap. The only downside is that you cannot keep your arch as a keepsake, and you cannot make it truly unique – something you can do with DIY wedding arches.

Buying a birch wedding arch

If you want to buy your very own wedding arch – perhaps for sentimental value, or because you have some DIY ideas, you can easily find them. Amazon and Etsy are your best options for this.

Here are some birch arches that look wonderful on their own, but can easily be dressed up with various flowers and fabric. Whatever kind of aesthetic you’re going for.

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Classic birch arch 

Premium white birch wedding birch arch chuppah wedding arch image 2
Picture: BirchMaster /Etsy

This is your typical wedding arch – made with premium Birchwood. You can select your height, but you will have to assemble it yourself. It is super easy, and you will be provided with guidance from the seller.

Triangle birch poles 

Triangle birch poles wedding arch rustic wedding arch rustic image 0
Picture: BirchMaster /Etsy

Geometric shapes at weddings always create a really modern feel. Even on their own, like you see pictured above, it will still look amazing.

By using a trusting seller, like BirchMaster, that has tonnes of great reviews, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality birch arch.

Just make sure you check measurements, understand how to assemble, and are prepared to decorate them yourself.

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DIY birch wedding arch

Lastly, you can make your birch wedding arch yourself. Again, you can use sellers on Etsy and Amazon, you will provide you with literally everything you need to assemble and decorate your wedding arch.

I will always promote DIY projects when it comes to your big day. This is your wedding day, after all, you should make it totally unique.

The below video will help you when you’re making an arch yourself from scratch. It also talks you through design ideas. While it’s not Birchwood shown, the same kind of ideas still apply. Definitely worth a watch.

Then, you obviously need everything to make your arch. Below, I’ve listed some possibilities for you.

Birch Wood

Four Thick White Birch Poles 7 ft

Obviously, in order to have a Birchwood arch, you need to have the Birchwood. These four thick white birch poles are 7ft long each. These are perfect for creating your standard arch.

Ivy Leaves

Ivy Garland Beebel 85Ft 12 Strands Artificial Fake Ivy Leaves Greenery Leaves Hanging Vines Plant Leaves Garland Home Garden Poison Ivy Costume

Green leaves on Birchwood look absolutely incredible. Faux leaves are the best option for you – they will never die or flake on you and are much easier to work with. They look ultra-realistic too.

Ivy Garland Beebel 85Ft 12 Strands Artificial Fake Ivy Leaves Greenery Leaves Hanging Vines Plant Leaves Garland Home Garden Poison Ivy Costume
  • Artificial Ivy Leaf Garland Can be used for air condition decoration ,wedding party decoration.
  • High quality Artificial Leaves Garland,fake leaves can be installed easily if falling.
  • Each order will contain 12 strands Artificial Hanging Vines ivy garland.
  • Fake Plants Flowers ivy Leaves were made from silk and the stems were made from plastic.
  • Artificial Ivy Leaves Hanging Vines Suitable for home decoration,wedding party halloween decoration.

Fake roses 

30 Pcs x 2.5cm Mini Artificial Flowers Silk Rose with Stem image 0
Photo: HappyCraftingUK/Etsy

Roses are universally accepted as romantic flowers, and what’s more romantic than a wedding? These gorgeous fake flowers come in multiple colours, you’ll be sure to create a look for you.

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I hope this guide helps you rent, buy, or craft your dream birch wedding arch. Let me see if you create anything!

Dreaming of a birch wedding arch to really elevate your decor? Check out our guide to buying, renting, styling, and even DIYing one!

Did your big day include a birch wedding arch? Share your favorite tips and decor ideas below!

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